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  1. How does the RF performance compare to the DSQD half rack receiver?
  2. This is probably my record so far. About 9 pages if I remember.
  3. Hey Larry, just curious… even when using a passive antenna that has DC protection such as the SNA600a is there any effect on RF performance or other possible side effects from having antenna power turned on? Years ago I was using a Sennheiser quadbox (for ek3041) and I remember getting lots of spray and interference when using two coax whip antennas. The Sennheiser box always had 12V on the antenna inputs.
  4. Glad you found a workable system. Sounds like a real nightmare though. If you have to add 4 other very expensive pieces of gear to the Roger setup to make it work I’d say the Roger is a load of crap. I used it once and thought it was trash.
  5. Frequency range? Could you use this with two Comtek 216 transmitters?
  6. So I tried this with an ancient android phone I had laying around (Motorola Droid Turbo) and a nooelec smart sdr dongle from a few years ago (not sure if it’s the latest version) it would scan sometimes and then not. The debug in the SDR driver claims that it’s not getting enough power from the phone. Have you found that most recent android devices provide sufficient power to the dongle? Are the Google pixel phones a safe choice? I have tried using a “powered” OTG cable which has a y-split to attach a charger but the problem there is the phone seems to decide to only do one thing at a time. Either use the dongle or just charge but not both. Maybe if I used a dumb power supply it would work but phone chargers or battery packs seem to be too smart for their own good in this case.
  7. Can you elaborate on the gain setting? Why is the default "2" and when would it be useful to change it? This is very cool. Not the most intuitive but that's ok. The more I use it the more I see the logic.
  8. Is there a demo version? I have an older Motorola phone laying around I’d like to try but not sure it will work.
  9. It will work just fine. Ignore the highly respected professional lol. It will also work fine plugged into the bottom of the pole. most pole manufacturers make an accessory bracket to do just that. It will also work clipped to your belt with 20’ of cable between the transmitter and the mic. In theory your expert might be right but in terms of practical useage he’s full of it.
  10. Why is it again that the new 944 transmitters have only the 8MHz bandwidth?
  11. Will a smaller single battery model be added at some point? Any inside info?
  12. I saw it in an IMAX and they volume was way too loud. Everything just compressed to the ceiling. Really frustrating.
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