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  1. Wouldn't that be a quick question for MBHO? Probably take, well, no time at all. D.
  2. Ah. Public soldering. With a butane soldering iron on top of an empty Anvil case. C-wrench to hold the connector down. Classic. D.
  3. They both sound the same to me. D.
  4. A 45-year experienced audio engineer that I know very well (wink) has never grounded the shell on any of his thousands of feet of XLR cable. But lately, sometimes, he puts a little capacitor between the shell and Pin1, sometimes at the male end, most often at the female end, and sometimes at both ends. He has not heard or measured any difference between any of those cables. Oh, and he talks about the audible difference between Canare quad mic cable and Gotham GAC3. But he can't hear the difference there under any circumstances. As well, he really thinks that all his stereo speaker cables should be up off the ground on maple bridges and that a $3000 AC cable sounds much better than the Monoprice $2.99 cable even when it is plugged into the 60-year-old solid copper wire in the wall of his house. In other words, do what you will. If you don't like the result, try something different. Just don't tell me (or that grumpy old soundman) that there is only one way to do it. D.
  5. If I get your meaning, let me re-phrase, because this could be the difference. I believe that the HDD was scrambled, not the individual files. The drive wouldn't open. Is that what happens when a drive is "formatted?" Something in the drive says there are no files present, but the still-intact files are really still there? Helps? D.
  6. .Wav files from Waves Tracks Live on a MacBook. It even recovered the track names which some other recovery apps don't do. D
  7. I had something similar happen to a backup drive recently. I spent $90US on the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and, by God!, it worked. All FWIW, but I had every reason to believe that it would not and I was, thankfully, wrong.. https://www.easeus.com/landing/mac-data-recovery-software.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi56iyKbX4AIVyMDACh0yAA4ZEAAYASAAEgLia_D_BwE&utm_expid=268318-99.NoC0UszqQA-9t1Tysn0FLQ.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F If not, it would be time to take the drive to a data recovery service near you and just pony-up the money to recover it. Cheaper than a day of reshoots. D.
  8. My friend calls it his audio Swiss Army Knife. It goes everywhere with me; doesn't get pulled out all that often but when it does, it's a job saver. D.
  9. Sounds like you might have a broken 788T. D.
  10. I don't know. I have had my 788T since I can't remember and it has NEVER set itself to another setting by itself. Not ever. Just an observation made over the course of many, many years as an owner. D.
  11. Yep, looks like a classic sync error to me as well. 788T on "Internal" for sync reference and the with the Zax AES on "Internal" (or whatever the setting is called on a Zax) perhaps. Clocking protocol in the digital realm is a "must". Bummer. D. Oh, and SRC and clocking are not the same thing.
  12. My first thought is never give the AD control of the VOG level. It will go nowhere but up so you might as well put the on-set speaker gain to 11 to begin with. When I needed VOG in the past, I would merely set up a spare channel of Lectro and plug a plug-on transmitter on to a Shure 514B push-to-talk hand mic. Clipped it onto a neck lanyard and they would just put the transmitter in their pocket and hang the mic around their neck. Worked great.
  13. Might not be. Might be. I have done loads of jobs where I wish I'd had more of this, more of that, a sound check, a scout. Sometimes, most times, I am happy to show up an hour early so I'm not rushed, talk to the house guys, go into the catwalks and hang those mics, do a professional job. That doesn't seem the case in the OP's post. He seems being ask to put himself in a dangerous professional position needlessly. Go for it y'all. Take your bag of cables and adapters, and that other large bag and do your thing. And God bless. Really! Just not the way it should need to be done and I guess I'm just too old and set in my ways to have my underpants pulled up to my ears. Well maybe for $1200 a day D,
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