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  1. Probably, if they're like the two earlier Tentacle models, you can charge them and use them at the same time.
  2. That's a great idea, especially as you're located in the Dominican Republic (sunny!). https://ktekpro.com/product/ksh1-stingray-audio-sunhat/ Ask K-Tek if they can do a small run of their hats for you with your Rental House branding on it as well as K-Tek's?
  3. It hasn't been too bad with recent camera releases, for example lately we've got these which are not BNC: ARRI Mini LF (boo!! Inventing yet another new input type for audio 😕 ), RED Ranger/Komodo, and Kinefinity Mavo/Terra series. They're all using Lemo in some form or another. But Sony VENICE/FX9/FX6, Canon C500/C300mk2/C70, Panasonic S1H/GH5S (these use BNC via the OEM supplied cable), Z Cam E2 series (has OEM adapter to BNC, but perhaps shouldn't be included in this list... ), & Blackmagic URSA series all are BNC for timecode. Plus there is the Blackmagic Pocket 4K & 6K which
  4. Yesterday the new Sony FX6 got announced (which I bet will end up becoming the #1 camera choice for many folks, replacing the dominant #1 market share position that the FS7 has had for years. As like the FS7 before it, this new FX6 hits the sweet spot for a lot of features at a very good price). Of course a lot of discussion online is comparing the Sony FX6 with the cheaper Sony a7Smk3, but one comment in particular stood out to me just now: "this camera will most likely get Netflix certified whereas the A7sIII probably never will." Which instantly made my mind go *click*!
  5. I think a director can spend so long with their film, from the start with the script, through the weeks/months shooting of it, then the many many hours in the editing room, that they end up totally losing the big picture perspective of it. And they no longer can see it "fresh" like someone who hears it for the first time without any prior knowledge. One of the many downsides to this, is that the director knows every syllable of dialogue inside and out, better than anybody else on the planet. Thus if there are issues in audibility with the dialogue, the director might gloss over th
  6. Max & use your SRc in ratio mode too, if it is with only the HMa transmitter.
  7. In a pinch the 833 can do 10 ISOs if you must (by recording ISOs 9&10 as a couple of the Buses, but of course you can't really include those in the mix with easy though). https://youtu.be/XbMgdz_a1fs
  8. They're far from a monopoly with the way AMD is viciously attacking them.
  9. Why would you say that? I just various negatives for the RodeLink: bulky size, lower mW, poor ergo
  10. Make sure you've updated it to the latest firmware first.
  11. Think because it is only targeted at usage with reporters’ stick mics. Sadly the Zoom F1 is another miniature recorder option which also lacks phantom power.
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