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  1. Is now only a few weeks away from shipping the Atomos AtomX Sync (use Timecode Systems Ltd tech to add TC to their video recorders) https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/11/14/atomos-atomx-sync-first-look/
  2. I personally never needed it, as I already had 2x Feelworld FW4600BP, plus my DR680 was only my back up back up recorder and not my main one. (same is true for my friend as well, he has moved on from my old spare Tascam DR680, and he now has a Zoom F8n)
  3. IronFilm

    New SD 833

    We haven't heard anything at all from Sound Devices confirming/denying how many tracks in total the 833 will be able to record with the AES accessory (or with the mythical "SL4"). Have my fingers crossed for it to be additional tracks, on top of what the 833 can do currently with its existing inputs. As it makes sense the 833 is capable of recording more tracks? If Sound Devices allows it. As the 833 as the same amount of core horsepower as the 888/Scorpio, as they all share 3x FPGAs at the heart of it.
  4. haha, I liked when she said "You told me you're only paying the sound guy!" Yup, that is often true. What is that extension thing he has on the side of the Tascam DR60Dmk2? I don't recognise that control panel?? How is it being used together? Edit: Ah never mind.... later on I get my own question answered, Tascam DP-004: I don't understand at all however why it would be used!! Unless it is purely a movie prop... which I reckon is what it is. I hate technical inaccuracies in films I watch :-/ 😞
  5. The age of monitor/recorders might be reaching its peak soon, so likely a good thing that Atomos is branching out. Is it good for to TCS Ltd though? If it means more/better integration with Atomos products (like the AtomX Sync) then yes?
  6. IronFilm

    SD 888

    Might more ISO channels be unlocked to be recorded for the 833/888 in a future upgrade? They do after all share a similar amount of horsepower as Scorpio with 3x FPGAs, which makes me suspect they could be capable of a few more tracks perhaps? Especially as the 833 is facing stiff competition from the Zaxcom Nova, which can record 50% more ISO channels than the 833, would be nice if there is another thing added which the 833 can do better than the Nova such as more channels.
  7. IronFilm


    Probably not obvious ever! Unless they're doing some macro shots of them! ha Not crickets/cicadas, but I have been on other shoots in the past where the background noise was making it hard for the crew to communicate (or even for the actors to hear their lines to cue each other!) and I got asked "do you think this background noise will be a problem"?? I'm just dumbfounded, is the director/producer/1stAD/etc's ears painted out??? Or do they think we're magicians?
  8. 2kg? Just for the bag? Can't wait to see Rado's reaction if he ever reads this thread 😉 Oh to be a fly on the wall. But seriously now, I do love seeing these custom Cantar bags! Fascinating design choices for an oddly shaped recorder. However I hope you're not ever wearing them on your back all day long on a regular basis?? :-o Interesting, why are you choosing Sony wireless over any of the other brands which offer AES outputs?
  9. IronFilm

    SD 888

    I've you're just talking about analogue inputs, then there are eight main inputs. However I think you should be able to record Return A and Return B as well? Which would mean another 4 inputs, for 12 analogue inputs in total. (if you don't want use digital at all)
  10. I read in a FB group post yesterday that at a recent event in the UK ("Sound Pro") these mics had a blind comparison people could compare: "DPA4017 / mini CMIT / MKH8060 and Sanken CS-M1" The CSM1 was the clear winner with 60% choosing the Sanken! The CSM1 really does seem to have been the hot new mic release of 2019, tempted to get one to go with my CS3e/CS1e
  11. IronFilm

    SD 888

    Yes, I've seen the news, and Atomos might have different plans/priorities. But I was talking to TCS Ltd only quite recently and it seemed they wanted :Blink integration with the 8 Series / Scorpio, but it need Sound Devices to play ball and open up to them as well.
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