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  1. as long as AI isn’t working in real time right on set there is hope that the Director and other on-set crew need a proper mix to hear the dialog which requires a dedicated sound crew as of now.
  2. the new version just adds the app. But you can also play without it. For the nostalgic touch there is also the 40years anniversary edition. Really old school 😉 If your family does speak a little German (or wants to learn) there is another favorite of my childhood (still available on A…) called „Hase und Igel“. It looks really cute but you can get clever and strategic if you must win!
  3. It’s a very old German game. The company „Ravensburger“ is a traditional German games company with loads of classics. The British company Milton Bradley came out with a UK version some years later - did check it on Wikipedia 😉 You looking for family / kids game? Matthias
  4. thanks! There is a new version available now. You can play it old school just like 40 years ago or the advanced version with an app on your phone. I think I‘ll give it a try. Cheers, Matthias
  5. this is totally off the sound-book but: I want to give a present to a UK family. My German family loves a game called „Scotland Yard“. Is this known amongst UK families or will it be (hopefully) a surprise?
  6. Well, well - that’s beyond my knowledge then. Some real experts needed here 😉
  7. if you are singing, shouting you are using vocals. They do produce the most energy / loudness but what you need for speech intelligibility are consonants. Like S and T. Those are produced from your teeth and are much higher in frequencies then your vocals. That’s why you push 4-5k to enhance speech intelligibility.
  8. I‘m not quite sure what TRX you gonna use. Does it have a stereo input? Wouldn’t that need a 5pin connector?
  9. Sound quality is perfectly fine. Wouldn’t use it for classical music recordings but to record some ambience. The sound quality relies on the preamp mostly. So if you are using a good (small) preamp to feed line level to the TRX you can’t go wrong.
  10. still using a RX900 to receive a TRX742 with a stereo cone. Nice n easy setup to quickly install my (mostly) Schoeps MS on set. Either on a stand or magic arm somewhere. Got something going on in the background you (or location) can’t control - at least record it properly on separate tracks. Doing this on cable would be impossible.
  11. very nice indeed!! I often get asked what to use with Schoeps xyz-mic. Now I can send them straight to the right suspension/ wind solution.
  12. I think this is more to prevent a TX being flushed down the drain. Not a bad idea. Too late for my ZMT4 though …
  13. I often encounter the following on set: I can’t understand a line / certain words delivered on set. I‘ll speak to the director about it. Two common reactions: one: I can understand everything just fine. Don’t interfere with the acting! two: ok - you can talk to the actor. If I‘m lucky the actor appreciates my concern and can adapt. More often than not the next take got the lines clean and crisp but the acting is suddenly so dull and poor - it’s not gonna make it through editing. Reaction again from Director: Happy now?! Clean sound but shitty acting. Great!
  14. Ben Frost is the composer on 1899. He was doing the score on Dark as well. Fabulous music if you ask me. He is also very interested in sounds in general. Had a long chat with him on set. He even bought a Nagra to record effects and instruments! The use of pop songs was at least on Dark a habit for the end of each episode. They would create a montage sequence along with it. Give it a try!! It’s gonna be entertaining and puzzling.
  15. proper trailer out now. Streaming from 17th of Nov on Netflix
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