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Found 7 results

  1. A few years ago, I made contact with a sound recordist called Dmitry Chernov, who was developing a series of sound effects libraries that were rather different in their content and his approach. I bought two of his Northern Europe libraries and when, for another show, I needed some very specific wolf sounds, Dmitry came up trumps again. We've corresponded regularly, usually when he needs to find English equivalents for Russian terms, and our latest exchange was in regard to Guinea Pigs and the sounds they make. He's written a very interesting and enjoyable blog about that session which you can find here: https://larxaudio.com/blog/guinea-pigs/ Give it a read, if you like, and I can highly recommend his other libraries. Also, regardless of what you might think about the current situation in Ukraine, he's one of the Russian good guys and a thoroughly nice chap.
  2. I am in the market for some new sound fx libraries and would love to hear from everyone what your favorite or go to libraries are. They can any type and any size, just which library you use the most and why.
  3. Hello guys . I know good sites with free sound effects packs. Many of these sites vary from major sound databases like Freesound . org to small blog sites dedicated to a particular niche. 99sounds lucidsamples soundbible freesfx soundimage noiseforfun freesound
  4. Hey Guys. Hope you are all well. This is Tim here from Sonniss. I just dropped by to let you all know that we are running a special 'Secret Santa' this year and I am inviting you all to take part... Why is it special? Because none of you have to buy anything and everyone gets free gifts! Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. It’s something that I look forward to, something I enjoy. So I really wanted to do something different this year at Sonniss. I just wanted to give you all something as a sort of ‘thank you’ and to wish you all the best. I wouldn’t have been able to get Sonniss to where it is without many of you in this forum, so this is my way of giving back to the community.How do you get involved? 1) Signup for an account on Sonniss if you don’t already have one. You can sign up here -> http://www.sonniss.com/sign-up 2) Choose up to 5 items from our catalog and add them to your wish-list. (You can find this functionality on each of the individual product pages). You can view our catalog here -> http://www.sonniss.com 3) Check your inbox on December 25th.That’s it! You don’t have to do anything else. Simple, right? Everyone that does this will receive a special sound related gift in the post. As with every Christmas gift, you never know what you’re going to get until the day comes. People don't always get what they want, but they always get something.Happy holidays.
  5. Hi Folks, I post here occasionally, and certainly read a lot. My main business is scoring and doing audio post, but we also do location audio from time to time. Our work in film and TV has lead us to record a lot sounds for our work. Not to compete with our friends who also do this, but for years we have been recording things for our pleasure and use in many of the films we work on. Many of our recordings are unique to our area or unique in the world of sound library collections, so it adds to the community. Now we've reached critical mass of at least 15 libraries of varying sizes so we've built a site and prepped a few packages. Many of you do post, so maybe some of these libraries can augment what you already have, or fill a particular need. Some of the libraries are stereo only, 24/48kHz, but many are multi-miced, including cars and doors, and a number of ambiences in Quad 24/96. We have a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS recorded with Engine, Tailpipe, interior MS and Exterior booms 24/96. A nice stereo collection of Prairie and Small Forest Ambiences. A small collection of cornfield recordings. And a small collection of 3 Classic Cars that is limited in its scope, but still quite useful for the right project. We've also listed some of the libraries that are in the pipeline for release but are not quite finished, things like Wood Doors, Knocks, Locks and Latches, and a 60's era Town & Country Station Wagon. Significant things down the pike will be a MASSIVE cooking library of boils, frying, chopping, slicing, pouring, biting, drinking, set-downs etc. This will be very useful for those of you doing cooking shows. Main Page: http://undertonesoundlibrary.com/ Poke around, there are Soundcloud demos and descriptions of many of the products! Libraries that are ready for purchase: (Please note: a few of our testers had the notification email go to Spam, so if you purchase and don't receive the email, check your spam folder.) Thanks for reading! Tom
  6. Hey Guys, I am doing Post-Production on a series pilot that was shot in Brazil. They didn't bring a very good sound guy and I am left to deal with the consequences. Their "Sound Guy" provided me with no general ambiences or sound effects and I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out. I was able to salvage a lot of what I needed from the raw files but now I just need a few things. Thanks!
  7. I am mixing a feature film in Bergen Norway and was asked by another Canadian production company to record some Scandinavian sound effects and ambiences while I am here. I unfortunately only have dialogue mics with me for this shoot and was wondering if anyone on here knows of any sound mixers/sound designers in Bergen who maybe have mics I could rent. Thanks Guys!
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