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  1. If our equipment also requires a truck/van then surely it is reasonable we too should get portal to portal?
  2. I know that a Chinese Production shooting a feature film here in Auckland at the moment just went and purchased a new sound cart to be sent to here in NZ rather than shipping one over from China! :-o Bit odd I thought, but yeah, probably worth looking into, if you're traveling a long distance then perhaps renting/buying one closer to the shoot itself might be a "better" path to take than bringing your own from home.
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you at all :-) Of course I agree. Just am reinforcing the point and helping the OP out.
  4. Yes, you need to set your gain staging right otherwise you'll be bringing up the equipment's noise floor when you normalize (or at the other end, you'll be hitting the limited too hard. You need to be in between those two extremes)
  5. Been years since I last used a G3/H5, not a kit I'd use myself today, but the core of you question is: Would reducing gain then reduce the background noise? Technically yes. But does this do absolutely anything practically useful? NOPE! Because it would also pull down the gain of the dialogue as well. What you really care about is the Signal/Noise ratio ("noise" here including noise such as the background noise which you don't want"). And turning up or down that gain does absolutely nothing in changing that S/N ratio, that remains the same. (except at the extreme ends of too much or too little gain, when the S/N ratio gets worse once normalized).
  6. If you really have no control over location or timing (as you need to work around other people's work schedules) then I'd have a careful thought about your framing, as that can at least physiologically make a difference. (as if you can see the source of the noise then it tends to be somewhat less obnoxious than if it is just some mysterious unknown source) Depends on what is appropriate for your video though, if for your SaaS product to see a busy office background? For example of this at work of "seeing the noise source vs not seeing it": imagine filming a builder with an empty lot behind him vs him turning around to face the opposite direction and instead having the busy construction site behind him? Both videos may have the same amount of background noise in the video (well, perhaps not... as the body blocking one side of the lav could help the 2nd video be better), but the first video will "feel worse" than the 2nd video where you can see the context of where the background noise is coming from because you can see the background construction in the video itself. So in short, a good rough rule of thumb to keep in mind is: "if you can't kill a noise source, then include it in the frame". (so at least there is context)
  7. In the sense it is a box with knobs on it and XLR in/out? That is a very generic similarity. I can see tonnes of differences in the details, for instance with powering: 4x AAA + Hirose is what the Marenius C-148 has (quite different to the MM1!).
  8. My first recommendation is find a better location! But if that isn't possible (really?), then how about a better time? Maybe instead of recording during the middle of a busy working day, then could you instead record the video during the weekend when it is quiet?
  9. How small is "small"? There is the Sound Devices MM1 (and the older/cheaper MP1).
  10. https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/567530-sanken-cms-50-compact-stereo-condenser-shotgun-microphone-with-mid-and-side-component-output I had to look that up to check! Maybe they've got a mistake on their website
  11. Nobody (outside Zoom / some testers / etc) owns a Zoom F6, thus there are no comparisons out there. However, from memory I do believe they're the same as in the F8n/F8/F4. Which are already very good for what they are, nobody could in a blind test tell the difference vs recent releases from say for instance Sound Devices such as the MixPre6/10T
  12. I would've been keen!
  13. With TC boxes being so dirt cheap to rent, it seems penny wise and pound foolish to go to that extra hassle/stress/distraction of not using them.
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