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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, facing some unusual dropouts on lectrosonics for this particular project with 6 red cameras and 6 Teradeks. Im using a lectro UCR411A Rx and a Smqv Tx, things look fine and work beautifully, but the moment a teradek comes around, my Phase indicator starts jumping up and down on the UCR411a, and i start getting dropouts, ive tried changing frequencies after rescanning . but the only way things go back to normal again is when i distance myself from the teradek and things work just fine, but when we using 4-6 cams the teradek is all around the place and i start to go nuts to find a sweet spot. is there something to combat this or am i doing something wrong, would appreciate any help u can provide. i checked with the cam ops and they work in the 5k Mhz range , so its rather strange that block 25 and block 26 starts to go nuts when them teradeks are around, Anyone facing similar problems thanks. Show less REPLY
  2. hi there, Teradek Bolt has become something like a standard in video transmission from camera to video village here, so I am looking to get some receivers for video monitoring on the sound cart. The idea is to grab the same signal from the camera(s) that is transmitted to video assist anyway. For the ongoing production I could borough a Bolt Pro 300 Rx which is performing quite well if I can stay at a reasonable distance from camera (eg like in the next room). I also found no RF spill from the receiver or HDSDI cable runs into my wireless Lectro Rx, the system is neat and allows me to move freely with my small footprint soundcart. So I think of buying two bolt sidekick receivers, which are a little smaller and compatible to all Bolt transmittters of the newer generation. Anyone who could gain some experience with those?
  3. Hi I've been researching quiet a lot on wireless video solutions and found out that the Teradek Cube 155 might be the best solution there is at the moment for boom op. reality, documentary ect. It seems that the latency that there is, happens in the receiver (the iOS device). My question is: with the so much faster processors and wi-fi parts in the latest models, compared to the earlier, iPhone 4, iPad1 ect, Does anybody know the latency when the Cube is used as a stand alone device with a direct connection to the latest i-devices? And is it possible to use it with audio, as IFB? or are there still a lot more latency when sound is being embedded to the wi-fi signal? Will the use of more than one iOS device on the same Cube 155 signal increase the latency? I hope that there is some users out there that knows about this. Thank you very much
  4. Guest

    Wireless iPad video?

    Hi all, Im not sure if this is new, but I just came across it and was wondering if anyone uses it or thinks it might be a good/bad idea? http://www.teradek.com/ Many of us use iPads for cl-wifi or script reading etc. anyway, so why not use it as a monitor as well I thought? Plus no BNC trouble for one man bands and it can stream to an iPhone as well, so boom ops with personal monitor attached to the boom maybe? I suppose its not very cheap but neither are small HD monitors. What do you think? Taskin
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