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Jesse Flaitz

New Mix Pre series as an interface

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OS - Windows 10 64

DAW - Reaper

interface - Mix Pre 6


This is not a real review, I don't do post audio professionally, and will only use the Mix Pre for 1-2 input recordings.  I haven't seen much of a discussion about the Mix Pre as an interface so figured I'd start one here to see what other people thought.


I bought a Mix-Pre 6 a couple months ago to use as a back-up field recorder/small gear package for simple interview/small budget stuff when the full Nomad bag isn't necessary.  I haven't used it for that purpose more than a few times, so I connected it to my PC and decided to give it a go as an interface while I don't need it, replacing my ancient M-Box 3.  I don't do post work any more, but I like to keep up some knowledge of the workflow/software/plug-in capabilities etc.


I mainly used the interface to record myself, or maybe a musician friend or voice over artist who need a quick audition recording.  I don't use it for extensive tracking, multi-track recording, or use it as a recorder, strictly and I/O device for my PC.  For me, in that capacity, the Mix Pre 6 is excellent.  It takes some setting up, but after an hour or so I got it working swimmingly.


There are only a couple small issues I'd comment on:

1.  The Input trim control is poorly designed.  Touch screen control only, and 1dB increments each time you touch the up or down.  I'd love if the trim/pan controls could be manipulated with the fader knob when selected.  Not a real problem, just annoying as an end user.

2.  I'd prefer the stereo output level was mapped to some fader as well.

3.  A "mute stereo out" button would be awesome


As is, having a double duty quality interface for my PC that I can quickly turn into an ultra light weight location recorder, is really incredible.  Hats off to SD, at $900 I couldn't be happier with it.


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You can solve issue #1 by:

- Go to the system setup menu and select Custom mode.

- In Custom setup, set Channel to Advanced and leave Gain in Basic.


When you go back to the Home screen the front panel knobs will now control the channel's gain instead of the fader.


I use a Radial MC3 for my monitor controller, but would be nice if you could select whether the encoder was mapped to the headphone or stereo out level. Then you could have a "desktop" preset to control the output to your speakers or "bag" preset where it controls the cans output.

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