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QS finally shipping


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It was rarely so relieving to post that we are finally shipping...



After our first production line (incl. the 3 QS poles shown in the USA) failed our quality tests because they were not as stiff as the prototypes but "only" as stiff as a QP, we suffered from the biggest flood in history. All streets to and from our boom factory were blocked for weeks. Luckily our facility is on a hill near Passau, so it was not directly affected by the flood. Today we finally could start the assembling of the first QS poles  and start shipping.



We are very sorry for anybody who had to wait and we do our best to catch up with our backorders asap.


Your Ambient Team




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Thanks Jeff,

our central in Munich with our electronic factory wasn't affected at all but boompole production had to be stopped for weeks.

For those who are interested, some more flood impressions and videos can be found for example on the CNN page or just type in Germany and flood to google...

Compared to some countries in East-Central Europe Germany was well prepared and still nobody could imagine that dimensions could ever happen.

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Any chance this new variant will be available in shorter lengths or with internal coiled cables?


Hey Derek,

shorter lengths:  ...


internal coiled cables: No. Like the QP poles the top segment is too thin for internal coiled cables.



I've been wondering where my QS is...


Hey Dave,

We polished yours about a week longer so it's not only stiffer than the one you saw on NAB but so smooth that it will become one with your hands the moment you touch it. You will get the impression that the QS is following your thoughts. Finally you will think you are a yedi knight but without annoying humming when moving your weapon...


Now seriously, as far as I know it will reach you within the next days, if you really ordered one. We already managed to catch up with our US backorders with our last shipment on Friday. I hope you like it. Please share your thoughts.



" this new variant will be available in shorter lengths or with internal coiled cables? "

I believe this variant is designed to overcome issues with longer poles...


Yes, that was our primary intention but people keep demanding it from the very first moment we introduced the QS...

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