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  1. It's so outrageous that it is funny. I think a wrist-rocket and some steel ball bearings in steady hands would put an end to that stuff quickly. Make them replace the stuff twice a week for a month or two and it will magically go away. D.
  2. Yep Kelsey. I get that. Short story. I was a utility on a large Hollywood movie once early on. The soundman was a famous NY mixer, a big-time (Oscar-winning) guy who was at the end of his run. One day, (I think we had 1/8 page to shoot that day) we were musing over coffee at the cart and he said "Doug. You know? They just don't make movies the way they used to." Now I was all exited and bushy-tailed to be on this huge project, with big stars, big cameras, on a stage, lots of crew. Not the typical After School Specials I was use to being on (as a mixer but. . .) It just didn't get any better than this, thought I. I said to myself, "I will never say those words." Haha. D.
  3. Back in the day . . . 😀 If I had 6 Comteks on a commercial shoot, I needed six. If I had two dozen, well, you get the point. I always brought as many as I had and they always contributed to a "fat" kit rental. Haha. D.
  4. Some are, some are closed up tighter than a tick. If you have affected this repair on a Nomad, with which I have no experience, that would clearly be the way to go. D.
  5. I have used hemostat locking surgical tweezers in this job. Good luck. D.
  6. Leave it to Avid to mess up your day. D.
  7. Brave! A new browser that seems to take some (most) of our concerns like that into consideration. I run it on all my computers and I have had no problems and a lot of benefits from it. Not affiliated. D.
  8. Well first, always turn off the auto-update. Might work for your mother's PC but not for a professional workstation. Two, there is no getting around the subscription business model. That ship has sailed. Pay them with Facebook script. Three, I wish that Pro Tools wasn't still the go-to audio editing program for EVERYBODY I work with. I'd move off that platform if it wouldn't be so detrimental to my career. They suck! D.
  9. Ah, nice thread. I have been soldering Lemos since Aaton /Nagra IVS/HHB PortaDat days, successfully I might add. But there are some great tips here that I have never tried that just make so much sense. Yer never too old to learn I say. Thanks all. D.
  10. Yep, Hollywood will buy a few of these. Wow, it is really a stunning piece of kit. $18k to fill the memory slots. 1.5TB of memory! The display, another $5k. Maybe $35k all-in with a bell and a whistle. D
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