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  1. What new wireless?? You mean the Lectrosonics DSR4/DSR?? That's not really a new line of wireless though is it? It's just the usual current gen Lectrosonics Digital (and keeping backwards compatibility too with their Digital Hybrids).
  2. That has now been officially announced: https://www.newsshooter.com/2023/09/16/deity-announced-the-dltx-3-pin-lemo-transmitter-butterfly-antenna-at-ibc-2023/ "The DLTX is primarily designed for microphones that require 48-volt phantom power through the 3-pin Lemo connector. This is great for attaching to a boom pole, as most shotgun microphones require phantom power. The DLTX 3 is fully compatible with the new THEOS wireless system."
  3. https://www.newsshooter.com/2023/09/15/sennheiser-previews-mkh-8030-figure-of-eight-rf-condenser-microphone/
  4. https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/lithium-discovery-in-us-volcano-could-be-biggest-deposit-ever-found/4018032.article
  5. Yup, often meaning gets attached to a word after it becomes somewhat popular. That has nothing to do with its original origins! A classic example from our field is "MOS", people have been making up so many different meanings for what "MOS" is, that we've totally lost track of what it really stood for. But imagine if in a few decades time, one of them catches hold and becomes the dominant meaning of "MOS", we might all believe that's the true original meaning of "MOS"! Even though that's false.
  6. Yup, that's what I'm meaning when I mentioned I'm a millennial, certainly far too young for growing up in that time period, but I'm also a fair bit older than the younger generations coming into the work force. I'm more or less "in the middle". Thus I'd guess the majority (everyone around about my age, plus everyone younger) wouldn't have it cross their mind there is anything wrong with that language.
  7. Sennheiser G4 wireless (which are not that different at all to G3, not an upgrade at all I'd say. And even G3 is not much different to the G2 in the grand scheme of things) is cheap prosumer wireless, not in even close to the same category as Lectrosonics or Sound Devices Wireless. Also, you should be considering as well the pro wireless from Shure Axient Digital, Sony DWX Digital Wireless, Wiyscom, and Zaxcom. As they're all top notch too, and worth checking out. I personally am using Sony DWX for my booms, with Lectrosonics Digital Hybrids for my talent bodypacks. But if I wasn't using them, I'd probably be going with Shure Axient Digital (at least for my booms, I might go with Wisycom instead for the talent bodypacks).
  8. I'm not that young, or that old either (am a millennial), but I initially was reading this thread thinking to myself "what the hell is wrong with saying money-shot??" And until I got to the point you said "adult films" it didn't click (and even, I'll admit, it took an extra second until it did). Sure, I "know" what "the money-shot" means, where the original meaning comes from and even why. But you'd have to specifically prod my memory or ask me before I'd remember the meaning. Just overhearing it in casual conversation? Nope, nope, would never occur to me as "wrong" or give me any dodgy mental imagery at all. Unless the person makes it dodgy. I'd just classify it these days the same as any of a million billion other phrases which could have some innuendo to it, you don't really ever see anything wrong with it unless you're trying to (or it is pointed out to you), then it's quite obvious! But otherwise it's easy to be blissfully innocently unware of it.
  9. You're wanting take the RF outputs from the SL2 into 2x receivers? (note: you've got inputting/outputting back to front) Using a passive splitter (such as from Mini-Circuits), you'll get a drop in signal strength due to splitting it up, but it should probably be workable and not too bad. (feeding it to 3x RX though? I'd probably rather not do that, and would definitely not do it for 4x RX! You want then an active RF distro)
  10. Yes, that's another option, getting the Lectrosonics SR-AES3 and/or the AJA ADA4. But the SRAES3 is a little bit pricey, it is however very compact and elegant to use! So use the Lectro SRAES3 if you only need to squeeze in a couple more channels, but the ADA4 with it as well if you need 6x more channels. That way the SRAES3 + ADA4 + the 10x analog inputs on the 888 itself, will give you a maxed out total of 16x ISO channels you can record!
  11. If only the Tascam AE-4D was smaller! 1/2 RU size is just a tad too big for me to use two of them in a bag
  12. What receivers are you using currently? You can get it easily secondhand, and save a fair amount. Both of my ADA4 units are from eBay
  13. How often do you need extra channels? The Sound Devices XL-AES is dirt cheap, it's what I use to get up to another extra 8 channels via AES. Especially if you already have AES outputs from your receivers. (but if not, an affordable/compact way I use is the AJA ADA4) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1417858-REG/audinate_adp_dai_au_2x0_2_channel_dante_avio_analog.html Yup, that's a good way for two more channels! But also, OP refers to 8x channels, if they need just two more channels, then they could use the 3.5mm return on the 888. Then the Audinate if they need another 2x more, plus the XL-AES to gain 8x, and you're at 20 channels! Already gone far past the 16 channels max of the 888. (18x channels if you are recording 2x bus tracks)
  14. Has anybody noticed an issue with digital vs analog wireless when using the MKH50? (when the transmitter is mounted at the end of the boom pole)
  15. As a barely native English speaker myself (as you noted last night, sometimes my grasp of English is a little tenuous!) then yes, it sounds like slippery wordplay to me. (although, I'd say the sentence is leaning hard into not the meaning of "superior" but rather "reliability vs range") I thought so too! Just ordered the ID.TF2X a few days ago: https://iddqd.dk/shop/vare/id-tf2x-multi-channel-extension-controller-for-833-888-scorpio/ Looking forward to it arriving soon. (would've been very useful last week for the film I was on!)
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