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  1. Frankly I'd rather have smaller screens with room for physical controls rather than have a huge screen and have to constantly be digging through menus for features. I would prefer NOT to go down the road the automakers have where every damn feature has to be turned on by a touch screen while you drive down the road.
  2. Until we have robots capable of knowing how to properly mic countless amounts of different types of wardrobe all while swinging boom, no. The bigger threat is the trickle down of formerly very expensive gear's capabilities to lower end gear which empowers people to thinking they can forgo a proper sound person to mix their shoot because "I can do it myself". The mileage of this varies greatly and let's face it, usually fails.
  3. Not to step on Ireland's sovereignty but if they still follow the UK's rules, it would be the following.
  4. Out of curiosity, what Zaxcom transmitters are you using? Curious to know because that's pretty wild on whips.
  5. Well it is definitely illegal to do so and even if you did use it, you will be outpowered by cell towers if they are in that area. Don't even think for a minute that you'll get away with it on a studio lot or a coordinated event, that's for sure.
  6. I wish they would have made the US one 470-608, 614-616mhz like the updated PSC Six Pack does. I have one Block 24 SRb hanging on by the seat of its pants during this whole "repack" and it's been a nice honeymoon in those 2 MHz of spectrum for two transmitters as it is a ghost town there these days.
  7. I wonder if this heat issue will be a long-term problem here in LA as let's face it, it isn't going to be getting cooler as the years go on around here. Also curious to see what SD have up there sleeve for that expansion port on top...
  8. Pretty darn amazing stuff. I guess the only problem I have with it is that if the unit dies on set, you better still have a lot of backup wireless receivers and a recorder to get through your day since you have all your eggs in one basket. Then again, this is more of a personal problem of mine and a literal recurring "set nightmare" I have about once or twice in my sleep each month! Not Zaxcom's fault though!
  9. This condor stuff is interesting. Also I'm wondering if NP-1 batteries share dimensions with any particular type of ammunition magazine as it seems they have a ton of accessories meant for mags to attach to things.
  10. Oof, I know that feeling. Everyone should have an "Oh shit" case/bag full of backups of everything ranging from cables to power distros to recorders etc. Not having a backup plan in place is foolhardy as it is not a matter of "if" something will go wrong, it is more of a you don't know "when" it will go wrong.
  11. Did Lectro sort out that early "bug" in the 941 band SRc that was causing problems?
  12. In LA it seems you basically have ~486-490mhz and ~500-505mhz to work with these days with a few random holes elsewhere here and there.
  13. codyman

    New SD 833

    It's a bummer they didn't ditch the 1/8" and just stick two more TA3's but then again, a time traveling sound mixer from even just ten years ago would smack me across the face for not realizing how amazing this recorder is for the price point!
  14. codyman

    New SD 833

    Yeah especially considering I already use an SRb and SRc in my daily bag anyways it would make it a no brainer to go the 833 w/ SL4 route. And then if I'm on my cart, hopefully the SL4 has loop thru antenna connectors and I can hook it up to my Venue for a couple more channels + a control surface. I'm assuming that on the channels 7/8 on the 1/4" "return" line, if you have a control surface that's compatible and has 8 fader banks, you could control the gain and faders with that easily rather than the menu hunting for gain etc on the unit itself?
  15. codyman

    New SD 833

    Interesting tidbit about the magnetic secret connector port on the top of it. I'm going to assume this all but confirms some sort of SL (maybe SL-4?) type add on in the future?
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