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  1. In the Netflix movie Gray Man, Ryan Gosling's character has an Ambisonic mic attached to his rifle for… reasons. Like listening to a conversation through two glass floors in a hotel.
  2. Great work! Looks like your nozzle is a little close to the print bed, which is giving that flare on your first layers. Might want to check your Z offset.
  3. Done! Thank you and everyone here for making a great community.
  4. The 500 series have wider frequency ranges than the 100, so you have a little more flexibility. The 500 series plug-on TX also has 48v phantom for full sized condenser mics. I wouldn't judge mics by Youtube audio, and lavs are practically a consumable anyway. The MKE-2 is a much better mic in terms of quality and durability in my experience.
  5. Just need K-Tek to come up with a bag holder to go where the gas tank would be: https://sondorsx.com/pages/metacycle
  6. Perhaps this, depending on your amp's current draw? https://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/products/Line-R-1200VA-Automatic-Voltage-Regulator/P-LE1200
  7. There's stuff like this, bit I think it'd be too thick for a lav: https://www.cabletiesandmore.com/heat-shrink-adhesive-wrap
  8. Yeah, it's almost like they can't get the F8n A/D converters anymore so they spun a new revision with the F6 converters and slapped "Pro" on the label. Hopefully they're working on a real successor to the F8n. I'd love to see them take the eq and dynamics from their other products and move them into the F series for live use, as well as more modern features (record to SSD, USB-C, etc). Makes me sad that my F8n most likely won't get any more updates, but at least I'm not tempted to upgrade!
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Never know when something like this can save your bacon…
  10. If it doesn't have to be Lundahl… https://rdlnet.com/product.php?page=166
  11. Yeah, but rock is so organic sounding… I'm sorry, I'll stop with the audiophile jokes.
  12. Metal pipes? Dude, stone is so much warmer and more natural sounding.
  13. Or the engineers designed in a DSP overhead to allow plugins to expand the box's capabilities, enabling another revenue stream. At the end of the day these recorders are a niche product and many folks hold on to their boxes for years. While the push into the prosumer market with the MixPre line has probably done well for the bottom line, getting pros to pay for upgrades to hardware will also put more money in the bank. I don't mean this as a criticism of SD, I think it's just the reality of trying to make money in between major product releases.
  14. Confirmed, they are smalls.
  15. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the finished mod.
  16. Check out the horn solo starting around 47:30…
  17. I don't know, but I recommend reaching out to Rode support. They're extremely helpful.
  18. Glad you like the new machine, @borjam! I ordered the same spec in 14", should arrive Wednesday.
  19. You can use the Go II RX with iOS with one of Rode's SC-15 or SC-19 cables; you can also use a Lightning to camera adapter and a USB A to USB C cable. I cohost a podcast with someone that's not comfortable being in close quarters unmasked, as he has a daughter that's too young to be vaccinated. So he calls in over Facetime, and that used to mean setting up a mix minus and headphone distro. If this was a paying gig I'd bring the mics, mixer, etc. But for a passion project (a podcast about my neighborhood) I'm going for speed and convenience.
  20. I used these: https://quickfist.com/quick-fist-clamp.html
  21. I really wanted the Instamics to work for recording podcasts on location, especially when they started adding time of day TC (I use UltraSyncs and don't want to buy a Tentacle just for this). The timestamping is never accurate enough, and I got burned when a mic shut down during an interview. So now I use Rode Wireless Go IIs when I don't want to haul the bag, mics, stands, etc. It's even more convenient now that the Go IIs work with the Connect computer app; I can easily bring someone in remotely and record in person. The software records the audio as individual ISO files. Before I'd have to use an iPad into a JK Audio box for the remote, set up a mix minus in the recorder, etc. Now I can use my laptop with the GO II RX as an audio device.
  22. So you extend the boom and leave it there? That'll be great in tight interiors. I guess v2 will have a mechanism to extend/retract the boom. Then you'll need a camera by the mic pointing down to "check focus" and then you'll need…
  23. Way back in another life I remember those H10s being modified for the spot ops comms on a Broadway show. They were perched onstage next to the speaker towers where SPL went over 120dB…
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