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Nomad & sound reports in 2015


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Hey all,

im about to enter the world of Zaxcom, switching over from Sound Devices. I've been using a 788 with CLWIFI in a bag for pretty much any job. What I loved about this was entering notes in from my iPhone using the CLWIFI app and subsequently being able to send off my PDF sound report at the end of the day with all track naming, Timecode and note metadata embedded. As I understand, there's nothing quite like that for the nomad at present. 

With Nomad touch it seems you can do something similar, but CSV instead of PDF and using a windows tablet instead of our iPhones. 

The last thread I could find on this topic on JW was dated back to 2013, so I thought to ask if there's been any developments not documented on this forum. 

Further to this, and while it could be a new thread altogether I feel it's still relevant: do any Zaxcom users on here play with Timecode Buddy hardware and Movie slate app for notes? I've been impressed by what the new TCB Wave product can do, but it seems the data port only plays with SD mixer / recorders, like the CLWIFI. No mention of Nomad. 


Thanks in advance!




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At the moment I use a wireless keyboard to enter metadata/notes into Nomad sound reports. All relevant info goes into the report, but it is somewhat restricted in the number of characters in the notes field and is not as customisable as wave agent. I do find the inbuilt sound report a bit limiting for drama, but is fine for doco, ENG, corporate type jobs. At the end of the day you write the Sound report to the CF card. Look forward to nomad touch but honestly don't see myself using it for bag work. 

There has been many improvements from 2013, alas I am to tired to think of a functional answer at the moment.

Enjoy stepping into the Zax world and if you need a local contact to work through the new workflow, feel free to give me a buzz. Rainier has my number.

Cheers Nate.

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