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  1. Looks great! Does anyone know if channel gain can be controlled via a control surface on the 833 or do you have to use the knobs on the recorder itself?
  2. Productions don't pay professional sound mixers just because they have gear, they pay us for when things inevitably go wrong and hit the fan. Amateurs tend to panic, professionals have experience and know about 87 different ways to "make it happen".
  3. I don't see why not unless maybe you really heavily overloaded them? I wouldn't lose sleep over it especially if you end up throwing on a rack cover face every night after wrap anyways to protect them while in transit.
  4. I'd argue Block 19 is the only block in LA that works 99% of the time. Just make sure to stay off the parts of it though that are reserved for Public Safety frequencies.
  5. I guess adding on to Woody Allen's "can turn right on a red light" jest about California, I guess we differ in that finally (at least the men) will probably be wearing a button down long sleeve rather than a t-shirt during "winter" that makes our lives a lot easier here in LA to mic them up!
  6. Looks great but besides "runs for several hours" are there more specific figures available for 48v given that it is using a standardized NP50?
  7. I've come to love "Super Stick It". Extremely sticky but no issues with residue or sound.
  8. I'm pretty much URSA mini mounts to clothing 70% of the time these days. If wearing a thin t-shirt and no chest hair, then I might attempt to the skin in the natural chest cavity (another 10-15% of the time). The rest of the times is my "wildcard" where anything goes in terms of a particular troublesome wardrobe. Also, don't underestimate the power of "hiding" an exposed lav, especially in a wide shot.
  9. I've always found JWSound to be informative and the best source for news, tips, updates etc in our industry. When I had Facebook 5+ years ago, I was invited into a private group (I forget the name) and I quickly realized how it was kind of just an echo chamber of people complaining about various things or "pea-cocking" about their experience and expertise. I would look up a lot of the various names of the loudest members of the group to realize that their arrogance wasn't even backed up with any real noteworthy experience. All in all, the discourse seemed to be very cultish "born again" att
  10. Always remarkable to see a loss of 0.4db per kilometer quoted. Not sure I'd call that a "loss" at that point!
  11. Is the new unit exactly the same dimensions as the 411? If so, that's fantastic news for soundbag dashboard users etc. who are looking to upgrade.
  12. I wonder what the range difference between an SRc and the 822a is with whips. The 8 series SD + SL2 looks slick but if the 822a has great range, might be worth it to go that route since you could still just add receivers to your bag depending on how many channels you needed per gig.
  13. I've noticed there's something on the Sound Summit schedule for October 2nd labeled "Dr. Audio and Filtering" under Lectrosonics. Does this tumbleweed have a PHD?
  14. I've been trying to get a hold of them for months for a repair via email and phone with no responses whatsoever. Phone goes direct to voicemail, emails go unanswered. Maybe just a temporary shutdown due to COVID?
  15. SRd + digital SM series hopefully! 😀
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