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  1. I agree that it’s annoying, maybe even close to being a bug. I understand why this problem exists but if I were Lectro I would have considered using the same pilot tone signal or whatever so that block 470 and 19 could tune each other’s overlapping frequencies without any extra steps for the user.
  2. I say get the same system as your colleagues and crew you regularly work with have. For me that’s Ambient and they are durable and mostly trouble free. Good advice not to let it snap back to avoid lock ups.
  3. I’m not sure you’ll get better answers here than you already did on Facebook but worth a try. My money is still on the HDMI connection having some unintended consequence.
  4. I wonder if the batteries weren’t well balanced charge-wise if you’d have one starting to charge the other?
  5. My gut feeling is that Jim Feely has the right idea. Verizon or T-Mobile can't send you a fine it has to come from the FCC and the FCC won't investigate anything unless there's a complaint from a license-holder. I think if we're strictly talking about operating in the block24/25 guard band or duplex gap then there is very little chance of getting a complaint directed at you. If you're out in the middle of block 27 or 28 or going rogue in 24/25 I'd be slightly more concerned.
  6. I had RF issues (buzzing around certain set lighting rigs) on my brand new (2019) 50s and the problem resolved after I re-wired the female ends of the XLR shorty cables. All I did was solder pin 1 to the ground tab. I’d start there.
  7. Most of your questions here are over my head but I wanted to share something I noticed on a DIY project I did. I assumed that two dc sources feeding one load but isolated with diodes would perfectly draw from just the higher voltage source but in my case I found that the load pulled power from both sources but it was not in equal amounts. More power was pulled from the higher voltage source than the lower voltage source. I’m not sure if that’s to be expected but that’s what I ended up with in my case.
  8. I’m not sure I agree with this statement. I have yet to hear about a single case of a production sound mixer getting in trouble for operating on illegal channels. Not to mention there are gaps in block 24 and 25 that are legal to use with limitations.
  9. This is all true but just be prepared for a $600 bill. SD service is no bargain. But they do a good job of course.
  10. That’s good to hear. I struggled to hear some lines on discovery.
  11. How does the RF performance compare to the DSQD half rack receiver?
  12. This is probably my record so far. About 9 pages if I remember.
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