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  1. Found one today when I opened a very dusty case in the bureau storeroom.... thinks its off to VARK for the direct mod and makes a dandy live location mixer...
  2. Yep, therein lies the rub. as i scroll thru the tracks on the X3/X4 routing page, I don't get a highlighted green for prefade...just no highlight for off or solid blue for post-fade. I can't seem to figure it out....
  3. after many hours of searching and scratching my head, I finally turn to my esteemed sound brethren. I cannot for the life of me get the tracks to work pre-fade on X3/X4... many thanks.... cleve
  4. Any idea if new units of the SRc b1 have the board revision. Been putting off purchase until its ready....
  5. Odd one...fellow hands me his SMQV and Sony ECM-77b and says it no longer works. The mic works fine in my SM transmitters...works fine in his UM400a transmitter, but NOT in the new SMQV! I had time to do a bit of swapping...different mics, different transmitters and it was only the lav and new SMQV combo that produced NADA!!! Thoughts from the collective?
  6. DONE....note sent his way this mornng!!!!!
  7. That lower block is 470. Good to hear it's useful in SoCal...worthless in N TX!
  8. cmassey

    What bag???

    As we don't have a store where I can try out different audio bags, I need the help of the collective... SD 633, with Sound dashboard for two SR receivers! Enuf room for an Audioroot large battery, and a small fishing tackle box for lavs and such...and probably only three SMV transmiiters as the fourth receiver will be paired with a plug on device and not in the bag.... thanks in advance!!!!
  9. cmassey


    No antennas.....WOW! I feel very fortunate I don't have that hassle. It's me and my gear, and that's it!
  10. No kidding???? WOW....Congratulations many times over Jeff.....
  11. My goal was three fold....xlr inputs, bigger knobs, mic level inputs! Guess two outta three ain't bad!!!!
  12. It appears you can Philip! I gather this from photos only, Malcolm would know better! http://www.filmtontechnik.de/en/products-from-kortwich/vcp-preamp/
  13. Indeed that is an option! Although it is an early 4S so would have to go across the pond for the direct out mod! Hang up for me is, does it ride all the time with the 633 in a bag, or only when I am stationary and have time to stop and grab it and integrate it into the system? The Kortwich looks as if it could stay with the 633 fulltime...
  14. Being a LONG time SQN user the Kortwich box sure appeals to me...visually!!!
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