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  1. Canford exchanged the handle segment. Unfortunately now 1 year later I have the same problem again with the same boom pole. To me it feels as if the handle segment is not stiff enough in it self and does rotate in tiny moves around the end stop creating little creaks. But again: Canford really helped to identify the problem in the first round
  2. I started out with Schoeps but wanted something more easy to deploy and bought the now tested arsenal of mics. In the end I always went for the Schoeps whenever possible because I KNEW I could achieve a better result. If the one option you have is the 4097 then you probably happy cause you can’t A-B them. And in post they will get rid of the hiss anyway.
  3. haven’t done a AB comparing between ZMT3 (3V) and ZMT4 (5V). Might help with the noise floor too but I think mostly with the dynamic range.
  4. I did a non-scientific comparison test and recorded some dialog (me talking) in a car (Volvo 850). One file is while parking with no engine running, the other file is while driving (50kmh and 100kmh). I have tested: Schoeps CCM41 Schoeps CMC1SOMK41 DPA4097 DPA4098 Sanken CUB01 DPA4063 All mics were mounted on the drivers sun-visor but the CUB01 which was mounted between the sun visors on a hard surface. All mics were transmitted with Zaxcom ZMTs. Both Schoeps with a ZMT4 (on 45V). DPA4097, 4098 and Sanken CUB01 on a ZMT3 (3V) DPA4063 on a ZMT3phantomV2 (3V) The Schoeps microphones are my first choice on every dialog scene - why should it be any different when recording dialog in a car? With no engine running the lower noise floor on the Schoeps mics is quite obvious and for me one of the reasons to go with these mics whenever I can. In the past that sometimes was a bit of a problem, because the CCM needs a cable, which needs to be hidden from camera. Ever done a low-rider day depending on day light? Every minutes count. Here comes the new CMC1SO preamp on a gooseneck-arm. Again it needs 48V but with Zaxcom´s new ZMT4 (or ZMT3phantom) it’s a perfect match. No cables needed. Just tape the transmitter on top of the sun visor and sound is ready to roll. I noticed the CMC1SO produces a bit more low frequency rumbling while driving than the CCM. But with a bit of roll-off in post (or on your mixer) this won’t be a problem. In fact you can use the Schoeps low cut (CUT60) with the CMC1SO and get rid of the rumbling before it hits the preamp avoiding any overload or hitting the limiter. Both the DPA4097 and 4098 are very handy microphones. The higher noisefloor is covered from the engine / street noise. Again: in situations without the engine running I would prefer the Schoeps microphones. If you need a small mic that covers a wider area the CUB01 is an „OK“ tool. It needs a hard surface to be mounted on because its a PZM-mic. With Schoeps you can also vary the polar pattern by using a different capsule on the CMC1SO and go with a cardioid (MK4) instead or even wider. All the best, Matthias 491455380_comparisoncarmicsVolvoparking.mp3 1984949242_comparisoncarmicsVolvodriving.mp3
  5. I can only speak from my experience with ZMT3s. Turning down the gain even to zero didn’t help on all the lavs I mentioned. Only with the 6061 did I get clean screams, crying, arguing etc
  6. the 6061 doesn’t show a higher noise floor to my ears. So I do use them on a daily basis now on low / normal voices too. But with the safety for surprises and screamers.
  7. 6061 is the go to mic with ZMT series. All the other mics I have will have distortion sooner or later. 4063, 6060, B6, Kodi and even COS11 - you name it. Took me a while (and some money) to finally found the proper match.
  8. +1 on the big screws! Had them squeak after a SFX rain day. Some silicone spray solved the noise.
  9. I learned: minus optical sound
  10. that’s way too short for set life. You can’t wait for the battery to die but need to change when still safe AND in an appropriate moment to approach the actor. So it’s 2:30 at max which means up to 3 batteries until lunch break. Not cool.
  11. I never use it with BT on set. Either hardwired or radio link. Today I forgot to disable BT on my phone and was connected to the JBL. Guess what?! It shut off by itself after I didn’t play anything on BT. So it could really be the BT …
  12. the warning is for the CMR not the new CMC1 SO
  13. It’s probably the most wanted Schoeps product for us production sound mixers: https://schoeps.de/produkte/colette/mikrofonverstaerker/cmc-1-so.html can’t wait to check this one out perfect for car dialog?!
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