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  1. I applied for the 10k grant online which I’ve read does not need to be repaid. I have an S-Corp but no employees or payroll so that didn’t seem like a good fit.
  2. Just wrap it all in black gaff and it will be production-approved. Nice work!
  3. Any way you guys can cram digital hybrid mode into it?
  4. I wish there were a better alternative to Comteks but there really isn’t right now. The main box to check is the all day battery if you ask me. Comteks work great for the bunch but there are a few useage scenarios where they fall a little short. Interference for one. Cell phones, dmx stuff, follow Focus, fluorescent lights. All common on set sources where the Comteks can pickup noise. Also, the receivers have almost no indication that you’re operating on a clean channel. And what’s up with the units picking up the same transmitter on like 10 different dial settings? It’s hard to get multi-channel working well especially when you’re trying to cooperate with another production close by and you both need 2-3 channels. Most of the time Comteks work great but when an issue crops up like interference of some sort there’s usually not much you can do other than move closer to the village. You can’t scan a clean frequency, and even if you do want to try a new freq getting xx number of Comteks retuned before the next take is a hassle and doesn’t look good. Side note... if for some reason you want to stick with the older 72MHz system or add additional units the PR75a receiver is still a current 72MHz model and can be tuned to any letter band with a programming unit. No crystals needed.
  5. Many of us I’m sure. I’m planning on finishing my filing tomorrow. You’ve been paying for it off your checks anytime you’ve been on payroll so you might as well take advantage.
  6. If they could receive digital hybrid mode that would be a great upgrade. But it seems that they don’t. So unless the wideband is really useful for you I don’t really get it.
  7. Don’t the minis derive their clock from the incoming timecode?
  8. Derek H

    cl12 micro usb

    Sorry to hear about this. That connector is ludicrous and insulting on a $3k “board”. I’ve had my own troubles with it, mainly frying it pretty thoroughly while wiring up a 12v to 5v converter. Hopefully SD has learned their lesson. At least for their professional line. I’ve learned mine with a $600 repair bill.
  9. John, this was my method as well for a long time but I found that often I would lose the offer since if I told a producer that I needed to check a hold they would have already booked someone else by the time I circled back. I let the producer know up front that that’s how I handle holds now and so far it has been received well. I would hope it encourages them to figure it out and remember to confirm me as soon as they can.
  10. I’d be careful with this. I know some mixers do this and I know it pisses some producers off occasionally. It can work but I’d say you need to really trust your colleague and also really know the producer and if they’re ok with this kind of arrangement. For me, the operative words are “booked” or “hold” and by the end of the conversation I try to get them to clarify which of these we’re talking about. If it’s booked I don’t question it again it’s just on the calendar. If it’s a hold and another firm offer comes up I’ll book the firm offer right then and there and then call the other producer and tell them I booked something else. I used to wait and call the first producer and give them a last chance to book me but I’ve lost too much work that way. It also gives shitty producers an opportunity to pressure you to keep holding by saying they think it’s confirmed and asking you to hang on when really they’re not sure. So like mentioned above I’d say go with the sure thing right away if you want to but just keep everyone in the loop.
  11. Charge them what you agreed to up front. Just be straightforward and say you don’t renegotiate after the fact. If you discussed OT after 12 then charge that hour of OT as well. If you never mentioned an OT rate in negotiation the producer probably assumed/hoped that your 500/12 was a flat rate. So that’s the grey area I’d say... if you’re going to discount anything here just drop that one hour of OT depending on if that was discussed in advance. Also, what kind of job is this? Low budget documentary? Self funded project or a commercial or reality TV type thing? I would take that into consideration.
  12. Movo windshield? Looks like a Rycote super softie copy.
  13. Derek H

    Cantar X3 Mini

    I’m guessing with blank D-size plates and a drill or hole punch.
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