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Matthias Richter

credits PSM on Stranger things

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so I just finished watching Stranger things and didn’t stop the credits on the very last episode cause I wanted to read who the PSM was. I thought I missed it because so many titles went through and after the accountants I never expected to find the PSM basically hidden somewhere between office PA and camera trainee.

Is that common sense?? Hope not!

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Ha! Lucky he got a credit!


I've had an apology from a director for not getting a credit when I had nothing to do with the production of their film besides dipping into my address book for some contacts (nice, obviously) - and then missed serious credits when not available to make the necessary phone calls to fight for them. Crazy ... and ugly. But the former gave me some insight into the latter - the fight for credits can be a shocking fight, and an unpleasant experience for the above line folk who probably don't realise we're losing out when friends are given unnecessary credits. I'm a bit of an advocate of a return to the old studio system of eg SOUND - The Old Dept Head Git In Charge Of Recording Editing and Rerecording ... although I'm damn proud of even my minor credits, especially the early ones, and I'll never (or rarely) be even a sub-department head!


Look back a few weeks or months for Jeff's story of thinking he'd missed a credit then finding otherwise. Heartwarming.



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