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SONY PXW FS7K 4K XDCAM Super TimeCode Help

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On November 29, 2014 at 5:37 PM, judykarp said:

I am going to Myanmar on a job on Thursday and was just informed that we are using this Brand New Sony Camera. I went to check it out today and noticed that there is no timecode input on the camera itself. It's on an Extensions Unit (XDCA-FS7) not included in the package, that connects to the camera via a multipin connector.

How was your experience with the workflow and feedback from post concerning the set-up you used and which one did you chose? I am going a gig same camera...

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Just to revive this thread as I've now had some minimal exposure to the camera. I'm doing a multi cam shoot. You need the backplate (XDCA) to jam to a bnc connector. The backplate enables V-lock batteries which are not useable without it. After jamming you can remove the backplate and it will (kinda)keep timecode. We Jam 3 cams from one, then us soundies jam to the master camera with our mixers.

Im using the 633 and use the "free run jam once" option (not sure if that's good), the others are using the zoom f8 mixers. After about 3hrs Im about 1sec ahead of the master cam and the Zooms are about 1 sec behind... We are all on 25fps. Im also sending a scratch track. I suggest frequent jamming and as someone said, its good to connect with the camera crew on occasion.

As an aside the cams take the sony shoe which you can mount Sony receivers on (should you want) and the signal and power pass through the shoe to the receiver. No cables or batteries.


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