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  1. For me it was 7 or 8 heavy dialogue pages with 9 speaking parts shot on a 360 dolly track. In the edit they ended up cutting it up between takes as they never quite nailed it all in one shot. These things need to be choreographed meticulously.
  2. I can't talk about about what is happening in the US but here in Sydney Australia, since we recently come out of lock down, every job I have done has required to see a copy of my Vaccine passport before I can come on set. No passport no play. It isn't mandated but that is the way productions are choosing to do operate. As for being tested, some require to be tested before hand, others do a rapid test on arrival, many don't do anything. I mainly day play for reference.
  3. Shooting on a Komodo next week and the owner/operator doesn't have a TC breakout cable. Oh well no TC for production. Have offered to put TC on one of the audio tracks via an ERX but waiting on the editor to get back to us on that. Have to say the Komodo manual is less than helpful.
  4. I couldn't find the warning that the use with digital TX is not intended on DPA's website and it seems strange when one of the versions is specifically for the Zaxcom ZMT (with PH). No. 132302 CMC 1 SO für Zaxcom ZMT (P12/P48) Cheers Nate.
  5. The most common phrase you will hear from me on set these days is 'where the hell did I just put my boom" Constantly forgetting where I just placed it.
  6. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Been meaning to do some this for a while. Cheers Nate.
  7. But then I'd lose out on OT searching for them. To be honest the built in speaker can utilised for a number of reasons. It's not something I would of considered but I like the thinking. I really hope they can make the GUI work with a TRX900CL and not just the CL3. For that matter other stereo TX. I am assuming it works something like using a Nomad/RX12/CL or IFB200 for IFB200 where one channel is for audio and the other for commands.
  8. Power wise with the Nova, I've never used more then 1.5 Hi-Q batteries a day. Thats with everything up minus PH. If you are going to be hiking and recording while doing so, being able to see your feet is amazing. It gives you so much more confidence to move freely. This can probably be achieved with other gear but the Nova is small and has so much fire power. My Nova rig fits in a cheap 25L backpack with room to spare.
  9. I use the Nova with all built in receivers, plus a camera tx and IFB tx and I've never gone past two Esmart batteries. Most days days one battery is more then sufficient.
  10. I wear my glasses a little lower down on my nose, over the mask to stop the fogging issue. This way I get to look at the world all toffee nosed.
  11. Nate C

    Sound carts

    Sound cart builders know what our particular needs are and have usually gone through the trial and error process in design and building and should have a better idea of what's going to or more importantly not going to work
  12. I have both the Cosi and the Pianossimo for the Mini CMIT. Only needed to use the Pianissimo a couple of times since getting the Cossi. Don't think of the Cosi like a the rycote slip over fur thingy (sorry model name eludes me). The Cosi holds up surprisingly well to wind.
  13. HAHA Just noticed your shirt says 'NO BODY IS MIKED'. Lost count how many times I've said that straight after the 1st calls Turn Over/Roll Sound.
  14. Nice work with the folding top. Will second the recommendation of getting a Rivnut tool.
  15. Some Ripstop kite materials are waterproof and would be more acoustically transparent then a more solid option. I use it for cart covers etc. It needs to be pulled taunt to avoid flapping noise. If you want to record in the rain Constantin's suggestions of some sort of filter material to reduce droplet sounds, sounds sound. It doesn't snow in my part of the world so I'm not sure how that material would behave in such conditions. Besides the shelter, a foam won't be enough in those conditions. I'd strongly recommend a blimp of some sort with a fur and possibly a layer material between the two coated in Nikwax. The Nikwax will make any water bead and run off quicker. Interesting challenge.
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