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  1. So true! And being able to say "no" is to understand how valuable your services are to a prospective employer. It is VERY powerful. D.
  2. I second dropping the "badges" as well. The number of a members posts are listed after all. But it WAS a nice idea. D.
  3. Oh so sorry this isn't an easy fix, Jeff. D.
  4. Why? Not "why is it fun". Soldered enough Lemos to answer that question. D.
  5. Not really, but the new indicators of time spent as a forum member is a bit wonky. I don't care in my own case (I'm so old as to be retired) but I really would at least be a rookie after all these years :):):):) D.
  6. Every "sticky" has a correct solvent. In this case, the choice that will take off the sticky and won't damage your slate is good old common lighter fluid. Alcohol will not work. Goof-Off will eat the plastic overlay. Paint thinner? Gasoline? No, no, no! Buy a can of Zippo. Fairly non-toxic on the large scale of volatile fluids, won't eat plastic and will take the sticky right off. Been using it for years and it is my favorite. D.
  7. Manufacturers and Dealers. D.
  8. Ah, great start. You should be in great shape to put together an awesome rig. The funny thing? Every time I set up my whole system, I alway figure out a new little trick to make it better. This, as I get more comfortable with Dante as a whole "universe". Very cool education. D.
  9. Wow, that's quite an open ended question. I am using a bunch of 110v SG300 POE switches. But my rig is not anything like a mixer might use for location sound recording. I record music so my rig revolves around 32-track 24/96 recorders, preamps, large desks, producer station, cue mixes, monitor desk, video feeds, etc. If you are looking for a good starting setup, you should read the Yamaha documentation listed above and I highly recommend taking the Dante training provided by Audinate, at east the first two levels. That should get you started. Dante is actually really easy to get started in and gets very complex after that. You can run for years with the most basic setup, but there are thousands of ways to customize a setup to get exactly what you want. That part is harder. Doug
  10. SUCH A GOOD ARTICLE. It made my day. D.
  11. Zero and one aren't even the first two tracks on a Studer A800. What are you guys talking about? D.
  12. Lectrosonics' announcement. D.
  13. Yes, that complete Yammy document got me 85% to setting up my rig so that it works without any issues. Audinate's Brett in tech-support is awesome and the Audinate Level 1 and Level 2 certification training is way worth the price ($0). Like Rob, when I envisioned my Dante network rig, I knew zero about networking. After six years, I know enough. Haha. I can not pass the Level 3 exam in many attempts. It is about deep networking concepts and while I have learned something every time I go through the course, it just doesn't fit in my brain the correct way. Not having the knowledge in the Level 3 material does not at all effect my AoIP network (closed) but those that are trying to put a big Dante network on the existing network of a venue, or combine with some other network (say a live PA setup) will need this deep stuff to make it work. Good luck D.
  14. Hi Rob. Do you run your video and controllers on a separate VLAN from you Dante stream? Separate VLANs on managed switches (SG300) really cleaned up a lot of messes on my rig with glitchy controllers (mixer controller, JoeCo remotes, and Grace remotes plus video). In my case, the Dante stream was flooding the controllers and causing a lot of "bad behavior". D.
  15. 5050B machines still getting good money on Reverb. I would love to have a Studer PR69 but a nice 5050B would be fine. Don't have a thing to do on them but. . They are SO cool. D. Oh and DATs. Haha. The "Edsel" of the audio world. Gotta say tho, my HHB machine was flawless for the four or so years I used it. Every day. Blessed I guess.
  16. Yeah, and have the camera guys turn off their ultrasonic focus crutch. D.
  17. Why don't you simply try and work your way into some entry level position in the sound department? Some shows even have PA positions in the sound department. If you intention is to be a sound person, just put your efforts into doing that, maybe? I realize that you will make some payment as a set PA, and maybe you would need to work "pro bono" with a sound crew, and I get that we all need to make a living. But with your experience in audio, you may have a leg up in just getting some work in the department you actually want to be in. In my experience, set PAs are either on a path to AD'ing/Directing or just wanting to be in the movie business. You seem to have a different direction. I'd say, and Vancouver is full of them, try and get some meetings (virtual?) with mixers and boom ops and let them know you are looking to break in. With your Pro Tools skill, maybe get a day or two of sound playback, or even just tagging along. You need to learn sound from a sound crew. Devoting your precious time to doing other tasks won't help you achieve your aim. It is tough breaking in, especially during a pandemic, but you gotta start somewhere. I think that film production will come flooding back, once it's safe. There are a lot of services looking for product and Vancouver will be at the center of that. Network, lend a hand, be a nice and motivated human being, listen carefully. I suspect it won't take you long. Good luck. D.
  18. This is a cool idea. My question would be looking for a model that will allow the lid to an SKB case to close and latch with the headphone hanger remaining installed. Also, any thoughts on a USA distribution point? D.
  19. I am even going out on a limb to say that a Nagra III might be best as home office eye candy. Probably really tough, if not impossible to get those old stallions to run again. I have some beautiful 1970s still cameras, 35mm, that serve just that purpose and they are all worth the price of admission for that task. Watch this space. I think I will have a few nice Nagras looking to find a new home in the near future. Just a tease. D.
  20. My favorite was my 4S Harvey Board. Did everything that the 4S did well (music) and satisfied those weirdos in post on film shoots that wanted center-track time code. Win-win. 15ips Nagra Master has yet to be surpassed for analog capture. D. My Nagra III had an outboard sync box. It had been plugged directly into the camera for years before I bought it from Camera Service Center in NYC for $300 in 1983. I never had a 4.2 machine. Dan Dugan was the only one who ever worked on my decks. A wizzard.
  21. Oh, such a good idea. I expect to see these reviewed in Stereophile next month. No stopping science. D.
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