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  1. Another video from NAB was posted. Seems they've been using them on Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Gotham Sound TV NAB Shure
  2. They seemed to have been launched during NAB week and the TL48 "Film" version runs ~$449. Didn't see any reviews out there for them yet though.
  3. codyman


    Here's the Nova in a bag
  4. codyman


    Saw it today at NAB. Very slick unit! Shout out to the Zaxcom guys who went above and beyond answering the plethora of questions I had about it (Being a Sound Devices / Lectro guy, I only knew about Zaxnet in theory and not execution). The walkaway gist I got from it was that if you do bag work primarily, you could buy the unit, one or two zax modules (+ corresponding transmitters), and then one of there zaxnet compatible receivers for camera hop / scratch / IFB and you'd be set. That being said, obviously an external UHF transmitter for hops / IFB would be preferable for congested environments and/or longer distance. Also nice that it has AES so you could throw it on a cart for lots of channel work and then simply disconnect the AES / any external antennas, toss it in a bag and go do car work etc. Cool that their new transmitter can support two lavs simultaneously in one transmitter which would be great for mic'ing vehicles.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm going to go Monday-Wednesday and I'll see you all on Tuesday night!
  6. That's pretty must the gist of it although there's no total 100% set perimeters on what constitutes a 5.1 mix. Something maybe to look into is something like Nugen's Halo Upmix which is a Pro Tools plugin that "upmixes" your stuff to 5.1 (or even 7.1 / atmos-ish stuff). It's not "perfect" but it's only $500 for the plugin and for those cheap clients, you could offer that service to them as a budget friendly alternative if they can't afford going to a proper 5.1 facility. I've used it on stems before for something I didn't mix originally (was mixed in stereo) and we did a pretty convincing surround mix from the stems although YMMV.
  7. With exception for web only (YouTube / Vimeo etc) streaming, I think every deliverables requirement sheet I've seen in the last 5+ years has state explicitly that a 5.1 and a stereo mix are both required. That being said, if you don't have a deliverables sheet for some indie project that's "trying to get sold" and doesn't have a good budget to begin with, I would just provide a stereo mix unless they are willing to pay for the surround mix.
  8. Hey Jeff, I know I'm late to the boat on this one but are the RSVP's still open? I thought I was going to be on a show next week but it looks like it's going to be pushed back. I've never been able to attend NAB and have always wanted to go so this might be the year finally. Also for you folks that have been before / go every year, do you usually go out there say Tuesday/Wednesday for one night of staying over or do you recommend staying over more like Monday-Wednesday? I have a home to stay at there so I'm more wondering about if it's something that needs several days to absorb in or not!
  9. Pretty neat pieces of history. Reminds me of the cameras my grandpa used to talk about having to deal with back in the early 50's as one of the first floor director's in Portland, OR at KPTV
  10. Looking forward to the matching SM BS series backpack for easy mounting on talent.
  11. Just gotta upgrade to the McIntosh Reference setup
  12. I didn't notice any distortion. Did notice some ADR at times but it was to be expected with all the dynamic wides and period wardrobe.
  13. It's kind of a joke over there. Also, what's up with them not evening "certifying" the latest Mac OS despite it having been out for over six months? I thought this whole annual renewal $$$ was supposed to give us better support but nope!
  14. I sent this to a buddy of mine who shoots skate videos in China. He's already ordering one saying that he misses the sound off his VX1000 so go figure.
  15. Looks like a great way to make an AES hop to an Amira / other AES enabled cameras. Throw a couple of AA's and attach one cable, done!
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