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jamming sd 664 to 2 varicams

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what is the fastest and easy way to sync a sd664 to 2 cameras? can I do it easily without locket, i will have a complex kit on the shoulder and want to avoid other boxes if possibile, and honestly i am not very used to sync issue in general on film set. 

What is the basic work flow.  I don't know yet if they will have a digital slate, what I know is they want a scratch audio on both camera and audio synced to them and want time code as TIME OF THE DAY , an assistant editor told me by phone that in past they used to jam at beginning of day and go.
I am just afraid that with 2 cameras is going to be more complicated then that.
What setting I have to make before to jam.  setting time code as free run , setting same fps of cameras, and just jamming with both cameras,. 
I apologize for the confused question.

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