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  1. Is there a way for you to tell the invoicing software to charge the client the processing fee for credit payment vs eating the fee yourself?
  2. This seems to be another one of those weird bot accounts that have been showing up on here for some unknown reason.
  3. Yeah jury is still out on that one. Between these 4 channels and my ol' faithful VR Field I've got 10 channels of wireless which is perfect for 99% of what I do but it would be nice to have this four pack with AES slots + an 833 + the AES little barnacle thing to have a bag with 8 channels.
  4. Just received my PSC Four Pack I pre-ordered a couple months back. 2x Slots + Power Distro + Antenna Distro all in a roughly 633 sized box. Also able to output AES (on supported slot receivers such as the Wisycom) so it's nice to know that maybe one day if there's an SRd I'll be able to upgrade and have 8 channels in one little box. Please excuse the dusty 633, need to clean it since wrapping a show in December!
  5. Facebook is a terrible company. From anything ranging from invasive privacy policies to having a monopolistic domination of the advertising industry (which they abuse) to literally helping genocides happen overseas (Burma) to have helped violent, misinformation spread in groups alongside allowing targeted advertising to provoke those groups, including allowing advertises from overseas promote misinformation to try to shift elections to the cambridge analytica scandal to.... the list goes on and on and on and on. By having an account on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, you're financially empo
  6. Oof that's a nice vintage piece of kit. It's getting harder and harder to find folks that work on tube gear that's for sure so it's always nice to see someone going above and beyond to keep pieces like this both alive and put to use! Billy Zoom, the guitarist from the punk band X, has a little shop around the corner from me here in Orange and all he does is repair and modify tube amps (mostly instrument amps though). Hopefully these guys who built and repaired these pieces of kit are passing it along to the newer generations as I'd hate these things to be only museum pieces that are unused!
  7. codyman

    Sound carts

    Where did you source your 5" casters from? Good to know they have an XL version, can't beat that price either.
  8. codyman

    Sound carts

    Too bad that cart isn't wide enough for a Pelican 1510. I always thought having a three tiered lightweight cart for hauling two 1510's (but tall enough to have space to open the lid while the case stays on its shelf) with the top tier being a work surface would be a great tool to have for little bag shoots.
  9. The wife and I just started watching "Mad Men" for the first time. Needless to say, other than the great furniture and three martini lunches, ~1960 sure would NOT have been a swell time for most of us 21st century folks...
  10. Traditional like Rick said, it seems things show up in April-ish / October-ish. That being said, with COVID going on, who knows if things have been delayed or postponed. I personally ordered a piece of kit that was supposed to have been released last month but has been delayed due to supply chain issues.
  11. A friend of mine who is a surgeon and wears glasses (obviously he wears actual surgeon masks for surgery! Lucky guy also just got the first dose of COVID vaccination the other day) gave me one of these for Christmas and it has been by far the most comfortable mask I've had yet. Has an adjustable nose piece to prevent fogging too which has been working great. https://shopspacemask.com/
  12. That's disconcerting. When did they change the model?
  13. You've just described used Lectrosonic R1a's. I just picked up another IFBT4 + two R1a's for under $1000 shipped (used). Range for days and with rechargeable lithium 9v's, they go all day.
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