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  1. If it is an indoor fire for a short film, then they might very well only want to have a real fire for the opening wide shot. All the mid/tight shots should be with a simulated fire (lots of LED panels now have the ability to be programmed to do this), for a number of reasons: health & safety, lighting consistency, and for sound too.
  2. Trey, any role you can get on that, even just PA/runner will be a good stepping stone forward for you!
  3. Got the Sound Guys Solutions TM1 tablet mount (thank you @truelife!) so I can easily see the Sound Devices SD-Remote App while operating my Sound Devices 833 recorder: https://www.sound-guys.com/#TABLET MOUNTS
  4. Perhaps you're right, but my counterargument is: why bother going through all this pain and trouble in the first place? Especially when the OP has access to good gear from his workplace (and we live in 2020 where decent semipro affordable gear exists that won't make you go prematurely grey from stress while pondering how to blow your brains out with a rifle). Thus I'd suggest even for student shoots, he could at least show up with "the basics" (i.e. recorder/boom/2xWireless) already covered. So he doesn't need to use any of the supplied gear. But sure, if they've got something choice i
  5. If you're doing small jobs by yourself, where just you is the entire audio post team, then you can use whatever the hell you like! Heck, if you're insane enough you could even cut the whole film on analogue tape. So long as you get the job done. But if you're looking to be but one cog in part of a larger audio post production process, then for now and at least the near/mid term future it is Pro Tools which is the widespread "industry standard" and you'll need to know it to fit in. Think it is smart to consider what is your "minimum level" that it will still be useful even a
  6. 110% do this. Because you've got some amazing opportunties/advantages right now: 1) you've got a steady full time job earning money 2) you're constantly picking even more gear/technical knowledge while at work 3) you're able to network like crazy with everyone coming into rent/buy from the store (plus get to know all the brand reps too) 4) you're likely able to borrow the gear at a good rate when not in use on your off hours 5) you've still got weekends and evenings to yourself (although this might require burning the candle at both ends a little bit sometimes, but so long
  7. IronFilm

    TC arri mini

    What about the project rate?
  8. DaVinci Resolve or AVID would be worth looking into as your next goal after Final Cut
  9. Impressed with the range of the SD-Remote App for the Sound Devices 833.
  10. Be aware that the FS7 needs the XDCA back to be able to accept timecode into it. Any particular reasoning you're mixing FS7/C300mk2 together, rather than using two of the same, is that all you can get?
  11. No, I assume that is a standard 1RU, but has been positioned one step down (that's what that hole is for you're asking about), presumably to help with cable routing (and/or airflow).
  12. PSC has Induction Loop Earpieces: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/377563-REG/PSC_FPSC0037_Wireless_IFB_Inductive_Earpiece.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/377564-REG/PSC_FPSC0037A_Inductive_Neck_Loop.html They seem to be one of the few "non-cheap" ones still making new induction loop earpieces (otherwise you will need to go looking for secondhand earpieces of products that have been discontinued, which is what I did). But I think you can't expect super high fidelity from using the induction loop method in general, if you want better quality then you'll likely need to
  13. Wellllllll... the three most popular mixer/recorders lately are likely the Zoom F8 (replaced by the F8n), Sound Devices 633 (replaced by the 833), and the MixPre6 (mk1, then mk2)? But none of those I would presume to be the most popular on sound carts. But to answer your question a little more seriously, check out: Sound Devices Scorpio / 688 / 888 / 970 / 788T Zaxcom Nomad / Deva 24 Aaton Cantar X3 & Mini Tascam HS-P82
  14. It is a sales website, I've purchased some 600MHz stuff from Americans via Reverb: https://reverb.com/sell/search
  15. Ahhh.... I had idly (but never seriously enough to look it up) wondered before in the past what is the difference between the SNA600 and the SNA600A, I need to check which are mine.
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