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  1. Derek H

    URSA mini mount

    Is it very smooth? Does it make any noise with fabric rubbing against it? I tried the hide-a-mics and found that with certain fabrics there was an awful hollow plastic scratching sound. The metal wire concept that the DPA concealer uses seems to work more often than not.
  2. Derek H


    I think it’s an upgrade part.
  3. Derek H

    DPA 3mm lav mic

    So I want to know if these will work with Sanken accessories and mounts.
  4. Derek H

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    And a VNA is what?
  5. If for whatever reason you want to stick with starquad Belden 1804A is a good one and way thinner than the Canare mini star. Nice durable jacket too. Like it was made for TA connectors.
  6. Derek H

    charging NP-1's from DC? Solar?

    http://www.westmountainradio.com/product_info.php?products_id=epic-pwrgate Look into this device. I don’t have personal experience with it but you could in theory create a custom charging program that your NPs would be happy with. Would require some extra research, cable making and leg work on your part but could be just the thing. Also accepts a PSU input so you could have it switch over to an AC power supply when AC is available. I think the way way it works is it pulls from whichever source (battery or PSU) has the higher voltage and also keeps your battery charged via solar or the PSU input.
  7. Derek H

    New IFB system

    Listen tech portable transmitter: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1157362-REG/listen_technologies_lt_700_216_lt_700_portable_display_rf.html
  8. Derek H

    New IFB system

    I would not want to be using a whole bunch of Duets on set mostly because they eat through batteries. About 6 hours on lithium AA and about 4 hours on rechargeables. Great for boom ops though.
  9. Derek H

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    A trick I learned from Ron Meyer.. put a diode in line inside the XLR to knock the voltage down a volt or so.
  10. Derek H

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    Are you going to mark the newer 50kHz units somehow on the label?
  11. Not sure combing pin 2 & 3 on the ring is correct. With the TA3 outputs I think you’d just leave pin 3 floating.
  12. Derek H

    Chicago rental shops

    Have a Lemo to BNC cable? Then just get an off the shelf 3.5mm, strip it and hot wire your tentacles. Should only need a few moments of contact to jam.
  13. Derek H

    Microdot to Lectro TA5 failure

    Or you can just take a scissors to that thing and get yourself a shiny new Switchcraft TA5F.
  14. Derek H

    Frequencies in Chicago

    Also when you scan on a G3 set your squelch to low to find the cleanest channels.