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  1. If you need really small starquad try Belden 1804a. Great for TA3 cables.
  2. You also might reconsider the CL12. It’s a real pain trying to control mix levels for inputs 7-12 without it. You have to dive into the PFL menu every time you want to adjust trim or fader wouldn’t really be possible to mix a scene that way.
  3. Not sure I understand what you mean by a constant monitor for channel 7. If I were you I’d simplify my mic routing and just mix down to mono on one of the LR tracks. I don’t understand mixing lavs left and right and creating a 2nd iso for your boom. If you’re recording all the input isos then why have anything other than a mono mix? A movie is not an ENG job.
  4. Yes, Absolutely ditch the cheapo amp you’re shooting yourself in the foot. David’s idea is good and cheap.
  5. Ok, you could crimp and solder. Best of both worlds?
  6. Thanks Wyatt. I’m talking about 8x. I made one last week where I tinned the center stranded conductor then slid the pin over and crimped it. Seems to work great. My thinking being weld all the strands together helping with conductivity and add also a hair of thickness so the crimp gets a good bite. I like the idea of more solder for conductivity sake but worried about making the connection unreliable because of the very easy to melt dielectric. Or just making the pin too thick with unintentional solder wetting and having it not fit correctly in the housing. I understand what you’re saying with the good iron and flux, kester solder etc. I’m covered there. In reality I doubt there’s much measurable difference between methods but durability is also a consideration. thanks!
  7. And you don’t crimp the pin afterward? You don’t have trouble with the dielectric melting/deforming or the center conductor melting a channel dangerously close to the braid?
  8. Building some long RG8x runs and curious about how others handle the pin connection. As I see it one has the following options for dealing with the pin. 1) just crimp it to the bare copper stranded conductor. No solder. 2) crimp it bare then solder through the little hole a bit 3) tin the stranded conductor then crimp the pin on. 4) tin. Then crimp. Then solder again through little hole. 5) just solder it, no crimp. I think that covers all possible scenarios... For those who know, or think they do what’s your method? And for the record I’m specifically referring to Belden RG8X (9258) with Amphenol 112533 BNCs.
  9. You know, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find out that the boards of an ek100 and ek300 IEM are actually identical other than the potentiometer. That and different software. From a production standpoint the cost savings of having just a single production line run probably trumps the cost of a few extra components in each board. Just a theory but that’s what we’re talking about here right?
  10. Didn’t those turds learn their lesson with all the default motion blur nonsense? Here’s an idea, maybe they scale back their sales quotas and work to invent something new that is worthy of our hard earned money. Maybe they got spoiled with the introduction of flat screen TVs, forcing every TV watching schlub in the world to buy new sets and subsequent better/thinner/higher res every year after. Technologies can plateau and maybe we’re there with flat screen TVs? What’s wrong with making shit that lasts and not chasing unnecessary upgrade sales. An actual idea... How about better smaller projectors so we don’t have to have a big dumb ugly black plastic rectangle taking up space and collecting dust.
  11. Did they do something specific to improve zaxnet performance?
  12. So Rado, at what point do you feel the need for a bigger recorder. Is 4-6 wires the sweet spot for the Nova or can it scale up? Personally, that’s been a nice selling point of the 6-series for example. Small enough for most small jobs but can scale up and do an adequate job on fairly large jobs too. But as a daily driver for the small stuff the Nova looks great.
  13. It’s entirely possible to wire a tie without any tape or pins. I never have any luck with going under the lapel. Sounds terrible, consistently. I would get some bubblebee rubber mounts for the ladies the new kind that have the wire clothes buffer pair that with Rycote sticky squares (much better adhesive than original Stickies) and show them how to self apply to their skin.
  14. I must be the only one who thinks slot mount is a waste of time and engineering sweat. Why limit the engineers to a form factor that has no real utility for the actual purpose of the device. Yes, I get that there are all sorts of accessories and multicouplers for slot mount and people like plug-n-play but the ability to mount into a camera slot is completely unimportant to sound mixers. I would take ANY improvement in RF performance or I/O options over slot-mount form factor. For example, I’d much rather have a tighter tracking filter than a smaller housing.
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