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Zaxcom TRX900LA problems with transmission strength


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I am having an issue with my trx900la, where it seems to have reverted to lower power transmission options.

I was in recording mode and the units' battery died. In the past when the batteries have died, I've had transmitters that would not display anything on the QRX but still had something on the transmitter display as if it was in low power standby. This time nothing displayed and the unit was completely off.

When I put new batteries into it, there was an error screen that came up. Unfortunately I do not remember what the actual message was. I cycled the power twice and then the unit booted into what appeared to be the normal boot sequence, but upon further inspection it had reset all settings, including frame rate, and all of the zaxnet control options.

As I was scrolling through the extended menu, I noticed that the TX Power menu was different and now it only has the options of 10MW, 25MW, and 50MW instead of 25MW, 50MW, and 125MW.

I was running version 7.81 of the firmware and I tried re-updating to that firmware but nothing changed within the TX Power Extended Menu screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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