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  1. That does not appear to be legal nor healthy at all!
  2. Nice set of gear. Curious as to why a 3.5mm was chosen over BNC? I also love the little hot/cold shoe mount piece of kit. That wouldn't happen to be sold on the side would it?
  3. PSC PowerStar Mini Triple Play II has three power inputs so you could hook up a variety of different batteries to it (or even AC power too) at once. https://professionalsound.com/specs/pwrStarMiniTripleII.html
  4. I'd doubt your work abroad would count as the union is going to want to have proof of productions and the easiest way to do that is to produce paystubs from W2's and 1099's of work that is eligible (internet shorts etc don't count - have to be stuff in theaters / television / streamers). More information here: https://www.local695.com/why-how-to-join-iatse/
  5. Thanks for all the info, Karl! I'm sure you are busy at NAB but I noticed in your interview with Gotham Sound you mentioned that the new DSR4 has a way higher tolerance of overload from signals. I like the idea of using an HM plug on for my boom when I one man band so that I can easily set the boom down and out of the way to fiddle with transmitters etc but I've had a problem in that my HM is an older model that's locked to 100mw and thus likes to overload my SRc. Theoretically, would the DSR4 be better at making that not an issue?
  6. Gotham Sound has been running around broadcasting live. Their saved videos are also up there. https://www.youtube.com/c/GothamSound
  7. If I plan on using it for now in my PSC Four Pack, could I use my existing plate for the slot and still get two analog out from the built in outputs + then use the top analog connector for 3+4?
  8. I know that the PSC Four Pack passes through AES so you can get 8 digital channels on 4xTA3 connectors via 2x slot 4 channel receivers.
  9. I've been told it is 3.23" inches wide. I had the same question given I will be using it in a PSC Four Pack.
  10. It's a tool that makes our careers possible + is a tax write off + makes my life easier + works and sounds great etc etc. Some people act like you're going to ship 50 million of these things out a quarter like it's the latest iPhone (which they have no problem paying four figures for each year...). Looking forward to giving it a spin!
  11. Just put a pre-order in for a DSR4. I was told the guesstimate at the moment is September pending FCC stuff and also hopefully no other issues. Very excited that Lectro is releasing this with backwards compatibility for the 400 series etc as it will be nice to be able to continue to use my trusty existing transmitters while also being able to upgrade them to the digital series down the road. If all goes well, I'll probably order another so that I can use an 833 + SL2 + 2xDSR4 which would be good enough fro 99% of my work.
  12. Speaking of lightning, the new Ford Lightning, particularly the "Pro" version, might be the best bang for buck in terms of electric sound vehicles. Front "frunk" is huge and has AC power outlets so you can charge batteries / hold gear etc and then throw a shell on the truck bed portion and you have a pretty damn capable gear hauler for $40k.
  13. An electric Ford Transit Connect would get a buy from me. There is the new e-Transit but that's way too big for my needs.
  14. Does anyone make a transmitter that takes AES in and then a receiver does AES out, all doing it "losslessly" / no codecs or compression? Seems that would be perfect in terms of getting that console sound.
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