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  1. You're just renting in two more SRc to supplement the two SRc you already have, just for the day for this one scene? Yeah, don't bother with an RF Distro, especially as all the talent will be close by to you it sounds like. (just do sensible scanning and frequency coordination beforehand) Only if you were buying the extra two SRc then would I suggest you should be considering more seriously getting an RF Distro, as you'll be having an using your four SRc many times more during the future years to come. But if it is just a one off event for the day? Keep it simple. What block are your receivers on vs your camera hop TX? Keep those blocks as far apart as possible, and keep the TX physically as far away as possible too.
  2. Sony recently published on their youtube channel an interview with a Production Sound Mixer, Christopher Strollo:
  3. You've already got +dB thanks to the antennas you're using.
  4. Can you do a scan with RF Explorer? To see what else there might be out there that maybe your receivers are not seeing. Do scans in other parts of the set too, other than right next to your cart. What are you settings in FreqFinder? Perhaps it got accidentally set too loose. That is kinda short, I'd want another couple of feet at least? So we can get the antennas above people's heads if we want to. Honestly you shouldn't have to have this setup with 1dB, I might in your shoes even run it at slightly negative dB. Couldn't you get two sharfins? Or do you need one to be omni? Are the hits matching up when walkie talkies are keying on the A band receiver and not the C band receiver? (it might be, is my possible guess) If so, swap out the SRc A1 for a SRc C1, then you can also run a tighter filter before your receivers. If you can't swap out the SRc, at least use the top end of the A1, not at the lower end of A1. (if you think the issues are coming from the walkie talkies)
  5. This was not really an option back when this thread was started in 2010, but seeing as it was freshly bumped up, I thought I'd mention it now: If I was in a scenario where I knew I'd need 100ft of cabling, then I'd probably just use DANTE to remote my receivers much closer to set. (as I use 2x Venue1 or a Lectro Octopack, then I'd need a converter to DANTE, such as a Ferrofish PULSE16 DX. Then either upgrade my Sound Devices 833 to an 888, or get myself another to be converted back to analogue at the recorder end) Then I just need a simple CAT cable to run it back to me. And I could easily go double, or even triple, the distance. So plenty of margin of safety to go further than 100ft if the situation called for it. Remoting antennas might still be the better approach for many other people, but worth consider the DANTE approach as well.
  6. Lectrosonics as well offers a few products using frequencies within the 900MHz band. (probably some other brands too, I think maybe Audio Ltd & Wisycom? )
  7. So what you want, is for Lectrosonics to stop caring about backwards compatibility?? I love that I can mix and match my Lectro C1 gear with my Lectro blk24/25/26 equipment. This is a strength of Lectrosonics, not a weakness. Just read the manuals (I'm not even an A1 user, and even I still knew about 470/19 overlapping), learn your gear, and understand it. All the info was right there in front of you on the display for you to immediately realize what was going on. This isn't Lectrosonics fault at all. Yup, I've done that too if I feel a gremlin is at work, and we've got to go immediately with no time to get to the bottom of it. I'll just tell the Boom Op to focus on that one actor and ignore all others just for that one take, so that we're 100% confident we still get all of their lines. Another super quick solution is just grabbing a spare transmitter you've got ready to go, and swap it out for the dodgy one. No need to rerig the entire lav setup. That's very fast, won't hold you up for 10 minutes.
  8. I'd go for the 633 you've already got instead. The advantages of the MixPre10 are: Easier to get (and cheaper) control surfaces. (doesn't matter to you) More channels. (doesn't matter to you) More preamps. (hmm... kinda useful, but presuming you're getting professional grade wireless with line level outputs, then this isn't so important. Even just one each of a Lectro SR & UCR211 would be "good enough" -ish , and get you by in a lightweight/compact-ish package. And if your other wireless are prosumer/consumer grade, such as G3 wireless, then your set up would be: Boom Ch1, 1st G3 Ch2, 2nd G3 Ch3, Lectro SR Ch4 & Ch5, UCR211 Ch6. That way you're making full use of your preamps, and using your wireless with line level outputs for the second half of your inputs)
  9. Or even mounting it say half way along the pole could still give a very interesting perspective, while not being nearly as much weight as putting the camera on the most extreme end of the pole itself.
  10. Over four years later, and I finally got this week a CSM1 of my own!
  11. You use the AJA box too? I do wonder if there is a better option out there which is suitable. I doubt I'll ever use wireless with AES out directly. As once I get the Lectrosonics DSR4, and a Shure receiver, with the Sound Devices SL2 & +4 plugin, then that will give me 12 channels in total. (counting the 8 analogue inputs on the 833 as well) Thus that almost maxes out the 833 anyway, only leaving spare the couple of recordable buses. And if I really want those last two tracks, then I'll just use the AES in on the SL-2 with the AJA box.
  12. The first XLR can be AES 1 & 2 Or if you're using the SL2, that provides four more AES inputs. (so long as you're not maxing out already the 8 channels the SL2 can do with your superslot receivers) Or you can get the XL-AES and get 8 more AES inputs. (which is what I do)
  13. I'd never heard of the Rode NT6, even though it has been out for over a decade and a half. Seems like an interesting option. They've got both a cardioid and a omni capsule for it, a pity they don't have a hypercardioid capsule as well for the Rode NT6.
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