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  1. I think the photo of me on the commercial shoot (maybe a Crazy Eddie's spot. I did a few of those on the III with a MKH416, my very first gear.) was maybe 1990 (?) and I think Smoke Signals shot in 1998, but I wouldn't swear to either date. D.
  2. Cool! I am looking for a nice LTC to MTC convertor for IOS if you ever get so inclined. 🙂 Needs to come in on the TRRS and not the Lightning port. D.
  3. Here are a couple of snaps from the old days. First commercial day on my Nagra III, and three from Smoke Signals. That machine was a IVS "Harvey Board". I think I moved on to an HHB PortaDAT on the next job. D.
  4. Oh, jpb2. I went through that list and a whole lot more. PT was so unreliable in the field, and it bit me twice with high-profile clients. I survived both encounters but never again. The MIDI input on the m108 is for control only, specifically from ProTools HD (curiously enough). D.
  5. I think you mis-understand my need. Getting TC onto an iPad is fairly easy and I was doing that a few years ago with, IIRC, iTimecode or some other app thru the TRRS connector. I am looking for an app that will take LTC in in the TRRS and convert it to MTC which, maybe, Auria could see and "sync" to so the TC on Auria would be the same as the TC on the 788T. It's a multi-step problem and may violate the 80/20 rule. D.
  6. Book 'em, Danno! D.
  7. It's true. I tried to use ProTools on a lappy as a backup to my JoeCo via Dante and it just f'ing crashed all the time. Yes, I COMPLETELY dedicated my MBP to ProTools; no interwebs, no Google, no NYT Crosswords. Nothing but ProTools, and a little LTC to MTC converter called LockStep that took up about .1 horsepower. ProTools, ubiquitous in the studio where a crash means a re-boot and a tower full of CPU can usually get you through the day. But on location? Nightmare! I vowed to NEVER EVER take PT into the field for ANY reason. Fool me once. . . I am now using Waves Tracks Live (free) for an excellent bit bucket via Dante on a MBP for jobs over 8 tracks and it works well, so far. Ethernet cables better than USB (or Firewire) cables any day. Takes LTC in on any Dante input and keeps perfect time for file stamps. Okay, now for the fun part and why any TC post tweeks my interest. For less than eight channels, for backup only, I am using a cool iPad app called Auria. Comes into the iPad via a (there's that work again) USB, for me, out of one of my Grace m108 preamps. Well, as long as the USB cable stays put, it seems to work a treat, all the way up to 96Khz. Easy to set up, run, nice screen layout, good, big meters, very pro looking. So no need to carry a laptop and the iPad Pro lives in my briefcase all the time anyway so no extra gear to tote around. It will run an internal clock that generates some sort of "timecode" at an assignable frame rate but it doesn't stay in sync with a real (ie 788T) TC generator. It will sync to external MTC (somehow) but I haven't figured out what I need to do to get MTC (derived from the 788T LTC) into an iPad. Still learning of the possibilities and still learning about MTC in general, but I haven't found a way. Charlie Para at Denecke is looking for me, as are people on the Auria forums but maybe there just isn't a way right now. Anyway, the Auria timecode is in the ballpark which will make searching for an edit point somewhat easier than having no road map at all. D.
  8. I had this happen on a set in Georgia once a few years back. None of the RF on the set would work. UHF, VHF, Comteks, focus, walkies, nothing. All worked fine in the AM. None worked at all in the PM. I put it down to some sort of military "jamming" but we never did find out an answer. Weird. D.
  9. I think for the last show, I used 3 pair. One on the stage, crossed near-audience, one pair wide mid-audience and one pair in the balcony. Post seemed to have liked that setup; well at least I didn't hear bad back and the show sounded fine. D.
  10. Audience mics at a live concert recording? Don't reinvent the wheel. Sennheiser 416s or equivalent at the outside corners of the stage. D.
  11. I believe green is left, red is right, gold is ground. D.
  12. Yep. If your T/C battery is causing you grief/uncertainty, replace it. It should work invisibly in the BG. D.
  13. If you DIY with this sort of wire, the enamel coating can simply be burned off of each conductor with a little "blob" of solder on a fairly hot iron. Then these newly tinned ends can be soldered back onto any connector of your choice. It's a bit tricky the first time or two but it works quite well once you get the hang of it. Oh, and twist up the ends tight before you apply the solder "blob" or you'll pay hell getting the frazzled ends onto a contact. I usually end up with about a 1/4" of tinned wire and snip the end off each with a pair of dikes to make it a 1/8" of neat. D.
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