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  1. I may have missed this information but wanted to remind that CM4s are cardioid mics. It might be possible to use these where you might have used a Schoeps Mk4. But the perceived "reach" of these will need them to be played very close to the actor. FWIW. They do get a lot of love on Gearslutz as music mics. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/all-things-technical/1268518-cm4-here-lets-start-thread-let-cm3-go.html D.
  2. Good point. I never delete "captures" until they are backed up to (at least) two sites, on in the studio, one in the ether. I am a bit hard headed about that and it has paid off a few times. After a year or so, those files get relegated to a large spinning drive that I put in the safe. I have more than ten years of shows on it and every once in a while, I spin it up. I know that the drive may (will) fail some day, but in ten years, I have never needed to retrieve a file from that drive. Knock on wood. My boss, after a year or so, offers the files to the ensemble if they want
  3. My Allen & Heath SQ6 mixer, when coupled with the DT168 stagebox allows complete control over a Dante network. 16 inputs and 8 outputs "as if" the mixer was in the room with the presenters. 300' is easily doable with no other devices in the network. You will need a computer to set it up the first time. That is the simplest Dante network and you can (and will) find lots of ways to make it better, albeit more complicated. My Dante network (I record live acoustic music, often times multi-track) has, probably just under 20 devices attached in its largest configuratio
  4. Hey Rado- I just had a similar experience with Sennheiser USA repairs. I have an MKH80 that I had purchased on eBay. As with any mic I buy used from someone I don't know, I send it back to service for a quick checkup. I got a UPS notice on the day the shop received it that it was coming back. Wow, what quick service. So I called to ask what they had found. They pulled up the record and said that it had never made it past the mail room where it had been turned around without ever seeing a technician. They "no longer serviced MKH80 mics. EOL". I went cr
  5. Anyone here remember the "No MOS" stickers that Audio Services gave away once upon a time? D. I know! Old dude.
  6. Call Sound Devices again. Speak to another customer service rep. Someone will know and they will probably send you parts if you need them. D.
  7. I did some testing of the 4x Cat6 boxes I have with line level and sent completely different program over two lines, not a similar sounding stereo pair, and the cross-talk present itself in spades. Now I am not saying all the Cat boxes do this, although I won't assume that they don't. But my experience was not good with a line level test. I did not test in the -10dB range so I can't speak to cross-talk, but mostly, I never use them for anything important. D.
  8. Now these are true words. As do you, I am always the one hooking this stuff up. This makes all the difference of course. D.
  9. Philip. Any concerns about the Db25 connector on the Audiophile snake box? I think those connectors are good for a plug-it-once situations but the design has proven dodgy at best when plugged and unplugged multiple times. FWIW, on my 24-channel analog snakes I use Elco/Edac connectors. Bomb proof. For four-pair multi-pin cables, I used to use amp CPC connectors but now don't have any four-pair that aren't simply four XLRs on each end. I do have a bunch of them, tho. Two-pair as well. D.
  10. I am not a fan of analog over Cat-cable. Any signal down anything less than Cat7 (four by individually shielded pair) will need to be mic level, in my experience, to protect from cross-talk at higher levels. You will need to use shielded Cat5e/6 in any case if you need to send P48. I have a couple of someone's Cat-breakout boxes but I never use them in favor of Mogami 4-pair snakes when I need to run analog signals over distance. Check out Redco Audio and have them build you what you want. "Normal"audio snake won't have any cross-talk (to speak of) even with line level. You m
  11. Yes, even with steel drawers. They MUST be supported in the rear if the rack ever travels. Pretty easy to do with some bar-stock, a drill and the 1/4" bolts/nuts. D.
  12. This was one of my favorites. This was my "bus stereo" when I used to tour music back in the day. I even had an MRL alignment tape and kept the machine in perfect operating condition for many years. D.
  13. This is Moleskin in sheets: https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Scholls-Moleskin-Plus-Each/dp/B00IG0RN74/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1YPMBOXV5DPWF&dchild=1&keywords=dr.+scholl's+moleskin+plus+3+each+pack+of+3&qid=1601998068&sprefix=dr.+scholl's+moleskin%2Caps%2C214&sr=8-6 I don't recall that I put lavs on actors' skin a lot, but not "never" either. Like Philip says, after a while, you just know what you need to do to get a lav on an actor. And even then, you are sometimes wrong. D.
  14. Moleskin. Doesn't hurt much unless you pull off hair. A disposable alcohol wipe to take off skin oil, it will stay put for a long time. Some actors are okay with it, some not. Just gotta ask. D.
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