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  1. Manual attached. Cheers Nate. Panamic Manual.pdf
  2. Your description sounds like an intermittent TC connection. If the TC cables you are using are good, I would suggest checking that the centre pin on the Maxx TC BNC hasn't been pushed in. Then I'd open it up and make sure the wiring looks good.
  3. It's been a while but I've boom around horses a number of times. They have always been film trained horses for the hero horses. They were fine with the boom with a fluffy on, just no erratic movements. The wranglers will let you know how to work with their animals. My experience has been the AD's are more skittish about the boom being around the horse then the horse is. With non film trained horses, only ever really used in BG, so usually no cast on them, the wrangler had me and my boom spend a bit of time with the horses before hand to get them familiar with me and the furry mic. I think other members of the crew were jealous of this horsey time. Cheers Nate
  4. Nate C


    Thanks Jack. Guess I'll have to wait and see. Look forward to adding a Nova to my workflow.
  5. Nate C


    Thanks Glenn, I've been meaning to ask about this. For the most part I don't imagine using more then two banks. Will the autopick feature also be able to be applied to extra QRX200, TRX/ZMT attached? This is one of my favourite features on my RX12. Also recall reading that track names will be able to be sent to the TRX/ZMT with corresponding Z-net ID, or was I dreaming. If this is possible, pretty please could it also work with external QRX hooked up to the Nova. I'd be a super happy soundie if it could also be implemented into the RX12 and Nomad.
  6. Nate C


    Thanks for the offer but I'm good. Still using the same cut down anti glare phone cover that I put on my nomad back in 2012.
  7. I've used an old soldering iron to make holes in bags in the past.
  8. It's a home made job. Perspex and the hinge parts are from Smallrig.com
  9. My Blackmagics tilt via a simple bracket Rastorder make. The Blackmagics are bang for buck and mine have lasted a few years and this is the 2nd cart they've lived on. That said they have their limitations. One thing I would recommend if you go the BM route is to use a patch bay for the BNC I/O as the BNC's are soldered straight to the mother board. Cheers Nate.
  10. Look forward to hearing more about the app to set presets and permissions. How that is going to work with the CL confused me a little. I'm sure someone with more smarts will clue me in. The presets is what really interests me for boom ops. The more I learn about this unit the more I can see it being a versatile tool in the kit. I've done a couple OMB gigs in remote terrain with nothing more then a ZMT-ph/boom and an ERX. Monitoring was an issue due to ZMT tx Zaxnet range. Wouldn't be with a URX-100.
  11. So true. It's not an actual negative for the sound dept but a preception from other departments that I'm not doing anything and just sitting at the cart/bag when in fact I'm changing to a cleaner freq, adjusting gain. Doing things from the comfort of your chair can be perceived as being lazy.
  12. I believe all the iterations of the Alexa have Ambient TC in them but I could be wrong on this. The Amira and the Mini definitely don't. It could possibly drift over lunch, how much and if at all, I don't know. I would be re-jamming after lunch. In fact I would recommend re-jaming evertime they go off speed and then back to a sync rate. This is when the camera is more likely to drift or completely reset it's TC. Do this a few times and the camera dept will quickly demand you "just leave the F@#king sync box on the camera". I am assuming the camera dept are being difficult twats.
  13. The Alexa is the only Arri with Ambient TC goodness in it. All other Arri cameras will drift with prolonged power downs and going off speed. I have never had an issue getting a sync box on an Arri. With how light and small they have become there is no excuse not to have a sync box on the camera.
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