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  1. Didn’t those turds learn their lesson with all the default motion blur nonsense? Here’s an idea, maybe they scale back their sales quotas and work to invent something new that is worthy of our hard earned money. Maybe they got spoiled with the introduction of flat screen TVs, forcing every TV watching schlub in the world to buy new sets and subsequent better/thinner/higher res every year after. Technologies can plateau and maybe we’re there with flat screen TVs? What’s wrong with making shit that lasts and not chasing unnecessary upgrade sales. An actual idea... How about better smaller projectors so we don’t have to have a big dumb ugly black plastic rectangle taking up space and collecting dust.
  2. Did they do something specific to improve zaxnet performance?
  3. So Rado, at what point do you feel the need for a bigger recorder. Is 4-6 wires the sweet spot for the Nova or can it scale up? Personally, that’s been a nice selling point of the 6-series for example. Small enough for most small jobs but can scale up and do an adequate job on fairly large jobs too. But as a daily driver for the small stuff the Nova looks great.
  4. It’s entirely possible to wire a tie without any tape or pins. I never have any luck with going under the lapel. Sounds terrible, consistently. I would get some bubblebee rubber mounts for the ladies the new kind that have the wire clothes buffer pair that with Rycote sticky squares (much better adhesive than original Stickies) and show them how to self apply to their skin.
  5. I must be the only one who thinks slot mount is a waste of time and engineering sweat. Why limit the engineers to a form factor that has no real utility for the actual purpose of the device. Yes, I get that there are all sorts of accessories and multicouplers for slot mount and people like plug-n-play but the ability to mount into a camera slot is completely unimportant to sound mixers. I would take ANY improvement in RF performance or I/O options over slot-mount form factor. For example, I’d much rather have a tighter tracking filter than a smaller housing.
  6. No I just Velcro and or zip tie it wherever it’s needed
  7. I’ve only had post request we keep the tracks the same on reality tv shows and they also wanted us to always roll all 8 tracks even if they were empty. I hated it as it was a pain in the ass in the field, confusing to mix and took longer to transfer files at the end of each day. Some prefer having the tracks in speaking order of the scene. That makes sense to me. Keeping them on the same track day after day just for the editors seems lazy and impractical to me.
  8. Shure makes a line of gooseneck podium mics that work on 12 volt phantom that sound good with the 6-series. Just be careful of feedback if you’re using a speaker between takes.
  9. Yeah I don’t think the drop is a huge issue. The diode circuit will draw from whichever source has a higher voltage. So you’ll want a 15V power supply or better if you’re using lithium ion batteries.
  10. I’m not an electrical engineer but I think in general you’d be fine IF you’re using two of the same type battery (voltage and capacity) and you wire them in parallel. I have a dual NP1 holder box that does exactly this and it works great. Now if you want to combine different power sources like say an AC adapter and a battery you’re going to want a circuit with diodes to isolate each power input. Look for a Schottky type diode for the lowest voltage drop (under 1/2 volt). Probably want a fuse in this kind of arrangement somewhere as well. You can get a dual Schottky diode in a small form factor IC style package that has three metal tabs. Two input one output.
  11. If an M2R could receive digital hybrid that would be fantastic. Better range, nice IEM receiver features, still great sound (much better than IFB mode).
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