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  1. Yes, even with steel drawers. They MUST be supported in the rear if the rack ever travels. Pretty easy to do with some bar-stock, a drill and the 1/4" bolts/nuts. D.
  2. This was one of my favorites. This was my "bus stereo" when I used to tour music back in the day. I even had an MRL alignment tape and kept the machine in perfect operating condition for many years. D.
  3. This is Moleskin in sheets: https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Scholls-Moleskin-Plus-Each/dp/B00IG0RN74/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1YPMBOXV5DPWF&dchild=1&keywords=dr.+scholl's+moleskin+plus+3+each+pack+of+3&qid=1601998068&sprefix=dr.+scholl's+moleskin%2Caps%2C214&sr=8-6 I don't recall that I put lavs on actors' skin a lot, but not "never" either. Like Philip says, after a while, you just know what you need to do to get a lav on an actor. And even then, you are sometimes wrong. D.
  4. Moleskin. Doesn't hurt much unless you pull off hair. A disposable alcohol wipe to take off skin oil, it will stay put for a long time. Some actors are okay with it, some not. Just gotta ask. D.
  5. Thanks Jeff. Not a big concern. D.
  6. Wow. Yes some changes indeed. If you need a second set of eyes (and maybe not), at the very bottom of every page, the Facebook icon seems to cover up some verbiage about you being the webmaster. My only other unsolicited thought would be that the bright white page is just a bit too bright white for my eyes. May just be me but I really appreciate a bit of grey in the background. I could change my mind if the smoke around here continues to block out the sun. D.
  7. That is an awesome concept and a great web page development. All the best luck with your endeavor. D.
  8. Or the Sanken CS3e? A brilliant reach on stage and so forth (not so great in a tile bathroom but what interference tube is)? Yes, though. Two different tools, both absolutely necessary. D.
  9. It is a Post Production problem that has been going on for many years. Too much M&E. Never understood the reason. It's like putting a yellow filter on the camera lens because, sometimes, yellow is a pretty color. D.
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