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  1. in my case the app Legacy needed jws on its whitelist
  2. Using Haze as the theme doesn’t make any difference here. I will try and see which of my ad-blockers is causing the blocking and put jws on it’s white list. Using several ones - so it needs some testing.
  3. I just noticed that I have to deactivate my ad-blocker. Otherwise I‘ll get no content when opening any thread.
  4. and your cap reads BBI. The „Berlin-Brandenburg-International“ Airport. The embarrassing ongoing disaster here in Berlin. Should have opened 10+ years ago. Still under construction...😂
  5. bought the CS208 used in 2007 right before Andy went for retirement I believe. The moment I opened the Pelicase and had that board before me is still very present in my head. It was the first real invest I did back then and it felt soooo good. Not a single hiccup in all those years. And as mentioned I even managed to get 2 more inputs on the mix-bus faders. But having to link my mobile setup (Nomad12&Mix8) for those big scenes was doable but no fun. Having 16 faders right in front of me now feels much better. I think I will keep the 208 anyway. I might even buil
  6. it’s with a heavy heart but I have updated my cart and therefor lost my beloved analog Cooper mixer. Deva 24 with Mix16 is my new setup with a RX12r joining them in the near future. It still amazes me what this old mixer was and is still capable of. Need additional outs? It’s there: every channel got DOut Pre AND Postfade. Ideal for any playback scenes. But 8 faders just wasn’t enough any longer. Cedar and Comms-mixer found a proper home now. And reducing some weight on the cart is a welcomed plus. While working on the cart I noticed some minor cracks on the upper case. Will repla
  7. thats what I have heard too. Stereo is half the range than in Mono. I have a SKP100 for Director‘s IFB and had the rack for the Booms - the BoomOps were complaining more often about range. Switched to SKP ...
  8. we can’t select ext TC in the menu no matter what mode we select. Any ideas?
  9. or record your voice as a guidetrack and do a clean VO later matching the GT. Doesn’t have to be dead sync.
  10. yes. You got a line? You‘ll get a lav! Sometimes even for breathing. Specially Jonas. He used to express emotions by his breathing.
  11. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the show! It’s amazing how Dark as a German show was received by an international audience. Our Director Bo is the coolest person you will meet in this business. Season 1 was a lot of pressure on him and sometimes it would get heated on set. Season 2&3 were much more calm. We shot by locations and actors availability. Script got changed and tweaked every now and then. No set was stripped down in case we needed it again. That’s the advantage of a studio shoot.
  12. it was either done with a double or when using a motion capture cam we‘ve played back the chosen take on loudspeakers to get the timing right, muting the PB for the on cam lines obviously.
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