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  1. Unfortunately as this thread shows, sticking to Sound Devices branded cards (cards? "Card" singular... they've only got one SD card type available) isn't a fail safe approach to a trouble free existence. This is one of the reasons I'm glad the 833 has an internal SSD (as well as 2x SDs), so at least you've always got that to rely upon.
  2. SanDisk gets mentioned a lot, is what I use too, is what many camera guys use too when they need high performance cards (such as in the BMPCC etc) as SanDisk is one of the best respected media brands. (not just my SD cards, but my CF and SSDs are SanDisk as well!) Go for one of their Extreme or Extreme Pro cards.
  3. This. Important information being left out here, what frequency is the Sony set to? If they're in the same block as yours then I would suggest you ditch and get production to rent something better for you. Because it is desensitizing your receivers.
  4. A video of my rather ridiculous rig I was using to film for my YouTube channel "Sound Speed!" at the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 last week:
  5. Note that there are three different Pockets, double check which one you're working with: OG BMPCC BMPCC4K BMPCC6K
  6. Niiiice! Make sure you're using the right cable to do line level into the UM400 (it is a different wiring for mic and line level) from the MM1
  7. If Sound gear gets you this excited then perhaps it is time to change departments and do sound full time 😉
  8. IronFilm

    New SD 833

    Good to hear! Am keeping an eye on the Webpage to find out what the real specs are 😉
  9. I'm David Peterson! :-) But I picked "IronFilm" as the name for my "company" back in my film school days (or just after? I forget) as it seemed logical at the time because I am/was a very passionate Ironman Triathlete! (I still cycle a lot and lot, mega amounts) Putting up yet more videos from the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 Trade Expo! And many more to come. (sorry about the bad audio quality.... was a very very noisy location! And in hindsight I went way way overboard with the DNS-2 NR, you live and learn! Never had used Cedar in such an awful location before, now I know to not be so heavy handed with it in this particular circumstance)
  10. I was imagining you would hand over the 24bit recordings each day (while they remain the normal standard which is expected) and you archive for yourself the 32bit folder for yourself, which is there for an emergency if something got accidentally screwed up with the 24bits. (or you might just go straight to the 32bit folder at the end of the day if you know there have been a few rough scenes that day which left the 24bit versions beaten up) 110% agreed! Although I remember I had to be very specific about which SD cards I could use with my BMPCC (but these were third party ones, and common public knowledge known by everyone: the Extreme Pro cards!). However, if I was recording ProRes (which is still many times higher data requirements than audio recording needs!) I could use all sorts of cards, heaps and heaps of cards from many different brands could work just fine in ProRes. Yes, that is what I was thinking. 32bits for ourselves, 24bits for handing over initially. Although one day 32bits will become the normal standard (because why not? Only an upside to it, and the extra data costs are almost trivial). So it is good to think to the future with the recorders we buy, however I expect the day "32bit becomes standard" is further off than the lifespan of most of these recorders. But for the next generation after of these recorders? Yes, I reckon it is will have become a worthwhile consideration to have! (and by a generation or two after them then it might have finally become "essential").
  11. IronFilm

    New SD 833

    Scorpio: Idle Current Draw: 875 mA @ 12 V (10.5 W) 833: Idle Current Draw: 1A @ 12V (12W) Why does the 833 consume more power??
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