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  1. Also make sure the wire connected to the pin isn't touching the outer pert of the SMA connector in any way. This will significantly reduce the range. I learnt this the hard way by using a wire with shielding to thick to fit properly into the SMA.
  2. Nate C

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Here's a review I wrote on another forum. Not sure if I posted it here before. Ross Boyer from Lemac and the team from Amber Tech were kind enough to lend me a DPA 6060. Apparently it’s the only one in the country at the moment. For those that are familiar with DPA 4060’s, to my ears the 6060 sounded somewhere between the 4060 with flat cap and a mid boost cap. I’d say more like 4060 with mid boat cap. The 6060 is part of the Core series and both the 6060 and a 4060 core definitely have a cleaner sound with a lower noise floor then a standard 4060. My COSS11 sounded dull compared to any of the DPA. To be fair the Sanken I used is about a year older then any of my DPA’s. I’ve never been a big fan of the B6 so it’s probably for the best I don’t give a comparison. I will however add that the 4060 is no where near as vulnerable to wind noise as the B6. By my very unscientific testing all 4060 and 6060 seemed equally prone to wind. All the 40xx series and 60xx series use the same mogami cable. Neglected to do any comparisons with 4060 Slims. Will have to do more testing over the weekend before returning the mic. Can I keep it please. I’m impressed enough to makes pre-order. I believe they will be released sometime in November and will be around the $850 mark. So yeah not the cheapest option out there. Cheers Nate. Photo credit left to right. 4060 Slim, 4060, COSS11, 6060, B6
  3. Nate C

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    Went to a DPA workshop yesterday and Rune Slot from DPA said that the 6060/1 uses the exact same mogami cable as the current 40xx series mics.
  4. Nate C

    Boom Op Kits

    Thanks for sharing Vas. I may of nerded out watching this.
  5. Nate C

    You & #MeToo

    Ok I have written and deleted this on a few occasions. I'll never be able to word it right but here it is. Anger is what kept me alive, it is what kept me strong. Like fire it can be all consuming and destructive, if understood it can be a very useful survival tool. As a child I was sexually and physically abused. Men aren't allowed to admit that. I also witnessed the constant domestic violence my mother endured. This was my normal. Aaron I apologise for beating you up nearly every day in 2nd grade, you didn't deserve it and I wish I knew a better way to vent then. In my early years my anger almost landed me in jail. Mainly stupid shit, Malicious damage, break and enter (think the only thing I ever stole was a hammer). It was a way to vent. Later I discovered skateboarding and graffiti and that gave me a purpose to my anger. Alas I have also expressed my anger in a dark sense of humour that doesn't always come across. Once I moved away I pushed all the shit to the furthest regions of my mind like it didn't exist. I was happy. I had invented a new me. I had a break down when all that shit I had denied existed came flooding back. Once again I self medicated. It was a long road to recovery mentally and spiritually as I confided in friends that had never heard my story. Not going to lie I lost a few who couldn't cope with what I had to tell them. I don't blame them. This industry really helped me find my sense of confidence and self worth. The sense of our dept being trodden upon and dismissed and fighting for what we require. In a way it was my fuck you letter. I think I fell in love with the fight and then later fell in love with sound. Alas I have heard the charm of manipulation on set and have been utterly sick to my stomach. Don't be ashamed of your anger, use, own, understand it. It is your right it it doesn't have to be negative. Cheers Nate.
  6. Nate C

    Favorite Slate

    Ambient slates are more common here. I was somewhat dubious of the new model but after buying one I have become a big fan of it's ease of use. It is a lot more robust then it appears. Well at least so far. Would recommend getting the handle with it. One thing that is really handy about the older model is that it slips out of the face plate to become a smaller insert size slate.
  7. Nate C

    Zaxcom ZMT-Phantom 2

    Thanks to Zaxcom and Lemac for ensuring a unit got to me the other day for a job, despite the courier plane having a flat tyre. It arrived at the eleventh hour. I was stressed but boy was I relived when it arrived on set. Lets just say being able to switch between a boom or 4098 plant was appreciated and got me out of a bind.
  8. Nate C

    Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Recently had to defend the decision to cross a light and cast a boom shadow over B cam (wide reactions) in order to get the hero dialogue of A cam that didn't work on lavs. All while focusing on if all the crew noise was between words and trying to do the mental maths of what post could clean up. Sometimes I feel like flicking a torch on and off during moments that I know won't make the edit.
  9. Nate C

