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AudioLTC Sony FS7

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Yes Absolutely. You can send LTC to any XLR input actually (or 3.5mm too). On any camera. Hard wired or wireless (about 1v peak to peak). I own an FS7 without the $2,000 timecode back and can do this but I prefer to use my Denecke TC slate and visually slate the scenes.


The thing you have to know is what NLE the editor will be using. My PremiereProCC doesn't read/link LTC on the timeline but my old MC Avid software does. Don't know about Final Cut, if anyone is still using that.


I have heard it said that some people will send LTC to one channel on the FS7 AND to one channel to their recorder. Then they sync the sources visually by looking at the waveform. It probably works but seems like it might be a bit hunt and peck.


For a looong time I have been looking for a pin out of the multi connector for the expansion pack to see if TC in/out exists on a couple of those pins. Or if it is an encoded stream that requires an LSI to decode. If it's on the pins then we can build our own TC I/O panel.

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