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  1. Countryman B3 are affordable, robust and sound good too.
  2. I do both (About 80-85% Production and the rest post). I only take on commercials and documentaries for post these days though as I can't dedicate the proper amount of time for a narrative given I don't have a setup that is proper for Foley or ADR. I have a stable of documentary clients and it is nice to be able to fit in a short doc here and there between on set days. In all honesty, I increasingly wish I was 100% production sound as the years go on but I find it silly to turn down lucrative quick and easy post edits and mixes. ALWAYS bill hourly on post. Don't get caught in a flat rate
  3. That's a pretty cool little tidbit/trivia from that very fun scene! If you still have the minidisc player / the disc that you used for playback on that scene, I bet that would be a fun little display at a museum somewhere (new Academy museum?). We even studied that scene as early as 2006 at my film school (Chapman University / Dodge College) as an exercise in editing as well as Trans-Diegetic sound.
  4. I got my unit this weekend. Paired fine to my phone but refused to play any audio? Did a firmware update with it via the app (which took almost 20 minutes for some reason) and now it is playing bluetooth audio fine. I haven't had a change to hook it up to a wired connection but seems to sound pretty decent considering the size and lightness of it all. Will play around more with it later this week when I have more free time.
  5. I'm assuming when they say "only available in manual mode" they mean that you can tell a transmitter yourself to go to a specific frequency remotely, however, the showlink's auto mode of this isn't available to keep an eye out for you and switch things when needed?
  6. The Nova + MRX414 + 4x ZMT4's would probably conquer 90% of my work. As much as I love my Sound Devices / Lectro combo, the older I get, the more my back wants lighter and simpler combos...
  7. I used to use the MM1 + Lectro combo for my boom ops but switched to an HM + R1a for listening for my ops due to popular demand to not have to unplug from the MM1 to rest the boom etc. Sonically, I think they sound the same-ish? AD3 seems nice though and $999 is hard to beat for any proper digital transmitter. A bummer that Shure's micro transmitter is $2499 which is quite steep compared to the competition.
  8. I've grown increasingly accustomed to the idea of using a wireless boom via my Lectro HM transmitter for my doc bag gigs. Obviously it is a lot of run and gun and I like the idea of not having to deal with a coiled cable so that I can simply ditch my boom easily to throw mics on people or just set it down when it is not needed without having to unplug/plug back in all the time. I've been giving it a shot, however, it seems that the 100mw power that it is locked to is creating huge intermod problems (despite me planning out frequencies) as I'm getting RF hits here and there when the HM is tur
  9. Funny enough, I just ordered one of these last Friday and it is supposed to be delivered to me this week. I was tired of lugging around heavy PA speakers + trying to run mains to it for power so figured I'd give it a shot. This "bug" / feature makes me a little nervous but I'll still give it a spin and see how it goes...
  10. True, just figured maybe the trend was heading that way for other manufacturers too. We've had two channel slot receivers for 10+ years now (Didn't the SRa come out in around 2009?) but then again, we're talking about specialized equipment here and not the latest iWhatever which is going to sell millions of units per month so the R&D money I'm sure is what it is. I'm not trying to rant nor complain but I'm just always curious and anxious as to whatever the latest piece of kit will be in our line of work!
  11. I have a single channel 1u rack of Shure UHF-R I keep around for a handheld mic if needed. I'm always amazed at how crazy the range is on that thing even if you're only using the factory whip antennas attached to the back. Should be interesting to see what they've cooked up for the mobile field although I can't help but notice in the teaser video that all I see if RX 1 and RX2 labeled on it so maybe just a simple dual channel slot receiver? Would be a bummer if it is indeed only two channels rather than the more increasingly needed four.
  12. If I've learned anything from this forum, it is to buy "pro level but used". That being said, I'd go with the MixPre6 over the F6 if forced to choose between the two. Don't bother wasting your time with AA's for it, either get the L mount sled or a hirose adapter. Look for a lightly used one too to save some coin for these much needed accessories you'll want to pair it with.
  13. Does the usb-c audio interface on it support both stereo in and out audio? Might pair well with a little MixPre to make a mini ENG rig that could spit out audio + TC to cameras but by using the USB audio instead of the unbalanced connections on the lower end MixPres.
  14. I mean, good on them for finally getting it out the door. I don't blame them for the delay given how 2020 made the earth stand still for a bit. Looking forward to seeing the final unit and possibly purchasing several for camera scratch + TC.
  15. I've owned both and I prefer the betsos. Easier to strap to the front of my k-tek bag and they stay out of the way vs I felt I was always fighting with the SNAs. I haven't done any scientific range tests but both seem to comparable to me in that regard.
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