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  1. Great timing, a birthday present! 😉
  2. The LT also has the benefit of being controllable by tweedle tone, but the LMb isn't. From my perspective, that's the key reason to get a LT over a LMb. Do you know about the DCR822? As you're a current user of the UCR411 then that might interest you, it's the same size as the 411 and is Lectrosonic's latest receiver. If you're doing regular drama work, then you will definitely need smaller transmitters than the LT/LMb. Although your thread is focused on Lectrosonics, if you want to consider other wireless then I'd suggest also checking out Wisycom MCR54: https:/
  3. It's not just the audio industry which is struggling, but across the board, all sorts of industries are struggling with parts shortages. For instance the auto industry has got a huge huge headache with shortages of chips: https://www.dw.com/en/computer-chip-shortage-disrupts-global-car-production/a-56224486 https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/chip-shortage-to-plague-auto-industry-for-next-year-autonation-ceo
  4. They do physically exist, I’ve touched them, even used them on shoots. Not sure though why they’re not yet being released widely? But I would’ve imagine it is “soon”.
  5. Another similar/better option to consider is a DPA 4098, you can get it with a microdot connector, which means it’s then easy to adapt to anything else.
  6. When I saw the video titles I wondered if I’d spot anybody I recognized, as locally at least I know lots of people who are/were in the mess community because I’m in it too, and some of them travel overseas for mess events too. But nahhh... only three riders! Bit of a small race eh? Anyway, I’m currently working as a Utility (thus: almost zero gear I bring along to work) on a TV Series, we’ve just reached the half way mark and so far I’ve cycled to set 100% of the time! It is a great way to start off and finish the day. Plus a good way to combat any weight gain from snacking on set!
  7. App control is great too! But that's a little different to simply blowing up to a bigger screen what's already on your recorder's built in monitoring screen. And you could still use both together, a big screen for viewing, and an app in your hand for quick controls. That's fantastic! Seems almost every week I learn something new and cool that the Cantar X3 / Mini can do. (am beginning to understand why people choose them!)
  8. I've always thought an HDMI port on a recorder would be a nifty thing to have. So you can send an exact live copy of what is on the recorder's screen to any size and any type of screen (so long as the other screen has an HDMI input. Of course, an SDI output on the recorder would be even nicer to have!).
  9. On a related point, I think the comparison of the Cantar Mini vs Sound Devices 888 is interesting too? As they're identically priced! (technically the Mini is cheaper) The integration upgrade is also available for the Lectrosonics Octopack as well.
  10. Gotham just put out an email that it's on sale: Pulse 16 DX Dante AD/DA Converter $2099 $1679.20
  11. Which 2.4 GHz system? There is a wiiiiiide range in performance of them!! Deity Connect Wireless would be the best out of them. But I'd suggest, just wait 6 months before buying anything, and then get those Lectros you already have your eye on! Until then: Rent. Or alternatively, settle for older secondhand Lectros so that you can get them now instead of in 6 months time.
  12. I see in the specs that the Bandwidth is 470-700MHz, can you order this in a custom bandwidth? Anybody using these at the moment, and how do they find them?
  13. I guess many people would prefer it the opposite way round (I would!): Short press = working instantly! (well, RF would pop on after three seconds, but I wouldn't need to do anything extra for that to happen) Long press = on but no RF output Of course, wouldn't be a good idea for new products to do this! As everyone would then find this "back to front" (even if they'd ideally prefer it!), after being used to the current way it is for many years.
  14. Mode 6? Curious, I have always used Mode 3. But perhaps I should give Mode 6 a spin:
  15. An SMQV in Mode 3 can also give you that higher transmission power, in a very portable form factor for the bag.
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