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  1. I did, sorry, busy week! I’ll send a response this morning.
  2. Anyone know the ideal mate for an R1a? For example, Sennheiser offers some headsets with the option of 100 or 600 ohms. Which will sounds better with lower noise floor with an R1a? Thanks! d
  3. I’ll add that no, for this particular cart I don’t need it to fly as checked baggage. I just want it to break down to just a few pieces so it can be transported in a car and quickly put back together again. We’ll see if I can pull that off. if I need a cart that I can check in on a flight I’d take my Kartmaster though I’ve never found a good way to bring the shelves along. It’s too bad that Remin never made a version 2.0 of the Kartmaster because it’s a great design and built like a tank. Mine is second hand (thanks Alex) and still going strong. I wish it were not quite as long, a li
  4. Hi indiefilm, Yes, 80/20s milling fees and connector prices are high ($3.70 per hole for drilling and counter sunk panel holes!). But what are you going to do? I don’t own the tools or have the space to do that work myself. I could get my hand drill and wood working clamps out and make the best of it but it would take ages and it would be a mess. And my kids would learn too many new words... Even with all that the total price of this cart should be slightly under an off-the-shelf magliner or backstage camera cart and hopefully suit my needs better and allow mods easier.
  5. Will do, it will be a few weeks for sure. Thanks everyone.
  6. I was going to use end fasteners for securing a top shelf but then decided I wanted to be able to change the height of the top shelf and have it be continuously variable so I’m going with the central connector instead for that. Actually two per corner.
  7. Yeah it’s a toss up. I think the guy at Comtek is pretty committed to the EXACT best case recommendation for the design spec of the unit so probably a steady 12 Volts is best. I think if you’re running a Meon or PSC system at 13.8 or whatever I wouldn’t worry too much I mean hundreds of mixers are using Comtek transmitters powered this way without any issues. Maybe the unit dies after 25 years instead of 30 but would that really matter to you? I would be a little more concerned if your DC setup is running a higher voltage like an NP1 based system would and that’s where you might want a regulat
  8. Thanks, I’m going to use central connectors for a portion of my design so I’ll let you know how they are.
  9. So after pouring over countless T-slot cart designs I’m about to put in my own order with 80/20 for a custom cut and milled kit to build a smallish, collapsible follow cart. Wondering if any of you who have done the deep dive into extruded aluminum T-slot contraptions would have any general advice? Things to watch out for or design mistakes to avoid? Connectors you hated? Some specific questions I have.. how does the anodized black framing stand up to wear and tear? Anyone use the “Central connector”? Thanks! Derek
  10. Probably have to send it in. You could ask them if they’d send you a new switch and advice on repairing it yourself but I wouldn’t count on that. Lectro would do everything they could to help you without having to send it in but Sound Devices is not the same. Maybe years ago.. I blew something in my 664’s headphone amp last year (long story) and I’m pretty sure it cost like $400. They basically have a standard bench fee to do just about anything on your gear. They’re one of the more expensive companies when it comes to repairs.
  11. Hi Klaus, Thanks for your responses! By stats I meant closed length, extended length and weight, number of sections. It’s nice to see it all in one place. Say you’re looking at which pole to order and you want to compare quickly with what you already own. Not a big deal. I can do the same thing with a pad of paper and a few clicks. Derek
  12. Looking forward to trying one! Will the base with the protruding XLR barrel be a problem for fitting it in the bottom cup of most cart boom holders? Also, maybe it’s just me but I’d find it helpful if you guys listed the length in feet not inches. Like on the table of lengths and weights of the different models. I always think of poles in feet. A chart that had all your current production poles stats in one chart would be nice too.
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