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  1. You can also use an USB power bank and 2 AA dummies & 1 AA with leads soldered to an USB connector. That’s what I use my 742 with in stereo exactly for the same purpose you do
  2. Gene Martin mod to the cone?
  3. the SGS needs a holder for every pole / suspension no? My DIY solution converts the ZMT to a self contained plug on. More cost effective...
  4. Do you mean a 743 OR a ZMT??
  5. that’s true if I don’t fade the mic down that would pick up the actor (and loudspeaker) in the opposite room. And also if there was too much bleed through the door. But then I wouldn’t need the comm-system anyway.
  6. Spoke to the dialog editor from last year. He even used the loudspeaker sound as part of his sound design. He encouraged me to use it again. thanks!
  7. I will suggest the obviously more elegant version using phonaks. The „should be ok“ part of the actors needs either asking / testing in advance or 2 TXs to be on the safe side. Since I have used the speaker version with that very same director last year as a quick and dirty DIY solution he probably won’t understand why we can’t use that system again. Thanks for your input gentlemen!
  8. Budget ... I would need 2 TX for the phonak or else the actors hear themselves I did a similar scene last year using the radios direct outs (AF) into speakers which went ok. I think if I use additional mics treated with the expander AND put them on faders which I will fade with the dialog it should be alright.
  9. I´ve got a scene coming up where 2 actors will have dialog through a door with a window (glass). For them to hear each other we need an intercom system. Basically 2 small loudspeaker that gets a feed from the opposite side. To have the dialog as clean as possible I want those speakers to just engage if the other side is speaking. I thought to use Automix from my Nomad but (correct me if I´m wrong) that won´t work since the Automix will send both signals to one single output. I can´t use Automix as a gate / expander can I? Other idea was to use 2 lavs / 4098 using Zaxcom TRXs and engage the expander in an extrem manner. Or use the actor´s lavs, fade them up / down pretty hard and use those direct outs as feed for the speakers. Or use IEM but that might be not possible with camera Any other ideas? Best, Matthias
  10. This one is quite versatile. Can be used as mixer or splitter https://thomann.de/de/art_splitmix4.htm?appSlotVersion=1.1&r=app
  11. my beige seems better than my black one. It does make the click on both but the black comes off nearly without any resistance
  12. what color is yours?
  13. Kortwich got the same deal now: you can order any quantity you like from Kortwich. Price is very close to the standard.
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