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  1. I don’t think there’s an approved list but if I were you I’d try something more mainstream like a Samsung. I’m using it pretty successfully on an old Samsung Tab E which has micro USB. Occasionally the live view mode will crash if I press too many buttons while scanning or if I switch apps and try to come back to it. Otherwise works great and that thing is like 6-7 years old and was pretty basic even when it was new.
  2. I had the same error message with an old android phone (Motorola droid turbo) and it just didn’t support OTG fully.
  3. Well the president of the company did the video interview with Gotham where he said they could basically tune them to whatever band. Their official website indicates that ordering them in TV5/6 is also an option so I’m just guessing here but I suspect if you contacted them and asked for a different band it might be possible. We’ll see. I expect it would be a factory mod to get it changed to something different. I’m not on Facebook anymore but thanks for the link. Also, they demo the voice prompt control in the video so I’d say that rumor is confirmed.
  4. In the interview Gotham did Glenn said it was possible to order it in custom frequency bands as a special order.
  5. Glad to hear that 13 hours is conservative. Glenn, you mentioned in the Gotham interview that, potentially, a VRX1 could be programmed for different frequency ranges. Can you elaborate on that? For example, if I’m able to order a few custom units to operate in the older 72-76 band or maybe TV5/6 could I later have them re-tuned to 216 or 944? Would this just be a firmware update or a hardware swap? Which brings another question about.. Could the VRX work with Lectrosonics IFB mode transmitters?
  6. I think it’s pretty great to have a modern Comtek alternative. According to the video $495 is the introductory price. Hopefully it doesn’t get much more expensive otherwise it will be less enticing. Nice that you can add some of these to an existing Comtek system without having to use a separate transmitter. 13 hours on rechargeable AAs is cutting it pretty close if you ask me.
  7. TinySA or TinySA Ultra? Anyone compare the two? Price difference is significant. Side note.. I’ve been pretty happy with the scans I’m able to do with the TXadvance app and an SDR dongle. If anyone has used both TXadvance and a TinySA care to comment on how the two compare? I imagine you get a lot more functionality for scanning out of tinySA.
  8. What device and dongle are you using?
  9. Denecke for me. No interest in trying to use a different kind of slate. When will they incorporate Bluetooth and other features? I hope never. I like that the slate has no menu to navigate or wireless status to keep an eye on. Battery. Jam. Don’t worry about it again until tomorrow. After it gets dropped for the 100th time maybe it will need a short trip back to Denecke for a reasonable fee and then it’s good for another 100 drops.
  10. I’ve found that you won’t need the 20k resistor but you will end up setting your transmitter gain very low. Which is fine I think.
  11. Yeah it’s happened. I remember a scene where we went from quiet dialog to hysterical screams and I thought I aced the screaming part (used the 24dB mode) but then heard back that levels were too low on the quiet part. Oh well. I try to tweak the trims as needed but sometimes it’s not really possible quickly enough.
  12. Thanks for posting that! Seems Stuart’s mixing quite a bit lower than I typically do. I’m usually trying to get the input level to 0 and the post fade a 6-10dB above that.
  13. Alpha Wire part number 80008 2 conductor, 24ga, no shield. Ultra flexible. If you find a place that sells it by the foot let me know!
  14. Thanks Wyatt and Dan(?) for your suggestions. I also love the 24dB mode on the SX-ST for quiet-loud scenes and agree with the mentality of just let the iso be lower and mix quieter. However post on my show will send us emails if we deliver low ISOs. I almost think they’d rather fix clipping than deal with low levels. I don’t really get it.
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