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Mike H

Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

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11 hours ago, IronFilm said:


haha, don't think it is worth spending thousands just to make the farm machinery sound prettier! :-P 


Sure it will be prettier, the cmit5u has a warm sound to it without adding 'character' to it. However, the off axis rejection is worth thousands to me because the off axis sounds are attenuated and do not sound weird of unnatural.


It's amazing how much ambient noise is reduced directly behind the mic.


You can get the shot and move on, rather than talking/explaining to the producer about too much tractor noise and getting into a new realm of discussion (based on his near zero iq about mics and sound) because he cannot bear to line up a shot elsewhere or he believes that breaking out 2 or 3 omnidirectional lavs for what was supposed to be a quick shot will make it all better.

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People often take a breath before they talk.

People often nod their head back & forth a bit when they want to but in.

I'd be practicing your booming techniques & hopefully you will work with a shooter who understand fluidity of frame lines.

A wider pattern will make it easier to cover a wider area without going off mic.

A narrower pattern will generally give you more reach.

Me - had 2 416's & 2 816"s till I fell in love with a Sanken CS3.

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