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Batch edit BWF MetaData? re: SD 633, WaveAgent

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 I am stumbling through the process of conforming a projects metadata to a desired nomenclature.  I have very little experience with WaveAgent and have assumed that I can batch edit metadata with it, but it appears I was mistaken.  Are there any good metadata batch editors that work with polywave files?


 Thank you.



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What about: bankA-T07.wav

Unless each TAKE needs a separate designation, in which case the naming process should require a change in SCENE, NOT TAKE...


Use upper and lower case to help the "A" stand out in your example..  The "A" must be attached to the Scene, not the Take.. Seems OK to me... It will all be there...  


We often use :   101A T01.wav   Kinda the same thing...

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 I feel a bit foolish, but maybe this will help someone who ends up on this thread after a search.


 WaveAgent does indeed allow for batch editing the metadata. I am using the Windows version. The catch is that after you select multiple clips and modify a metadata entry, the change only displays on the last .WAV file selected UNTIL you hit "save" and then all of the .WAV files update with the new edit.


 It is very convenient and very much as I had originally anticipated, albeit with the distracting exception that it does not appear to be working until you commit to the save.


 Long story short. :-)

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