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  1. The usual Deity TX can't be paired with more than one RX But IEM mode allows more. I'd imagine it is a bandwidth limitation. Just like how RodeLinks can't have more than 8 pairs in total. And Deity Connects can't have more than four pairs in total?
  2. The price isn't announced yet? Am certain the Zoom H3-VR would still be a cheaper way to getting into dabbling with ambisonics, and I wouldn't surprise me if they're using the same capsules in both.
  3. Going to be working with VENICE. Any updates/gotchas on working with VENICEs since this thread last year? VENICE has had a lot of firmware updates since then, quite significant ones. So the normal Alexa 5 pin XLR cable works just fine?
  4. Could be. The helmet may amplify the sound. Deity sell Microdot adapters at a really good price. https://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/deity-microdot-adapters-for-deity-wlav-microphone-select-variant.html Whatever you pick, make sure it is a few blocks away from your talent wireless. (perhaps consider the new Deity BP-TRX because it is on 2.4GHz? If that works for your needs https://nofilmschool.com/deitys-bp-trx-wireless-audio )
  5. Why not just get a Sound Devices MixPre10 Gen2? (you can use it as a USB interface as well) Leaving plenty of budget left over to put into other more important areas of your studio build. Plus the MixPre10 is portable enough to take out into the field for recordings!
  6. Run an HDMI cable from your GH5 into the MixPre6 and cross your fingers. As the MixPre is meant to support the record trigger flag which comes over HDMI, but doesn't necessarily for all brands of cameras, I think it does for the GH5?
  7. IronFilm

    bag drop

    Sorry, got more questions! Does it pass phantom power through it without problems? Wonder if that was because you're using CAT5 cables? As I just noticed LyxPro says to use CAT6 which has better shielding, worth testing with CAT6 if you're got any lying about to see if that resolves your issue you noticed with tone being sent.
  8. IronFilm

    bag drop

    Thanks, that sounds like good news, except this: This means if I've got Lectro SR/411 receivers, and/or a plant mic being powered with a Sound Devices MP1, I can't be sending it out at line level like you would normally?? :-/ Hmmmm...
  9. Yeah and if the OP ever wants to do ambisonics (is possible, with their interest in SFX / personal library) then the MixPre6mk2 is the way to go (or even, I'd argue the Zoom F8n / F6 is an even better choice for this specifically).
  10. Yes, but my point is that it existed, so is worth checking if it has been fixed before buying it to specifically use at 192 KHz with that pair of Sankens. Have you recorded with an original MixPre @ 192 KHz to see if it does indeed reflect the firmware notes? If so, good to hear it was a software issue that allowed it to be resolved eventually without needing to wait for a hardware update. (as I recall there was pages worth of discussion on other forums about this, including speculation it was a hardware issue that couldn't be fixed) Anyway... the original MixPre3 can't do 192 KHz (so I can't test it out myself with mine), so the OP should either go with the original MixPre6 (which can do 192) or get the newer Gen2 of the MixPre3 or 6 (as all Gen2 recorders can do 192).
  11. IronFilm

    bag drop

    Cheers for sharing your workflow! Been considering something like this for a project later this year I've got which needs remote recording on a couple of other locations simultaneously. https://www.lyxpro.com/products/lyxpro-4-channel-3-pin-xlr-multi-network-breakout-for-stage-recording-studio-xlr-male-and-female-to-rj45-ethercon That's a very affordable price! Any negatives to this? No impact on audio quality?? Would like to be able to send one or two channels of audio back up that same CAT cable, if you know of any easy/affordable solutions here. Interestingly, in the Amazon Q&A they say: "The boxes are passive so they will work in either direction. Male XLR to Male XLR should work great. " Sounds like it should work in reverse! Could you give it a try for us to send audio in both directions at once?
  12. Zaxcom Nova w/MRX414 isn't exactly congruent with "dabbling". 1) you've got to 100% check in with your usual Sound Mixers that this is ok with them. And to make sure that you're buying comteks compatible with their existing gear. 2) what if in the future you're working with some different mixers, who use something else such as Sennheiser IEMs or Lectrosonics IFBs? You've just wasted that money on those comteks. Sounds like the ultra compact and lightweight MixPre3 II is going to be a good choice for you! Perfect for going off the grid when carrying your own pack too. However..... if you're planning on on using it with those Sankens specifically for 192 KHz recordings, I'd make sure you deeply research into if that is a sensible pairing, as I remember initially the MixPre series had a number of notable flaws, one of which was 192KHz recordings for sound effects. Can't remember the details (TapersSection/Gearslutz discussed this a lot though), but something about a noise issue? (plus the original MixPre3 couldn't even do 192 KHz, so make sure you get the Gen2 anyway) I assume this has been fixed in the Gen2 update to the MixPre series, but I'd be double checking before spending money on them and a pair of Sankens. A lot of people buy into that philosophy, but honestly I feel that's not the case. Nothing is static, nothing stops moving, especially not in 2020. Even if you splurge out and buy top notch gear as of right now 23/06/2020, and then some time further down the road (be it 3, or 5, or 10yrs later) you "see the light" and realize your true calling is not to be a director but in the sound department! I can guarantee there will be shinny new that's come out since then you'll lust over and you'll want to get. It never stops! Thus I recommend instead instead you get gear which is fantastic "bang for buck", suits you right now, and leaves you still with some room to grow. (and a new MixPre Gen2, Zoom F Series, or secondhand 633/644/788/Nomad/Maxx would all meet generously these Three Criteria and more)
  13. Go for the MixPre-3 II instead, as it is much cheaper, and much lighter. (the Zoom F series is worth a look as well) And any time you're doing more than 3 channels, you should definitely be hiring a sound department for your film. (as you say you usually do) If you're giving a feed to clients and a director, then you should definitely be hiring a professional rather than just buying gear without a clue. Odd that you should mention Zaxcom Nova & MixPre10 but not the Sound Devices 833? (or 633) Anyway, like I said before, for your purposes get the MixPre-3 II (or an F Series). No. That shouldn't be an expectation. @JoshuaT's comment was relevant here. In fact, many of us would regard any mention of "using the production's gear" as a Red Flag warning us not to work on that shoot.
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