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  1. Very slick looking device. Will be interesting to see the display in action. I wonder if Sound Devices / Audio Limited's A10 Rack secretly supports these new rumored 4 channel slot receivers? If so, would be slick to have an 888, 16 channels of wireless in 1u going into it via Dante and then this control surface in 1u as well.
  2. Fingers crossed for an SrD 4 channel receiver? two of those in the SL2 for an 833 Lectro "Nova"? TBD I guess!
  3. My 633 has been working perfectly so I have been holding off upgrading to an 833 but I think I just found my reason to upgrade! I have three Lectro SRx receivers but usually only need four channels but it is nice that it has the extra AES so I could have my 3rd SR on their with the Lectro AES bottom plate when I need it.
  4. It definitely is an interesting piece of kit. Has anyone compared its files to the 32bit ones from Sound Devices MixPre II series?
  5. Man, I really need to revamp my site. Looks like hot garbage compared to all these ones!
  6. Exactly. I do a lot of run and gun documentaries and I love the idea of an all in one unit to simplify things and weight, however, when you are running around Any Town USA (or World), you need to have all the "extras" alongside you whether it be extra batteries / spare transmitters etc. Right now I have a Pelican Backpack which has been fantastic to be able to keep it nearby in a support vehicle or worse case scenario throw it on my back and hoof around with it on. I guess the advantage of this setup is that you wouldn't have to keep as many backup cables since there aren't any cables really to begin with!
  7. Great setup. I guess the million dollar question though is where do you intend on keeping all the "extras" in terms of batteries / transmitters etc etc?
  8. Curious as to why you find the Nanuk better?
  9. Seems pretty slick if you ask me. I know there have been countless attempts at antennas for bags discussed here over the years but this seems to be the first commercially available setup that seems easy to deploy and not a DIY attempt. I noticed Gotham Sound added it to their inventory so hopefully they'll do a video about it.
  10. Thanks everyone for the interesting setups. I am going to look into making my own cables as a little DIY project during this holiday downtime.
  11. Has anyone ever wired up a DB25 cable to 2x XLR and power leads? I feel that it would be nice to have a bag wired up with a breakout cable + whips for a lightweight setup and then be able to pull the connector and slide it into an A10 rack / octopack / PSC Sixpack etc on a cart. Seems like it would be doable utilizing the right pinout?
  12. Linux can be put on a variety of Chromebooks. Pretty straightforward too via 'Crouton'. https://www.lifewire.com/install-linux-on-chromebook-4125253 I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 128GB for $199. Android tablets have come a long way and I plan on using it for Wingman on set.
  13. Certain chromebooks can run Android apps these days however you'd have to talk to the app developers if it would work via a Chromebook. https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/chromium-os/chrome-os-systems-supporting-android-apps
  14. 26 is soon to be illegal and is probably pretty worthless at this point considering T-Mobile has their towers turned on now. You seem to be OK getting away with A1 or B1 these days according to this spreadsheet BUT your mileage may vary. I'd go A1 if you travel to LA once in a while as that's the best these days for here.
  15. codyman

    Cold 5G

    If you were right next to the transmitter you could get interference on damn near any block. That being said, if it is a T-Mobile setup it should be in the 600mhz range.
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