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Nomad resets timecode, date, time, etc. on power down


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1 hour ago, Jim Feeley said:


I think I get your vibe here: Not so much the hassle of shipping, but concern that something will go wrong? I have that, but I've shipped back a bunch of stuff over the years, including mixers, mics, monitors, computers, and cameras. I pack it well, ship however the receiving party wants it (i.e.- some companies have had better experiences with one shipper over another), or FedEx or UPS. I insure the shipment, of course. 


And you know, the companies in our space (ie- not the computer companies 🙂 ) have all done a great job over the years quickly and successfully fixing my equipment and safely & quickly returning it. Note, though that I haven't had to send microphones for the German spa treatment... I hear that can take a while. But for the usual-suspect US companies, they get that we bought their equipment to use in our craft and business. 


So if #11 doesn't do it for you, give Zaxcom a ring and I'd bet they'll totally take care of you.


Thanks for your kind words. yea after the current gig I'm doing. if the cleaning doesn't do it then I'll just have to send it in. Appreciate you guys.

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Oh yes, the trip to Germany for Schoeps takes a while, but not nearly as long as my (still ongoing) experience with Gefell.  My two UM70S mics have been gone since September with not a whole lot of free-flowing info.


That being said, I have not missed them (well, once.  Yesterday!) and I will be glad if the long wait translates into perfectly repaired mics.



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I've never used a Zaxcom recorder, but does it perhaps have an option in the menu for timecode modes? I experienced the exact same thing as mentioned in this thread with my SD 788, but it was simply a case a switching the timecode mode from free running (which would start at 00:00 every time I powered up the recorder) to 24 hour. Now it holds timecode when powered down. 



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