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  1. It's a home made job. Perspex and the hinge parts are from Smallrig.com
  2. My Blackmagics tilt via a simple bracket Rastorder make. The Blackmagics are bang for buck and mine have lasted a few years and this is the 2nd cart they've lived on. That said they have their limitations. One thing I would recommend if you go the BM route is to use a patch bay for the BNC I/O as the BNC's are soldered straight to the mother board. Cheers Nate.
  3. Look forward to hearing more about the app to set presets and permissions. How that is going to work with the CL confused me a little. I'm sure someone with more smarts will clue me in. The presets is what really interests me for boom ops. The more I learn about this unit the more I can see it being a versatile tool in the kit. I've done a couple OMB gigs in remote terrain with nothing more then a ZMT-ph/boom and an ERX. Monitoring was an issue due to ZMT tx Zaxnet range. Wouldn't be with a URX-100.
  4. So true. It's not an actual negative for the sound dept but a preception from other departments that I'm not doing anything and just sitting at the cart/bag when in fact I'm changing to a cleaner freq, adjusting gain. Doing things from the comfort of your chair can be perceived as being lazy.
  5. I believe all the iterations of the Alexa have Ambient TC in them but I could be wrong on this. The Amira and the Mini definitely don't. It could possibly drift over lunch, how much and if at all, I don't know. I would be re-jamming after lunch. In fact I would recommend re-jaming evertime they go off speed and then back to a sync rate. This is when the camera is more likely to drift or completely reset it's TC. Do this a few times and the camera dept will quickly demand you "just leave the F@#king sync box on the camera". I am assuming the camera dept are being difficult twats.
  6. The Alexa is the only Arri with Ambient TC goodness in it. All other Arri cameras will drift with prolonged power downs and going off speed. I have never had an issue getting a sync box on an Arri. With how light and small they have become there is no excuse not to have a sync box on the camera.
  7. Tip 1: put a card between the pins so you don't accidentally solder them together. Tip 2: Pay someone else to do it and avoid the frustration. This what I now do. It costs me to much in whiskey to calm the nerves afterwards.
  8. Block 26 is quite popular here in Australia.
  9. I remember being on the receiving end of this. I was pissed. Then I realised in the way I had asked my question I already knew the answer, I just didn't realise it at the time of asking. Made me really think before asking a question and appreciate when I truely didn't know the answer and someone here could help.
  10. to be able to do this it would need to work through and be compatible with the nomads serial port commands, as the FP8/Mix8 or Oasis currently do. That is the only way you can have the Nomad control the trim and an external fader controlling post fade.
  11. I'm assuming the wire clips can be removed if needed. I found the wire loop on the Slim concealers to be the most microphonic part of that concealer. To be honest I'm not a fan of the DPA Slim's concealer. Will have to give the new Bumblebees a try when my local dealer gets some in. As always thanks for the write up.
  12. getting my hopes up like that. Shame. All good brother thanks for checking.
  13. Interesting but at 97lbs (44Kg) I wouldn't want to have to get it up any stairs.
  14. The HD26 definitely have far less bass boost which is better for judging dialogue. I find if I have to run/quick waddle with them on, I get a bit of a thud with each footstep. Not sure if it's cable bound, through the cup or if I just have a weird head shape. Not sure if you can get velour ear cups for them either. It's summer here and the leatherette can get nasty. All the same I dig 'em.
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