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  1. Yup. Did you see my suggestion about trying to use one of the line outputs on Monday?
  2. OK, did some digging for you and figured it out.. Read pages 109 and 110 from the 664 manual. https://cdn.sounddevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/664-ug1.10.20.pdf Look at the second paragraph here: So this explains it. The difference is expected and due to impedance shift. You say the Master knob on the 552 has no effect? That's too bad. Perhaps you could have a custom cable made that takes the outputs of the 552 from either the Hirose 10-pin or from the two XLR or TA3 mix outs (wouldn't matter which just an output that can give you the full line level) and then take that into the 664's link input following the wiring diagram in the manual. The Master knob would then work to make any trim adjustments between the two machines. I would still check with Sound Devices to make sure this would work or if you need that 10K resistor in the TA5 to enable the connection or something. Good luck! I think the best solution, that I'm sure you've considered, would be to buy a used CL-6 for the 664. Or a CL-12 if you can find it and you're working in a stationary mode. Of course that will add more bulk to the setup. What you're trying to do was not originally part of the plan for any of these machines. The link IO port is a nice addition but that was made without consideration for the fact that you might want to do what you're doing with the direct outs.
  3. Sounds like the person you talked to had no idea what you're trying to do. I've found Sound Devices phone support to be a little hit or miss depending on who you get. Years ago you would call and basically talk to one of the engineers who made the thing. Now you get people who have to look stuff up or go ask someone else. They'll be able to help you but you may need to call again and dig a little deeper or email.
  4. I get it seems like the same cable in terms of connectors but I’m saying you should check that it’s constructed the same way. Maybe there’s resistors or something inside the cable and the values need to be adjusted for the 664. You should just call sound devices for this one.
  5. I assume you checked the output level setting? The wiring needed to mate a 552 to a 664 could be different than what the off the shelf cable has. That cable was originally for linking 442s together.
  6. That’s great. Wish I could do this in my basement but the windows open in and don’t slide up
  7. Hi Phil, great looking cart! I’m wondering after spending some time at this cart how do you like not having the recorder right in front of your eyes? From an install perspective having the recorder down in the rack works beautifully but I’m not sure I’d like not having it in front of me while recording. I understand between the Cantaress and Souriwuette or whatever it is you can control just about anything remotely but still I’m curious how you like it. thanks!
  8. Hey Jim, Maybe reach out to Kester for a recommendation for hand soldering? I know they have a large amount of variants and it’s hard to know as a non-engineer what’s best or what you definitely don’t want to use without an industrial fume system. I hear you about lead solder. I still use it, and might just use it the rest of my life since I have a couple spools of it and don’t solder frequently but I go between indifference to moderate concern regularly. I just have a charcoal filter fan to attempt to suck the fumes away. I’ve read confusing advice on solder… that solder fumes are not that dangerous, don’t contain aerosolized lead and the risk is mostly irritation from the flux fumes kind of like a wood fire would irritate as well. But then I’ve read other material that seems to indicate all sorts of horrible stuff in the fumes. When they say the fumes are ok maybe that’s assuming you’re wearing an N95 and have an industrial fume sucker on your bench (no affordable version exists that I’ve found). They’re probably not saying it’s fine for Joe Blow sound guy to be soldering in his basement with a computer fan blowing the smoke around. (Basically my setup) Sorry to hijack your thread with my rant… Side question for the populace here… have any of you who have been soldering a long time with lead ever go and get a blood test?
  9. What is the purpose of the components? Filtering unwanted RF from affecting the receiver?
  10. Nice detective work! Maybe those are actually inductors not resistors?
  11. That would be smart. Or just out a panel mount Lemo on the edge of the disc. Pretty irritating when the cable gets damaged and the entire mic has to be serviced for 100s of dollars because of a tear in the cable jacket or something.
  12. As misguided as this is in some ways I’d argue it’s a better solution than just accepting defeat and letting people default to watching shows with subtitles on. You can’t fault Amazon for trying to do something about this problem. The Audio blame game around this issue is ridiculous and if no one is willing to just ask for more intelligible dialog out of the source and prioritize better, quieter, sets and favorable camera blocking well then… Looking forward to the day when an impatient AD tells me “don’t worry about it the AI will fix it!”
  13. I don’t buy anything used unless it’s at least 20% less than brand new. Even if it’s mint never used. Any more than that and I’d rather buy new, have a return policy, warranty and not take the risk. If stuff is really rough looking but functional I’ll offer 50% or less.
  14. I would not recommend putting a Comtek receiver on camera as a reference track feed. They’re too susceptible to interference, especially the kind of intense RF noise that a camera is going to put out at such close proximity. Especially a camera that has a lot of accessories hooked up like a wireless transmitter, outboard monitor, follow focus, etc. Maybe if you’re using a base station to overpower that but the M216 doesn’t have a lot of transmit power to punch through in this situation. You could certainly try it and see how it goes but I suspect there would be some amount of unwanted static noise going to the camera. Maybe that’s ok for your purpose or maybe it will cause you to receive an annoying email from post.
  15. Wow, thanks Roland. Love your blog btw.
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