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  1. Derek H

    Zaxcom Fader Motion Capture for Deva 24

    So does the AAF conversion utility take the fader file and the WAV and combine them or do you import the WAVs and then the AAF? Why can’t the Deva just output the AAFs directly and save a stumbling point? Not trying to dig on this its very cool just wondering why introduce an additional step unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Derek H

    CL-12 Firmware Update Required...

    Agreed. 5V and usb micro for the money they charge for the CL12 makes me want to barf. In my case, I tried multiple usb cables and both the USB port on a Meon life and a separate Anker brand USB charger with plenty of capacity. Maybe the unit is a lemon but I suspect it’s just a buggy design.
  3. Derek H

    NAB 2019 ... still no ''wish list'' topic already ?

    Tom, have you tested the current Duet system in terms of range?
  4. Derek H

    DIY RX Emergency Two

    Good for you man!
  5. Derek H

    Lectrosonics SMa “boiling”

    Time for service.
  6. Derek H

    TC cable

    I’ve used Canare GS—4 for TC cables with solder on BNCs. It’s a nice, not too thick unbalanced cable meant for instruments. Just a nice inner braided conductor and braided shield. There’s a plastic conductive layer you have to remember to trim though. The problem with using premade BNCs is if you’re not quick with the iron you get a lot of shrink back on the insulation which complicates things and usually creates a do-over on the Lemo end. Not as nice that way as a good Canare cable.
  7. Derek H

    TC cable

    I think you mean what Matt Mayer said. I think the most important thing is getting the outer diameter of the cable correct to match the Lemo plug which can be ordered with different sized cable clamping parts to accommodate different sized cables. Buying premade BNCs and chopping them in half works great. The solder-on BNCs are also a good way to go.
  8. Derek H

    Zaxcom ZMT Phantom 2

    Is it noisier?
  9. Derek H

    CL-12 Firmware Update Required...

    In my case their order of operations advice didn’t help but I was getting the connect power boost bug. A little different. Was also using wingman. (664, CL12, wingman) Maybe there’s some incompatibility there when it’s juggling both of those that they’re not aware of. Latest firmware, approved cards, 72 degrees, light winds from the west.. beats me.
  10. Derek H

    CL-12 Firmware Update Required...

    I’ve had issues with the 664 and CL12 combo too. In my case it kept telling me to connect DC boost when it was already connected. Pain in the ass.
  11. Derek H

    DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Glen, could you describe the mechanism of strain relief on both units. That’s really my main concern for durability. For what it’s worth, standard Neutrik or USA Switchcraft XLRs don’t have full metal shielding around the cable exit either.
  12. Derek H

    LEMO connectors

    I’d say the Hirose 4 pins are tougher then a standard Lemo 5-pin. I dont attempt Lemo 3-pins anymore. Though tried enough to learn that the proper crimp tool is crucial.
  13. Derek H

    Sound Devices new firmware - w/ Auto Mute !!

    Another option could be to switch to a lynch-esque drone when in standby.
  14. Derek H

    Sound Devices new firmware - w/ Auto Mute !!

    Next step. Get it to switch to Muzak when going to mute mode.