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  1. Yup, might be a while until other European countries, let alone American and down under etc get shipments. ( @sciproductions does Australia even have a Wisycom distributor?? Edit: ah, I see in 17 July 2019 Wisycom got an Australian distributor, Raycom again! http://www.raycom.com.au/ )
  2. Count again, the SL-2 (once quad Superslot RXs hit the market) can do 8 channels 😉 Plus it isn't all about sheer maximum numbers, I'm sure for many people an 833 with SL-2 and 2x A10 / SRb / whatever is a 4 channel package which can handle most of their work. I'd much rather carry an 833/SL-2 than a 688/SL-6 for most of what I do! And that is what I'll do until a quad Superslot receiver is released. Which then I'll get, to allow the SL-2 to grow out into higher capacity work.
  3. It is pretty widely known Wisycom is bringing out a quad channel Superslot receiver, just hasn't been officially announced yet. But it will be in 2020, this is the year. And if you read Sound Devices' FAQ, they mention how the SL-2 supports quad channel but the SL-6 didn't (even though it has been supported in the design specs for Superslot since day one).
  4. You can use the SL-6 with Scorpio, not too sure if you can with the other 8 Series? The SL-2 form factor is better if an 833 is your main machine, SL-2 supports quad channel which SL-6 does not, which in a few more day's time we'll find out why that is a very handy feature to have...
  5. You could remove the dangly parts of the zippers, and replace them with little knotted ropes/string threaded through the zippers.
  6. What is that black box on the bottom right hand corner? My immediate first guess was a Sound Devices MM1 for the boom op, being feed wirelessly back to you. But then I realised that doesn't look quite right for that... maybe it is a Sound Devices HX-3?? (but doesn't quite quite look right for that either, but is my best guess. Edit: ah ha! It is the Superlux HA3D! As the Superlux has the black end for the battery compartment, vs the silver colored end on the Sound Devices HX-3. How do you like the HA3D? I've considered it a few times myself)
  7. Superslot has been around for a few years, quite a few brands and products are supporting it. Is the nearest thing to "a standard" that we have. Only Aaton and Sound Devices are supporting it with their recorders. (hopefully more brands will join? Although obviously I don't think Zaxcom ever will) Missing Sony? As I'm fairly certain their new Sony DWR-S03D supports SuperSlot. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1508647-REG/sony_dwr_s03d_slot_in_digital_wireless_receiver.html Has it!! Paul Issacs confirmed it. Also can power your antenna: Or drop in a quad channel receiver into the SL-2 for when you need more wireless 😉 Now if only a company would make a quad channel SuperSlot recevier! As the SL-2 supports it.
  8. http://www.sounddevices.com/sl-2-faq/ I know what Santa will be bringing me for Christmas! Fascinating read of the FAQ, is Audio Ltd going to be bringing out a four channel SuperSlot receiver? That would really bring the fight to the Zaxcom Nova as an alternative to Nova with the Zaxcom MRX414 Wish it was stackable (such as with the existing AES accessory) but at least giving four extra channels of AES digital inputs was smart! (If a "SL-4" arrives that *is* stackable, could a SL-2 be put on top of it as the last addition?) Further unknowns: any hints at its price? And hints at its weight?
  9. Yup, I personally feel it is the best at the "no budget" level. However........ I'd say you're screwed! Waaay too low that budget is, too low even for the "no budget" grade. Can't buy new any semi halfway kinda ish decent shotguns at that price. Go for secondhand NTG2, as I'd say secondhand is your only way to stick within your budget. And it seems you already like or at least are "ok with" a NTG2. So go for it! There are a few on eBay within your budget of $150/each Look also for the NTG1, which is identical (but without the internal powering) and at a little bit cheaper price. @Mobilemike how is the noise floor of the Little Gem? (& how is off axis?)
  10. IronFilm

    Deity HD-TX

    It was a better choice than alternative choices of "4K-TX" or even "8K-TX"! 😉 Maybe they'll be next year's models? Anyway, I see nothing wrong with having "HD" in a model name? Heck, doesn't Zaxcom have an "HD" somewhere themselves? The ZHD
  11. That sounds like magic! Just curious, now that a fair few years have passed by, and Dante has firmly established itself as a standard for the sound department on film sets as well, is a Venue 3 with Dante coming?
  12. If you can still run a little bit of cable to get receivers closer that is beneficial, if for instance a 30m wireless distance can be turned into a 20m cable run + 10m wireless, then your results would be much better. I wonder if the wireless video systems that FPV drone racers use would be a smart idea? As like us, they don't care about perfect picture quality but range and robustness is instead their highest priority (oh, and small size and battery powered!).
  13. The fact they likely did this just with footage ripped from Netflix just makes this even MORE impressive, as they're missing access to the very large data set ILM was able to draw upon. (as it was filmed with multiple cameras all at once, which was meant to help improve the quality of the CGI in post)
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