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  1. Oh yes, that's a cool way to think of a MixPre/QuadRX combo! "MiniNova" I've got the "MicroMiniNova" that many of us have: MixPre3 + Lectro SR That would have been my 2nd Runner Up choice for my list! Love mine too.
  2. 1st Place: Cedar DNS-2! Runner Up: Sound Devices 833
  3. Use a MicPre3 (or a MixPre6) from Sound Devices, I recommend the Gen2 so you can do 32bit as they'll be unattended. Send out the HDMI from the GH5 to the MixPre, this will trigger the recording on the MixPre every time the GH5 starts! And the timecode on both will exactly match. Double win! Then use some good robust workhorse mics, such as: the classic Sennheiser 416, or the Rode NTG3 clone, or if on a tight budget the cheapie Deity S Mic 2.
  4. Here in New Zealand (and we're doing the best out of most places in the world! No deaths yet, and up until earlier this week our number of cases was in the single digits, but just now creeped up into to the double digits :-/ ) we've had Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and many many other shoots either delayed / paused / or outright cancelled. A friend who's a fellow local sound mixer just last week lost out on three whole months of work because the BBC won't allow any more traveling so the other crew/cast can't come to NZ 😞 Of course now it is not just the BBC, but any other productions who were even thinking of coming to NZ now can't! As today we closed our borders to anybody who isn't a citizen. It's going to be a rough winter for us.
  5. There are a few different models of teradecks, are these all identical models? Or perhaps certain models cause problems and others don't? Can you speak to the camera rental house to see if they can swap out the troublesome teradecks with others they've got in stock to see if you've got any luck? 110% should be trying this out first though!
  6. Definitely a new IFB I believe for sure. But I dream of this!
  7. Check also the cables running from the camera to the teradeck transmitter Just turn one teradeck/camera on at a time, go step by step through all of them until a problem pops up. You won't to only change one variable at a time. (or at least, as few variables as possible)
  8. It is important to "flatten the curve" so that our whole healthcare system doesn't completely collapse like it has already in other countries such as Italy. Is why today our PM announced our borders are effectively closed. (well, technically they're not closed closed. But anybody arriving in New Zealand has to be in self isolation for two whole weeks! Who on earth would want to travel to NZ to spend their first two weeks stuck in a hotel room??) This itinerary is even funnier if you know New Zealand (such as Day 11 being eggs for breakfast after watching Once Were Warriors the night before): My conspiracy theory... Netflix was under pressure from new streaming platforms. How to build subscriber numbers? Coronavirus and enforced self isolation across the globe... well played Netflix. We'll all be screen zombies at home for weeks on end. Couldn't they carry on but limit attendance to 400 people? (yes, it would suck having the much lower ticket income vs a full house of 2000 although in the current environment I doubt anywhere is selling out, but surely something is better than nothing? And having 400 people spread out thinly across 2000 seats would help with the whole "social distancing" thing we should be doing) Bet we'll still be feeling the effects in 2021 :-/ Just like with the GFC, this will have far reaching implications.
  9. You might just want to stick with line level? You're less likely to screw that up as you understand it already, and less likely to wonder what on earth is going wrong next time you try working with a camera without AES and you haven't switched it back to normal on your 833
  10. Is it a digital mic? Which mic exactly is this? (honestly I can't even think of a reporter's stick mic which is digital!) You're not going to hear it on your AES inputs if you're not feeding it right.
  11. I don't think I've read anywhere concerns about being sued? (is there even case law for this?? Am somewhat doubtful, but then again america has a crazy legal system) Would imagine their concern is about sending a team over to NAB, one gets sick and brings it back home which makes their entire company sick and needing to shut down completely for a month! That would be disastrous for them.
  12. Deity mentioned today that they (and their EU/USA staff) will be at NAB this year
  13. That link is now dead, couldn't find it by searching on Super Circuits, any other links to it now?
  14. The 3D printer world moves fast! After a couple of years it would be good to see an update of what's new? Nifty! Could you please share the file?
  15. Yeah, when someone in casual speech says "has a limiter" they don't usually mean post fader and operating purely in the digital domain (as once it has clipped, it has clipped). Imagine if all the limiters on anything (be it a 788T / Scorpio / F8n / 888 / 633 / or whatever) worked identical to the so called "limiters" on channels 4/5/6 of a 633! And the manufacturer tried to claim it has great "limiters"? The outrage! And that is what I was attempting to express, perhaps not too well though. But sure, if someone wants to get all word lawyerly and argue the pedantics, then yes, technically the 633 has "limiters" (with air quotes) for all the inputs as per the manual. I knew that already before this thread started.
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