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  1. I never use it with BT on set. Either hardwired or radio link. Today I forgot to disable BT on my phone and was connected to the JBL. Guess what?! It shut off by itself after I didn’t play anything on BT. So it could really be the BT …
  2. the warning is for the CMR not the new CMC1 SO
  3. It’s probably the most wanted Schoeps product for us production sound mixers: https://schoeps.de/produkte/colette/mikrofonverstaerker/cmc-1-so.html can’t wait to check this one out perfect for car dialog?!
  4. Awesome! Director asked me more than once to play mood score to the actors. Shooting in a big soundstage and this small beast is filling it up (to a degree)
  5. I have this speaker on set since 25 days now. All day on battery. No shut off whatsoever.
  6. Another Matthias from Berlin here 😉 you gonna need an adapter. Zaxcom is offering those themself. Or the one from Gene Martin. Also available through Ambient
  7. Just don’t use hardline signals 😉 Been using my CS208 for the last 15 years with all Zaxcom wireless including Booms.
  8. 1899 shooting-day 1 today. Excited to mix this new adventure from the creators of DARK. https://deadline.com/2021/05/1899-netflix-creators-dark-talk-europes-largest-virtual-production-stage-multilingual-series-1234747377/?fbclid=IwAR3AKMQBqxhL2IGUh4GWjGypZjVVHYih2SV8fUoqIaSEamtf9FvqYrvfOzc
  9. High impedance. One output with passiv Sennheiser shark fin. The other output a Betso Sharkie. Betso stays off if the passive ant is attached.
  10. Fyi: Zaxcom RX12R can supply 12V bias but if one (open) passive antenna is hooked up the DC will shut off.
  11. We have started prep for our new journey: 1899. The master minds behind Dark (Jantje and Bo) are writing and the LED - „volume“ is getting installed. No real traveling unfortunately but I am happy to shoot at all in this restricted time of C19. Glad you enjoyed Dark!!
  12. is the TV-Lift on 12V out of the box? I‘ve seen one but that needed 24V ...
  13. Adjustable height is really cool. I have to exchange my cases this winter and thinking about it too. Just afraid of too much headache and trial and error. You went with a TV-lift this time?
  14. this would be perfect as private line comms between mixer, booms and utility - if it works as claimed.
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