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  1. IronFilm

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    Wow, he is good at that. And those tilts when he stops give an interesting "spin" on it as well! ha
  2. IronFilm

    Lectro SMV "L"

    Wow, it seems like there is no limit to government bureaucracy insanity. Sorry to hear about your troubles.
  3. IronFilm

    Fellow Sound mixer.. hard to watch

    The f*cked up thing is the criminal only had a pellet gun (basically almost non-lethal), and the sound mixer was instead shot and killed by the police, even though he was following every instruction from the police and standing where they told him to be.
  4. IronFilm

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    What is the benefits of this one over the original INV-7? (which I have myself) What matters far far far more than the differences between them, is the position of the mics themselves and the person using them.
  5. IronFilm

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    You could always get a different camera shock mount. Or wrap a few layers of tape around the base of a mic to make it thicker for mounting with. Easily solved.
  6. IronFilm

    Movie Slate 8

    Waiiiiit.... whaaattt, why was :Wave discontinued?
  7. IronFilm

    Zoom F8n.

  8. IronFilm

    "Sound Speeds" vlog

    I enjoyed being part of making it! My family is also from the same general region we filmed in, and my Uncle and Father were also into motorsports in a big way too.
  9. IronFilm

    Plug on choosing issue

    You don't have to buy any Lectrosonics transmitter with a receiver as well at the same time.
  10. IronFilm

    "Sound Speeds" vlog

    I never seem to share anything I've worked on which I did the sound for, so for a change, here is something I just got notified about. A doco about Speedway Racing:
  11. IronFilm

    Frames for sound cart

    I love how you've got locks on the drawers! Handy to keep all those little pieces secure if you pop away for lunch break, or if you van gets broken into, etc
  12. IronFilm

    DIY sma antenna

    Ohhhh.... that is a good tip, especially as I'm needing some tomorrow for my bicycle anyway! You made this yourself? Do you have a pic to share?
  13. IronFilm

    Plug on choosing issue

    Your boom is the most important audio of all. Why compromise? But if you are going to compromise and use wireless, at least limit just how far you're compromising! Don't settle for less than a Lectrosonics UH200, they're dirt cheap on eBay after all. Even a Lectrosonics UH400 or Lectrosonics HM are reasonably affordable, and should be considered. Personally I am going a step further, and my boom op is using a Sound Devices MP-1 they're wearing on their hip (using the Orca waist harness, he finds it quite comfortable).
  14. IronFilm

    Plug on choosing issue

    A very big downgrade. Don't do that.