    DPA 4098 Travel cases

    I believe they are the ones designed for 4099 mics. Someone here should be able to confirm that. Sorry I'm not 100% positive. I got them from either Trew Audio or Pinknoise in the UK. To reduce the opening, I tacked them up in the middle . They help with wind but aren't an end all solution. Think of of them like a softie on a boom, they hold up in light wind only. I find you really need to get them out of the path of airflow as much as possible. Cheers Nate. http://mymic.rycote.com/products/dpa-4099-mini-windjammer/
  10. Nate C

    DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    I've been using 4060 slims and regular 4060 with Zax for a little while now and I'm happy with both. Picking up a core 4060 tomorrow and we'll see how that fares. To be honest I prefer the sound of the 4060 with flat cap in most situations. Especially hair rigs or a quick plant. The slims work best when hidden, hence their design, as they have a presence boost similar to the 4071 or crisp cap. Really depends on your needs. If you need a slim easy to hide mic, go with the slims. If you want a more versatile mic with different frequency caps go with the standard 406x. Pretty much always use these with the flat cap. I went slims and am now working my way up through 4060's. This was based on replacing my Sankens, 4063 and 4071 and what was going to be most functional to me. Cheers Nate.
  11. Nate C

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    After I had an issue with a Lav and stated "It's OK we've got it on the boom." TVC Director "I f**k'n hate the sound of the boom" Had been booming all day up to this point and this is what was in his IFB feed. Same director lost his shit when we slated the first shot. NO SLATES ON HIS SET, IT'S NOT ORGANIC.
  12. Nate C

    Zaxcom ZMT-Phantom 2

    I've been using the original ZMT Phantom since they first were available in Australia and never once have I found the lack of never clip an issue. For me the defining feature is being able to change the gain and frequency remotely in an invisible manner on the fly/during a take via Zaxnet. I am stoked with the original Phantom and it shall remain my primary boom TX. The updated V2 has sold me on getting one for a couple of reasons; A. obvious option of being able to used as boom or talent TX and B. having all my boom mounts have the same header cable. It's no secret I am a loyal Panamic user and I find the ZMT-ph the perfect companion to this workflow wether in bag mode or in a drama team.
  13. Nate C

    This could be me & my foldup cart...

    No where near as cool as the bag for the fold up cart. Thanks for sharing this Rob and Mark for having the foresight to have it made up. But I finally came up with a way to have a permanent cup holder on the cart and still have full folding functionality. It's a little lower then what is ideal but thats the only real option. Cup holder folds flat. Sourced it from a boating supply store. The one in the photo is cheap plastic one as I wasn't sure it would work. Will replace it with a stainless steel one later. Sorry Rob, I may have drilled more holes in your cart.
  14. Nate C

    Rain protection sound bag

    Great idea for a quick emergency cover. Going to have to see if my petrol poncho will fit over my cart..
  15. Nate C

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    I am going to respond to this as a boom op who has been in a similar situation to Boom #1. Please note this is based off my personal experience and your original post. I don't know you Chris or your work and I may be off the mark on some things. This is purely meant as an alternate viewpoint. In my case sound was a two person team. It wasn't a sound friendly set by no means and the I felt the mixer didn't have my back when it counted. I had the DP, Director and the Producer chew me out on set for things that were out of my control. There is only so much a boom op can request. My confidence eroded to the point that a questioned everything I did, those making rookie mistakes. The day I was fired I actually thanked the PM. Years later I worked with the boom op that replaced me, she had 15 odd years experience on me and I'll never forget when she told me you were in an impossible situation and someone needed to be blamed. The biggest issue I see here is the lack of communication, complicated by ego. Inexperienced boom ops will ask for frame lines way to often which can waste time and cost help credit points. Though this sounds the camera dept weren't very cooperative, experienced or just run off their feet. If a boom dips during a rehearsal thats not a rehearsal but a take it should be understood that shit is going to happen. How much of that camera work was up to scratch. When asked if you mind shooting the rehearsal my standard response is sure but no guarantees. Don't get me started on wireless monitors that directors/AC1 hold or any non necessary monitors on set that are in my path. Over time I've developed a polite-Please fucking move the monitors look/action. I've found politely explaining to directors do you mind if we swap spots at this spot so as I can capture our actors performance usually works. If they have changed the lense on a jib shot that much as so the boom op is no where as close to being safe then their is a communication issue. In these cases the boom op is not usually in a position to check the lense or a moitor. If the frame is drastically changed tell us. If anyone punched me and dragged me, I would be insulted, it would be near impossible to show any respect. I rarely boom these days but for the ones that I do, I'll scratch nail and tooth to get the best sound possible on the boom and TX knowing the mixer has my back when I make calls that may irk some.