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  1. Derek H

    Betso customer support.

    For the record, I had to send one of my SBOX1N back for a repair and Jan handled all aspects of the repair efficiently and quickly. I think it went to Czech Republic and back in under two weeks. I figured it would take a few months like other European manufacturers *cough* Schoeps... but no.
  2. Derek H

    Deva 24

    Does it have neverclip on the line inputs too?
  3. Derek H

    Lectro IFB transmitter

    An SMV or SMQV can also be a good choice as it can do IFB mode, 250mW and you can program it to turn on/off by external voltage so that you don’t have to remember to turn it on every time.
  4. Derek H

    Deva 24

    I think they called it autotrim on the Nomad and Maxx. It worked great and was very intuitive.
  5. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    I wish he had a mod for 8” pneumatic swivels.
  6. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

  7. Derek H

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    Richard is right. Also Lectro body pack transmitters do not have balanced inputs. Mic or line.
  8. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    I believe it.
  9. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    It is a great indestructible, heavy cart. Watch your fingers when folding it will not be forgiving.
  10. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    No prob
  11. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    It will lock in the half position (designed this way so that it stays collapsed). And yes you can have the handle bar vertical and still lock it in the half position. They have solid rubber wheels or pneumatic available. The 5” solid poly swivel casters are the biggest downfall of this otherwise great cart and make it not a good cart for rough terrain. For interiors or smooth roads it’s ok. Even moderately bumpy sidewalk causes lots of bumps and rattles. If if you could put 8” pneumatic swivel casters on it it would be a big improvement. I used this cart in the exact configuration you’re asking about as the wheel base for an SKB rack case mixing cart. It worked but was not ideal.
  12. Derek H

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    That has nothing to do with line input wiring.
  13. Derek H

    Remin Kartmaster

    You can use it as a half flat bed. You can also keep the fork folded in if you want. The shelf attachment, however, does not work halfway. Has to be fully extended to use the shelf which is too bad.
  14. Derek H


    I’ve found the clips to be pretty useless. The only one that makes sense to me is the tie mount one that has a big flat surface where you can put a sticky.
  15. Derek H

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    Not for line level