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  1. Thank you! We have finished season 3 (final one) 1 week ago. Now it’s Christmas and family gets the deserved time from me. So please forgive me that I have not written anything yet. But I will. Promised. Merry Christmas!!
  2. I will do ... Don’t expect any crazy stories like Simon Hayes on „Cats“ though 😉
  3. Waking up after another exhausting week it’s nice to get a positive feedback! We finished day #83 and day by day we say goodbye for good to characters and locations.
  4. 2 Sennheiser TXs (me & VV) and EK1039 for Director, script etc. They can switch between Live and Playback/VV with a single button
  5. DIY with 2 AA dummies, 1 AA with lead to USB and a powerbank. thats what I use on a 742 which takes 3xAA
  6. it’s a bit hidden now: http://www.panamic.net/portfolio/53-5850/ scroll down for the pdf
  7. Just finished shooting day #50 of season 3 today. Glad you like it! It will get even more complex and confusing
  8. I‘m in contact with the guys from Canford. They use the same fibre and tools as in 2007. Next step is they contact their supplier to check if they have changed anything in the recipes of the fibre. I doubt that.
  9. I have swapped all components but the fibers from my old (non creaking) pole to the new pole: still creaky Seems to be the carbon/ fibre itself?! Also - with Panamic you‘ve got adjustable endstops. So there shouldn’t be any play left. Even if I adjust the end stop very wide so I can barely slide the segment in and out - it still creaks. If I have my ear next to the last segment I can hear those creaks very prominent. Sounds like inside the pole.
  10. I have sent back the first 3seg 3 month ago. They told me they could not reproduce the problem but sent a new one nonetheless. The new one „seemed“ to be fine in the beginning but now creaks too. what FB group is it in? I‘m in various groups too - maybe I can search within the given group?
  11. Constantin - when did you buy yours? My 4seg is maybe 1-2 years old. The 3 seg a few weeks. The 4seg is harder to force to creak but will eventually under certain conditions.
  12. 620-650 was unusable at times. Shot just outside Rome next to an army base apparently.
  13. after further testing: it all depends how wide you grab the pole. If the boom op needs a lot of movement back and forth within his arms and therefore got his hands pretty close to each other (less than 50cm) the creaking becomes very noticeable. The wider you get the grip the less creaking we get. It should not be like that?! Or is that normal with all newer Panamics? Did they change material? The old one does not show this behavior.
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