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  1. thank you Jeff for having us and having your / our site!! Just donated and I‘m sure many will follow. Best, Matthias
  2. just bought another Panamic Maxi 3 seg. Was fine for 12 shooting days before it started creaking as all the ones before. I‘m done for good with this particular model. Something is off. Basically 4x different Maxi poles in 3 years and no solution to the creaking. It’s very annoying and sad.
  3. first official trailer is online:
  4. my only advice: record ALL and EVERY rehearsal that you get without SFX going. Just doing this as I‘m typing. SFX wind machines and water pumps are noisy as hell. Can’t hardly hear any dialogue.
  5. did you test (yourself) how bad it would be if one hears oneself in the Comtek feed? If it’s an analog system there shouldn’t be any delay.
  6. I was excited at first but as said they seem to be designed for close micing high SPL. The new Schoeps CMC1KV and the CMC1SO are perfect for plants. Especially the KV with endless mounting options with little magnets.
  7. I‘m moving to a new home and look what I have found in one of the 300 boxes:
  8. Zaxcom TRX743 with AES digital cone. Get a battery mod by Gene (or use an ext Powerbank) and you are good for 5-6hrs.
  9. you just found the top secret solution. Don’t let it snap! Have your index finger on the purple part and let slide back into the locking position.
  10. just did a test with the HT SM2 on my regular IFB receivers EK300. Not convinced. They sound dull in comparison to my regular Sony‘s and also pronounce the noise floor of the EK more than the Sony‘s. What’s your findings?
  11. as all my signal were coming in on RF anyway the Cooper didn’t have that much influence in the sound but the preamps in my TXs. But as I said: the limiter on the D24 drove me nuts! That problem just didn’t exist with 208&Fusion.
  12. no crashes so far. Done nearly 200 days now with the D24. Coming from an analog mixer it took a while to find some limiter settings that I can live with. For some reason I never heard any limiter on my Fusion 12 and also not on my Nomad 12. D24 limiters sound different. Not so transparent. Just try and not hit them …
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