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  1. Surf Music had an early following in Japan and still has a following today which I find interesting (every time I go to Japan I always hit up record stores and it's crazy how much $$$/¥¥¥ the albums there go for although they are always in pristine shape!). I always find the concert of The Ventures in Japan in '65 to be really well done from a sound standpoint (supposedly only with 3 track tape!) and also visually interesting for just being a bunch of guys in suits on a stage rocking out! From the liner notes "Recorded at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hall, March 5, 1965. Mastered from the original 3-track master sessions tapes"
  2. What's the scoop on reblocking SMQa's? I'm still partying like it's 12009 and have a few block 24's of those laying around still! 😬
  3. If you love Surf Rock, this guy in New Orleans will be right up your alley. He broadcasts every Monday and also constantly posts playlists / new bands etc.
  4. I mean, I wouldn't mind an SRd-igital for slot applications like the 688/Scorpio. That being said, I shall not be greedy as I don't want to anger the tumbleweed gods!
  5. My #1 favorite feature about it no doubt! Definitely looking into one or two of these to consolidate from my SR's and my venerable VR Field. Too bad I still have 4 600mhz transmitters to shed though as the clock ticks towards July 2020 😔
  6. The receiver looks fantastic but I am rather hesitant about the new digital transmitters, particularly the size. Probably fine for doc use but I'd imagine complaints from talent, especially with tough wardrobe.
  7. Is it a contemporary or period piece? I have a feeling due to the height of the horses etc, you're going to be using a lot of lavs. I'd start befriending wardrobe now and see what everyone is going to be wearing. You're going to be dealing with a lot of wind, especially when the horses are moving so make sure you have a good solution to cover your lavs up for that!
  8. If you haven't seen the Apollo 11 documentary that just came out a few months ago, it is a fascinating watch. I highly recommend it!
  9. Interesting article. Now I too am curious about the 'may you run on "22 333 666" mystery.
  10. Are they any dealers in your region you can go test drive various recorders to see what works for you in terms of workflow etc? I think the least inexpensive recorder you could get that does all this is the Sound Devices MixPre 10t.
  11. $2 bargain bin finds at Moondog Records in Las Vegas while location shooting there! Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  12. I hope they peg the value to Chuck E Cheese tokens.
  13. I was under the impression that Facebook still exists solely so that crazy relatives of yours can post links to conspiracy theories and "1 like 1 prayer" posts / give them some sort of soapbox feeling of importance they don't deserve. At least that's what it was on my feed when I quit years ago!
  14. I noticed this little tidbit on the Trew Audio description of the unit: "A kit is also available to mount antenna inputs (BNC connectors) on the front panel." I'm assuming this is to aid in bag use. Is there any info/pictures about that kit? Can't seem to find any dealer listings of it.
  15. Thanks for the links. I'm just going to post it below for archival purposes / I hope the original photographer doesn't mind (fair use for discussing it?). I gave up on Facebook a few years ago / social media in general. I don't like the whole "walled garden" approach to things. Besides sound, I'm a petrol head who restores classic cars including some rather difficult ones that don't have a ton of info out there other than discussions on open forums. I've even found important info on old newsgroups that have been archived (ever have to re-solder a Kaiser-Willy's era dashboard before!?!)! That stuff would be impossible to find on a place like Facebook.
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