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  1. I’m not sure what changed here at JW sound but seems like the default view for looking at new content now shows repetitive topic headers for every new post within a topic. Ends up looking very cluttered, especially on a phone. Does anyone know if this can be reset or setup differently in preferences? Thanks!
  2. Square 3/8-16 u-bolts- mcmaster furniture leveling u-brackets with 3/8-16 threads- some random Etsy store white plastic sleeve bearing -McMaster hack saw
  3. Less than $20 worth of hardware to make two of these..
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. The combiner is great for when you’re forced into using a walkie. I always try to keep the walkies at absolute minimum volume needed to understand it. Of course people are all over the place on how they use walkies. Some always yell into it others whisper... wish their were more earphone choices with built in limiters. last time I used a walkie was as a sound utility. I always kept it low enough to ignore most of the time but loud enough for my brain to pick up useful tidbits. Mostly I was using it to just monitor the production channel and didn
  5. The cable impedance doesn’t matter at all. There is this issue with connector mismatch that may eventually cause an intermittent connection but I have yet to encounter that myself. you could use two coat hangers and still get timecode to jam
  6. So what are you thinking on the day rate for frame.io?
  7. 788 is not that heavy.
  8. I'm sure Ron would make the cable for you. Wouldn't be too hard. you could use two pieces of round 20AWG 2-conductor cable into a single XLR4M and one TA4 on each tail. If Ron has the pins 1+2 and 3+4 wired in parallel and you're feeding two of the inputs then in theory this kind of setup would be good for 14 amps. XLR 4--pins are rated for 10A per pin btw but if he's "doubling up" the pins then you can use it for more. 7 amps is kind of a lot on it's own. How much current will this rig really be pulling? The 833 and the video monitor are probably the two main concerns. Maybe 2A
  9. That Wired article is clueless and reads like a paid advertisement for frame.Io. Say what you will about the usefulness of the technology (software really) it’s not going to do anything tangible to help keep crews “safe” on set. Honestly, claiming that something like this is the answer to the question of how to film safely during a pandemic is an insult. I love sound devices but I cringe at the thought of a production insisting I use a particular brand/model of anything to facilitate this kind of nonsense.
  10. I’ll note that better wrenches would have helped not scratch the case. And also I could have used a T-handle reamer to widen the holes just a hair for the switch. Ended up using a larger bit than necessary. I’ll also add I don’t think it would be hard to mount them on the front panel but chose not to. Figured you’re going to be re-patching back there anyway.
  11. Yes. Not a huge difference but the LMR240UF has a bonded foil shield in addition to the braid that makes it a little stiffer. Otherwise it’s very similar. Uses the same connectors. It’s a bit trickier to terminate because of the foil shield you kind of have to trim it back a little bit and it’s glued tight to the dielectric.
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