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  1. Are the kittens legally allowed to be used in the USA? Those at the FCC have been working hard to reduce the allowed kitten bandwidth. Only large, large corporations are allowed to have kittens these days. There are a few small exceptions. D. On the other hand, I can bet those kittens are hybrids. Oh, and congratulations on the reopening. Be safe all!
  2. Gotta say, the B9 mics are clearly better than an Octava. Much better. I will agree that they are not Schoeps, but they are pretty darned good. I record almost nothing but classical music and have a locker full of top-tier mics and I demo'd the stereo figure-of-eight on a number of jobs, against Blumlein Schoeps Mk8s and my Samar stereo ribbon and the B9 mic did not disappoint. At the price, I would say that they are hard to beat. They are great bang-for-the-buck mics for those without the bank to be able to afford the top tier. Can't say anything about the B9 "movie mics" however. Just my $.02. D.
  3. I know. DAT? Really?A retiring friend is selling his stuff and it included a really minty Sony PCM 7040 studio time code DAT. He's not looking for a lot of money but before we can sell this thing, we sorta have to know it works as it should.So it seems to handle tape well and records, plays back, syncs TC, all good things. But there is a light on the "error strip" labeled Playback Condition.The manual seems to indicate that if this light is lit, it indicates a problem. But every DAT that I have played back, all of which sound perfect (no drop outs, no artifacts, nothing out of the ordinary) show a solid lit Playback Condition lamp.If any one has recent experience with this machine and could tell me if this solid lamp shows an error(s) or if the error(s) would be shown by a flashing lamp (which I might suspect to be the case) and a solid lit lamp shows correct functioning.Or any place I could put this question with some different eyes.Thanks tons!Stay safe and be well.D.
  4. Funny that this should show up here as I am in the middle of some deep-dredge reminiscing with a man who is producing a documentary on the 1979 Kiss US tour that I was the stage monitor mixer on. Why 1978-9 right now? Anyway, just a funny little trip back in time. 40 freakin' years. Wow! D.
  5. tourtelot

    bag drop

    True! I took the plunge and I am really content with my Dante rig. But it will never pay for itself, EVER, in the type of work I do now. But the education in building and using the project was worth it. There is a tuition for every education and this particular tuition was pretty high, both in dollars and in brain-work. But it does come up to my high standard of how a recording package should work. For some big Hollywood guys, if and when the industry returns, might make the money part work. I remember at the top of my "game", I was getting good kit rental money every day the package worked. So spare recorders, spare mixing panels, lots of mics and wireless? They were all expected, but they were being paid for. D.
  6. tourtelot

    bag drop

    Curious why more production mixers aren't adopting Dante. Cart can be 300' (100m) from the set and the mixer can control preamps, wireless receivers, comms, VOG/Talk back, sends to/from video village, the whole enchilada. Tons of "devices" available (and more coming every day) that will allow almost infinite setup possibilities. Yes, expensive to tool up, but are there any other reasons why it doesn't work in the tv/film game? I record live acoustic music these days (well, I did record before the madness happened). My whole setup is Dante and it is easy, reliable and "one-wire". I even have a way to run fiber as my "one-wire" which means that I can be as far away from the stage as I, realistically, want. D.
  7. Ugh! This whole circle-jerk among computer manufacturers, plug-in designers and DAWs has got to end! It is just a circular money grab and just SO uncool. D. PS. I think the "upgrade path" is for suckers. If you have a setup that works, don't mess with it.
  8. Doesn't mater anyway. The computer sold. Sigh. D. Oh, but thanks!!!
  9. Anyone? Is it possible to take the SSD out of my current 2012 MBP (the computer is having some problems, nothing to do with the OS or the HDD) and simply R&R the HDD in another 2012 MBP, fire it up and have it be good to go? I'd keep my current MBP as a backup. I think I can buy a pretty mint replacement 2012 MBP for cheaper than I could have my current MBP repaired. Yes, I know I can swap the drives and then do a restore from Time Machine, but since I am going to open both machines up anyway to swap my 16GB of RAM out for the 8GB in the replacement, it would be easy to swap the drives at the same time. And yes, I know that the new computer could have its own problems. Researching that with the seller now. Thanks for any thoughts. D.
  10. Yes, I think I mis-spoke. I will get something like a dollar a week from the state. I am "token" unemployed. D.
  11. Yep, in Washington State, I am thinking that I won't get any state money but the $600/wk from the feds will help. So it's important to sign in for local UI where ever you live to be eligible for the federal money, even if you get $0 from your state. D.
  12. Not a lot of cars I'd trade "up" for but this might be an exception. Molto Bello! D.
  13. Lots of projects put on hold by the virus that have investment already sunk in. I would expect there to be a push to catch up and to keep up once it's safe for people to go back to work. D.
  14. "Easy to disinfect." OMG! April Fools Day is loooong gone. D.
  15. Found out on my last trip to London that there are no tours of Abbey Road. Studios are too darned busy for shenanigans. Well, were too busy. D.
  16. Well, that IS the hard part. Toured Muscle Shoals studio last fall. Nothing special there except for nostalgia. Not a great room, Studer 800-series 24-track, and an API desk. Not shoddy, but not Abbey Road. But the stories. Wow! About how Lynyrd Skynyrd paid the bill for a super-famous client who dined and dashed. How Linda Ronstadt had to record her vocals in the evening after everyone had left. Seems she caused a widespread inattentiveness if the band was with her in the studio. Funny stuff! D.
  17. My SD788T. The only piece of gear I won't ever sell. D. In second place and I'm not sure this counts is my 1933 Herberts Machinery Wood Wizard band saw recently gifted to me by an awesome neighbor.
  18. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a typical bedroom is a horrible place to do a voice-over. Just sayin' Horrible! D.
  19. Very nice work. I am envious of your skills. I am having problems milling out a small block of aluminum with two crossed bores. Ugh! D.
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