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11 minutes ago, Marc Hoppe said:

He complained that he'd have to change frequencies- something I am not certain he did (or knew how to do).

This is surprisingly common place, especially due to the DSLR "revolution".  I have a lot of friends that do BTS and other similar things as a one man band with their DSLR + some sort of microphone placed on top + sometimes a wireless channel (usually something like a Sennheiser G3).  I've had a countless number of these friends complain that their G3's "never work right and always drop signal" so I ask, "Well, did you scan for a free frequency?" which is always followed by crickets and a befuddled "What sorcery are you talking about?" kind of look on their faces.

In terms of RF interference from others, it's only going to get worse before it gets better, especially if the 600mhz spectrum goes bye bye in a couple years...

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That's unfortunate. Sorry you had to go through that struggle man.

It's always good practice to check in with the Master of the House about these things. Last thing you want to do is be the person that causes the whole ship to go down.

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