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  1. No, you still only have the one default set up for the limiters that the user can't change like you can on say a 6 series.
  2. Please share you answers here after you figure it out :-) Is always handy for future Nomad owners who might run into the same issue.
  3. Had two back to back shoots yesterday! Busy busy (had to turn down three other jobs for that day as well). Meant I needed to put together a 2nd bag for the people who were covering me on the 1st shoot while I went to do my 2nd shoot of the day. And then today, I felt quite short.... twice! haha (I'm actually 6' 3" / 190cm tall) Used an applebox and a small step ladder.
  4. I thought you can use a max of four receivers? But the receivers are dual channel, thus a total of 8x TX can be used at once.
  5. Is this all of them, the Classic / XT / LF / etc? But not the Mini and the AMIRA? It would of course drift if left switched off overnight? What if left off over lunch break?
  6. If the camera department has refused to put a timecode box on the ARRI, then how well will it hold sync if at all while switched off? (or if they do any other funky things like going off speed then back to normal, I remember the C300 mk2 for instance would get TC messed up if you did that without a TC box) I'm asking about ARRI cameras in general, but interested to hear if specific ones such as an AMIRA etc are worse/better.
  7. If you're buying more than one channel, then per channel costs matter. Nobody has done a head to head test of them just yet, so can't answer the first two points yet. (but I strongly expect the Deity to have greater range based on the spec sheet) TX size matters far less to consumers than we think, thus the reason why the very bulky RodeLink is so very popular.
  8. In terms of feature set (dunno about quality! Nobody has done a shoot out of Go vs Connect yet) then the Deity Connect crushes the Rode GO. And the cost difference is really not that much either, once you factor in the extra cost of half decent ish lav mic for GO, then the cost per channel is not that far off at all from what Deity Connect costs.
  9. This is my new favorite quote on jwsoundgroup
  10. Hmmm... that is interesting, as it was suggested there was changes tweaked in early F8 models vs later F8/F8n (like for instance there was in making their screen more robust)
  11. I was using the AKG 460 / CK63 (which is the newer model of yours) as my main indoors mic , but lately I've mostly been using a CS1e instead. Would like a CSM1 as well one day.
  12. Over in the Sony Venice thread in the camera subforum this is being reported a lot: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/31876-the-sony-venice/
  13. That is my gut guess why Zaxcom isn't offering (or at least not at any reasonable price I'd assume, seeing as noone else is licensing it) I'd agree that for "general usage" the Rode Go Wireless is "better". However the Rode product wouldn't replace anything in my kit or find any additional usage that I'm not already covered for. And I suspect this is true for most of us, the Rode Go doesn't fill a real need for any of us. We're already well sorted with much better options when it comes to general wireless for talent. However the Unique Selling Point for the Instamic Pro (which the Rode Go can't do) is that it is waterproof. An affordable little tool to have in your kit for those of us who say don't have a Lectrosonics WM, so if there is a short scene when someone is going to go into the water (or is at risk at this) then this is an alternative approach you could take rather than say risking your non-waterproof SMQV going for a dunk!
  14. Got a Fujifilm X-A5! Used to have a Fujifilm X-F1 (twice!) and a Fujifilm X-Q1 some years ago as my small pocketable cameras. But otherwise Fuji hasn't really been on my radar due to a lack of any mirrorless cameras with great video (although Fuji is well known for their great cinema lenses!). However all that has changed with the Fujifilm X-H1 / Fujifilm X-T3 / Fujifilm X-T30! Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-A3 is not one of those, but those other Fuji cameras did get my thinking about the Fujifilm X Mount family of mirrorless cameras.... and checking out what deals there are on eBay. Some of them are surprisingly very very cheap! Waited patiently for a fantastic deal to pop up, and when I saw this Fujifilm X-A3 available for only US$115 I just couldn't say no to it! Then I got a 25mm f1.8 lens for it for only US$34
  15. This is super super low priced from China: And someone else had good success with it, myself? Not so much... haven't got it to work yet. :-/ 😞 Maybe I should give it another go and see if I can make it happen. If you're a close follower of the discussions over on reduser then you might have notice a bit of a scandal with Teradeck vs the competition recently and them getting shut down. Certainly there is a case which could be made and argued that in the USA at least then Teradeck's legal strangehold with early patents has lead to the the community being held back from being able to have the best wireless video possible. But just in the last year or so the tide seems to be turning, with many new entrants popping up. Yup, Vaxis seems to be the top competitor I hear mentioned the most often as well.
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