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  1. Zoom F3 is the smallest, however it has a somewhat awkward implementation of timecode and is restricted by the fact it does only 32bit (no 24bit option). Personally I'd go with either a MixPre3 or a Zoom F6 if I was trying to go for the setup with the most minimalistic weight.
  2. Deity Theos is the only digital wireless at the prosumer level I'd even touch with a 15ft boom pole, as they're quite good indeed for their price. All other prosumer digital wireless you should quickly run away screaming from rather than use it, as the likes of even old Lectro 200 Series would be 100x preferable.
  3. This is truly amazing what you've coded! You're making me very badly tempted now to buy a 788T just for the hell of it to try this out, especially as they're so cheap these days.
  4. Thanks Karl! Good to know Mode 200 makes things work fine. (and assuming it won't matter if they're either actual Lectro 200 Series or Digital Hybrids emulating it with Mode 200) As I believe however if I was to mix and match Digital Hybrid 606 with Digital Hybrid Block 24 there are some issues with how they each work? (EU vs USA)
  5. Curious question, can Digital Hybrid Block606 transmitters/receivers in Mode 200 be mixed in freely with Lectro 200 Series Block 24 transmitters/receivers? (assuming both are set to the same frequency)
  6. The 8030 is being shown at NAB at the moment: https://www.newsshooter.com/2024/04/13/sennheiser-mkh-8030-figure-8-condenser-microphone/
  7. When it comes to the production sound dept, there is no contest whatsoever between F6 vs H6 Essentials, it's not even a vaguely close contest between them whatsoever. The Zoom F6 is vastly preferable, not just for the better preamps but also the vastly better ergonomics in many ways. The whole debate about 32bit (or 196KHz) is utterly irrelevant for our line of work. I'd even rather get the original first ever Zoom F8 secondhand than have a Zoom F6. As it's just a vastly better laid out machine. (although the gap between the F8 and F6 isn't quite as vast as the gulf between the F6 & H6 Essentials!!) You should have a look for a secondhand Zoom F8, many great bargains can be found. And you might find it coming with some bonus extras, such as a mixer bag, or an external battery, or such.
  8. Another German invasion of France! ARRI takes over Aaton
  9. Aaton I could imagine being part of the vision of world domination?? Imagine a world where the metadata on the sound recorders and the cameras get shared automatically! So you're always on the same scene/setup/take. (heck, even get the focal length too being recorded to both the sound recorder and the camera! And all the other data)
  10. https://www.societe.com/societe/aaton-digital-794022384.html I think it might be all tied up legal in the french courts such as that there isn't even any IP to be bought out by someone else if they wanted to? It's just.... "gone"?
  11. Maybe they can swoop in to buy it for €1 from the French Govt? That's a good point, they might be interested. Buying it for the brand name? And maybe the recorder software could be kept for the next iteration to be used.
  12. Atomos recently had their founder return back as CEO, seems they're keen to get charging ahead again. And they're already dabbling in timecode with their TCS Ltd purchase. Maybe Aaton would be a natural acquisition for Atomos??
  13. Exactly, a slightly beefed up F8n with four pairs of AES inputs, and a new Zoom F Control that allows you to gang up two of the Control Surfaces at once (for 16 channel mixing) would be fantastic. Sounds like a new Zoom F4n with an optional "Zoom SL2" accessory on the front. (so sad there was never a F4n released, as the F4 was fairly close to perfect as a basic lightweight recorder for simpler gigs)
  14. The team from Sound Devices were on very good terms with Shure, and Shure was a massive and thriving company. Usually the earliest years are the toughest for any new company, but Sound Devices was designing and manufacturing new products for Shure (such as the Shure FP22 and Shure FP23). Am sure having those contracts were very helpful indeed for Sound Devices in getting their business up off the ground and getting in the door some critical cashflow! If the Aaton engineers were to start up a new company however, not only would they need to a huge amount of capital to get started with, but they'd also have to work unpaid for well over a year or more until they could get designed and out the door their first new recorder. It's a long time to go without any income. If they were mad keen enough to give this a go, they'd probably be best first of all focusing on making accessories / add ons perhaps? That can be designed and pushed out the door relatively quickly, so that they can get some quick results up on the board. Darn, just discovered the Tascam DR701D is no longer being sold. (was one of Tascam's other TC recorders) Tascam DR680 mk1 & mk2 (no TC, but a six channel recorder, friendly for bag usage) and Tascam HD-P2 (two channel TC recorder) are two others that Tascam no longer makes. (I started out with a Sound Devices 552 / Tascam DR680mk1 combo as my bag) A pity, as they were quite good lower priced products, and would be nice to see what a modern updated 2024 version of them would be. Especially what a modern HS-P82 would be like! Tascam DR70D & DR60Dmk2 still are being sold though, and are arguably a better choice from a bag ergonomics perspective than the Tascam Portacaputure X8, and those two Tascams are what I normally recommend to indie/student/hobbyist/amateur filmmakers looking for a "no budget" option. Or it could be a proper true replacement to the Sound Device 970 that is no longer made? That is perhaps the biggest gap in the market right now, a super high track count recorder that can do 64 tracks at once (or maybe even 128 tracks??).
  15. Just to be crystal clear: I'm a big fan of the Zoom F Series. (even though my primary daily machine these days is an 833, I do also have a F4 & F8n) But I can't deny that for other people than myself, then Zoom has a brand perception problem.
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