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ECM-77 and SMQV???


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Odd one...fellow hands me his SMQV and Sony ECM-77b and says it no longer works.  The mic works fine in my SM transmitters...works fine in his UM400a transmitter, but NOT in the new SMQV!  I had time to do a bit of swapping...different mics, different transmitters and it was only the lav and new SMQV combo that produced NADA!!!

Thoughts from the collective?

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First thing I'd check is how the ECM-77b is supposed to be biased for the mic it's connected to.

Edits: There also seems to be a phantom power requirement for the Sony.

A quick look at the specs of the SMQV yields: Fixed 5 V at up to 5 mA; selectable 2 V or 4 V servo bias for any electret lavaliere.  

Interesting that it worked before. 

Until the real electro-brains arrive, I'd bet it's somewhere around those. : \

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