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Union power fading or rising??


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Senator.. I know I'm new here,

But as today's market moves away from traditional TV as we know it, and splinters into a thousand more tiny internet networks, doesn't this all just keep eroding the industry.. I mean, how is the union going to be able to use their power to organize smaller and smaller shows??

I don't mean to be a downer, but the writing is on the walls.. isn't it?


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Brian Lowry, noted pundit in Daily Variety, recently did an editorial about the future of production, and wondered whether there would be an all-in-one performer's union (actors, singers, TV, film, stage, internet), and an all-in-one technician's local union. Maybe that's where they're headed. If camera operators, editors, mixers, electricians, drivers, and everybody else are all in one local... well, there's strength in numbers.

I don't see this happening until the economy improves and unemployment goes way down. When the rank & file are in a position to make demands, it could be a whole different story.

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There already is an all-in-one techie union... IATSE. Local 695 and Local 700 are not unions... they are just craft locals within a single union and they all negotiate the contract together. The real strength in numbers, however, would be when non-union people see that THEY can have strength in numbers by becoming a part of the union. Seriously... that's when things could get really interesting. Until then, yes the strength of a union in the motion picture biz... and the country as a whole... is not as strong as it used to be... but strong enough to shut down production on "1000 Ways to Die". (Not really sure why anyone would perceive that article at the top of this thread as evidence of fading union strength.)

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By the way... if you want to help out and you have a little time to spare today...

It's Day 5 on the "1000 Ways to Die" Picket Line... Friday, March 2... starting at 8:30 am, join us for a couple hours if you can.

308 W. Verdugo Ave. (street parking available) Map and directions: http://goo.gl/Aoycp

And Local 695 members look really cool when they wear their Local 695 hats!

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