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  1. Where else will everyone sit to use their phones while pretending to actually watch the monitor, especially with agency shoots? /s
  2. Pipe dream but I would totally be OK with having sets be mixer and 2+ boom ops if this were the case. In the perfect world everyone would be boomed anyways!
  3. OpenVPN should work. I recommend the VPN "Mullvad". You can use one account on 5 devices and if you have it on a newer Mac or phone, I recommend using it in the "wireguard" mode as it is seamless in terms of turning on and off with very good speeds. Hopefully Apple adds it natively to their kernel someday to make it even better as the latest Linux kernel (5.6) just did that.
  4. I like my Marantz 2230 / Klipsch Heresy III combo. Keeps on trucking despite being from 1972!
  5. Oh man, this should be #1. Let's all take a mental health break and stay off social media. You don't need to worry about some fake news your aunt posted from some blog site or whatever. I've been spending my time cleaning gear, watching movies I've been wanting to see, going for walks and going through and re-alphabetizing my record collection (after so many years of moves, things have become rather wonky). It's a weird time but maybe there will be a silver lining when it is all said and done? That's how I feel at the moment but maybe ask me again if this goes on for months!
  6. Take this with a grain of salt but a regular client of mine emailed everyone they work with and said it's best to file the claim with payroll companies that you were on payroll for. This one was in particular Media Services with whom I obviously do a lot of gigs with. Is that true? Not entirely sure, but I would maybe look into them first.
  7. Has any price leaked out yet for the SL-2? I would imagine they originally intended to say how much during NAB sadly?
  8. I think I've had my R1a's set to the same frequency for probably 5 years now so not having a screen has never been a problem. Maybe the headphone output is hot enough to be used as a decent hop / change out the battery at lunch? I just hope they keep making the R1a's as I can have those things last all day on rechargeable lithium 9v and clients have never complained about the size.
  9. Be still, my beating Lectro heart
  10. I'm just taking the time to reorganize, clean and catalog all my gear. Also going to catch up on a million movies over the years I've told myself I would watch but haven't.
  11. codyman

    DCHT & M2R

    A mono track + TC would be a stellar compromise.
  12. Oh yes, there will inevitably be billions of dollars in lawsuits once the dust clears. A couple has already filed suit for being on one of the cruise ships even though they haven't tested positive for the virus.
  13. Thanks, Bruno. I just had my first beer virus cancellation too which is a bummer but hopefully all this stuff blows over in time for your shoot to reconsider. I can't speak for the Philadelphia market but I do find the tables to be pretty accurate here in Los Angeles. Your mileage might vary a bit if you receive some sort of temporary interference (especially as you get more down to the 470 range where some walkies like to hang out). Seeing all that green in the 470/19/20 range though, I would be shocked if you couldn't at least muster a couple of reliable channels out of that area though!
  14. I used two channels of 19 and one of 21 while down there fine. Heads up when you land there, I advise not having cases that scream "film production" such as a pelican. Carnet or not, the customs guys will try to shake you down for a bribe. Luckily our fixer told them to take a hike but it was sketchy...
  15. Pretty wild. I guess Adobe are weighing options of "business as usual" vs "The slight chance that someone catches Coronavirus at our booth and somehow proves it while suing us" and would rather the latter not happen despite I am sure losing money on cancelling their attendance. While there were no direct deaths as a result of the Y2K hysteria 20 years ago or maybe all those SF Valley homes with 1950's bomb shelters under their pools (a great place to play as a kid according to my dad and all his neighborhood pals back then), definitely goes to show you how human beings aren't necessarily rational especially during "fight or flight" times.
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