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  1. Movo windshield? Looks like a Rycote super softie copy.
  2. Derek H

    Cantar X3 Mini

    I’m guessing with blank D-size plates and a drill or hole punch.
  3. Yeah but you have to use sennheiser emulation on both the wisy and the lectro so you're not able to use Lectro transmitters with their full digital hybrid mode sound quality. No thanks.
  4. But then you have to use Wisy transmitters. So no not really. I just don’t think there’s a better bodypack transmitter than the Lectro SM yet.
  5. I vote for David's solution as it will use what you already have on hand. As long as 4 Amps is enough for your kit. Should be.
  6. Double post? I responded on the other one.
  7. Just buy a good quality AC adapter from a reputable company (Meanwell is good) that’s rated for like 5-10A and puts out the voltage you want. Solder on a Hirose to the output cord. Or XLR 4-pin and get the right adapter cable for your distro. Or just buy one that’s already terminated for xlr4 or Hirose like from Remote audio or Sound Devices but you’ll pay a lot of mark up for a “sound” product.
  8. I just did this. I’d say it’s probably more important to have the correct tools for construction than what cable type you use. Meaning make sure you have exactly the right BNC connector set, crimp die, etc. An intermittent or failure prone connection will cause you more trouble. That said, I ended up using pretty spendy LMR240-UF which is more or less RG8x with a foil shield bonded to the dielectric (White inner insulation) for better shielding. I wasn’t so much concerned about cable loss from the antenna mast as I was interference inside my cart from the snake pit of patch cables and devices, transmitters etc. I don’t have any evidence this is necessary or that it helps anything but seemed like a good idea to me. Belden 9258 (RG8x) seems to be a good choice for carts. I use it for long runs too like 125’ where you’ll be using an active antenna on the end of it.
  9. Jeff, have you ever incorporated voltage regulators into your power supplies for items that need to stay under 14V? (Comtek transmitters for example, according to Keith pulley don’t like high voltage)
  10. Yeah all of Zaxcom’s recorders even without a control panel have been able to do this forever. For example when I had a Maxx I used to setup a stereo pair with two linked faders. One rotary fader controlled the output of both and another rotary faders assigned to control the input gain of both in unison. No big deal.
  11. Somehow I don’t think the actual amount of sales to ENG news camera operators for slot-in-use is a huge factor. Definitely not a market that upgrades to the latest and greatest so I’m not sure that’s a factor that helps sound mixers get improved models built or keep the price down or anything. I see a lot of very old Sony gear and even the occasional VHF Lectro unit still strapped to ENG cameras. If it’s not completely F’d they’re going to keep using what they have. All I’m saying is I suspect that a lot of engineering time and resources has and is being spent on making the receiver smaller but not actually better. How old is the 411 now? Maybe close to 15 years? Are any of the current crop of portable receivers any better at actually receiving a signal? No. They’ve struggled just to keep the performance up to par and often it has been worse (SR-SRb). I’m all for units that are multichannel and wideband and all that but I see no reason why it MUST stay in the slot mount form factor. Especially if that form factor comes at the cost of performance of its core functionality.
  12. Why even make the 833? On small jobs where you’d want the 833 size the 633 already delivers 100%. It just seems like they made it to hit a price point and sell everyone the latest and greatest. Probably would have done just fine with two models, 888 and Scorpio and price the 888 just a little less.
  13. I still think slot receivers are dumb and tie the hands of the designers to an unnecessary form factor. It’s easy for Sound Devices to make a housing that’s essentially a simple power and audio distro and then market it as an amazing small form factor mix package but that pressures Lectro and other wireless companies into always using the arbitrary slot receiver form factor. What if it were the other way around and Lectro said to Sound Devices hey our user base is going to use our product with yours so it’s a package deal and you better deliver on your end but it has to fit in this box every time. Oh and you better double your channel count again and it needs to get better range than last years model and be wideband. Stupid. I’m not a Zaxcom wireless user but I think they were right years ago when they said no we’re not making a slot receiver because we want to do more with our product than that form factor allows. (Yes I know they eventually made a slot receiver. It could only receive a single stereo carrier which is why no one bought it BUT it did exactly what the slot mount design is for which is put in a camera for a two channel mix).
  14. Yes, which is great, especially when the CL12 ate up 3RU unless you did surgery on it and removed the feet and/or shaved the sides down. I’m thinking of how tall it is when opened up and how that would mount in a cart. Probably ends up blocking the next piece of gear you have above it. Not a big deal but something to think about. Also, kudos to SD for going with standard 12V power via 4-pin XLR. I hate hate hate screwing around with micro USB cables and 5 volt power on the CL12. Any wagers on the price tag for this thing? I’m thinking they’ll ask for north of 5k.
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