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  1. my beige seems better than my black one. It does make the click on both but the black comes off nearly without any resistance
  2. what color is yours?
  3. Kortwich got the same deal now: you can order any quantity you like from Kortwich. Price is very close to the standard.
  4. +1 on this. If using any tape you have to be very careful not to loose the caps. They will stick to the tape maybe 1 out of 3 times.
  5. that’s weird. I just did that. Maybe it was to get a better price. Will check again.
  6. If you are interested write to Kortwich please: mailATfilmtontechnik.de Refer to the MZF as for Matthias Richter and they will know what you are talkin bout.
  7. just got off the phone with Kortwich-Berlin. They could offer the custom version of the MZF8000 if there is enough demand. Sennheiser wants to sell a batch of 50 units. How many are here that would like to buy that filter? Price should be just a bit north of the standard price
  8. I‘m waiting for a reply to get a source at Sennheiser. He got his filters modified 5 years ago. Will get in touch with Sennheiser and report back then.
  9. I know a German Sound Mixer got this 18dB Version made for himself by Sennheiser. If enough mixers get back to Sennheiser then we might get it!
  10. if I may point you to my DIY solution: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/27447-very-mobile-lightweight-setup-for-soundblankets/
  11. no Golden Globe but the Oscar journey continues: "Never look away" is one of the final 5 Nominees for "Foreign Language Film" and also nominated for "Best Cinematography" - congratulations to Caleb Deschanel! Congrats also to my fellow sound pros from the post production of this movie. They are nominated for the MPSE Golden Reel in "Feature Film - Foreign"!
  12. Yesss! On the short list: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/academy-unveils-2019-oscar-shortlists-1168394
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