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  1. "Comtek Perfect" phones. At $25 a pair? I'd buy a dozen pair right away if I still did production work. Comtek phone just get left at craft services anyway. I'd charge production $50 a set to replace them and they'd think it a deal. D.
  2. I'd like to try the MKH 80 Twins, but not enough to buy a pair. Maybe a pair of MKH800 someday, but first, a third Josephson C617 and another DPA 4006-TL. I have cash if anyone is selling. :):) D.
  3. Start with Contract Services. There is NO joining Local #695 without being on the Contract Services roster. Lots of hoops to jump through, and, perhaps, at least at first (not even counting COVID), less work, and a fairly hefty financial upfront cost, so consider the pros and cons about joining. Also, if I am not out-of-date, Local #695 charges quarterly dues, not work dues, so you are paying in whether or not you are working. (I always thought that was a bad idea. Let those who are working carry the Local and let those that are not hold down a lesser burden) Don't get me wrong, I am and have been for many, many years, a solid union-man. Just being upfront about the realities. D.
  4. Please everyone. Tell me that you did not "volunteer" when you were getting started. Boomman on a low budget? Student film? Gofer for you friendly local mixer? All great to say "I want the green" but getting experience from someone with a bit more years in the business; well, that's how it works sometimes. If you are worried that someone with no experience is going to under-cut your rate, you are working for the wrong clients. D.
  5. Haha. Recording acoustic music. The dialog goes like this (not often): Video guy, "Your stands are in my shot." Me, "I guess that means that you need to find another shot." D.
  6. If I were starting out today, I'd run as fast as I could in the opposite direction. Aren't advertisements supposed to go in Manufacturers and Dealers? D.
  7. Why do you presume? I am talking like intelligent folks in the midst of the Covid pandemic would wear masks. Duh! I said nothing about other countries, going back to business, vague and confusing messaging. Of course, there is all that, but I didn't speak of it. D. Also, bicycle helmets? If you fall off your bike and aren't wearing a helmet, my head won't get split open. WTF?
  8. Mask up! There is absolutely NO question about this. Do NOT get me f**king sick! And I won't get you sick either. D. BTW, Google "Cognitive Dissonance".
  9. Oh, got. That IS a bit troubling but I am fairly certain the LF can sort you out. I hear he has an "in" at the company. D.
  10. OT a bit but can I assume that you have discussed your "beef" with Lectrosonics directly before putting it on a public discussion site? My experience with Lectrosonics is that they will bend over backwards, like an armadillo in some tumbleweed, to help an owner get their problems solved quickly and fairly. That has always been my experience and one of the reasons I never changed wireless manufacturers once I bought my first 185s. FW any of this is W. D.
  11. Ah, good to see. thanks. Looks to be only the Nextel Grey sleeves, but the price is right. Even shipping to the USA will be inexpensive; those sleeves are featherweight. D.
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