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  1. get in contact with Zeigermann Audio in Hamburg/Germany. He did the sound on a few impro shoots where all Lavs could be chosen on iPads to listen into whatever you wanted. I believe director / producer etc could combine as many as they needed. 40 Tracks in total iirc.
  2. it’s a small, regular suction cup. Bought it years ago. But if you google „suction cup 1/4“ you will get quite a few hits.
  3. I wrote an article with some (hopefully) helpful tipps and tricks https://schoeps.de/en/knowledge/knowledge-base/recording-techniques/miking-a-car
  4. Anyone got experience with the DJI Ronin 4D? In particular with the Autofocus (laser) system and the video-tx (2.4 & 5.8GHz)? Any trouble with your audio wireless? I will be using Zaxcom .6 and Zaxnet.
  5. the short and direct answer: unfortunately it is normal for all Super-CMITs. However post can filter it out.
  6. Schoeps lovers urged a lot to have something comparable and not to buy into another brand 😉
  7. the photo in the car was used in a parked situation. Suspension of course will produce better results but quite often there just is no space. Have used the KV up in the visor taped in with Joe‘s with great results.
  8. I have the SO and the KV version. For hiding as a plant the KV is brilliant! Very small and with a flat back which will snap onto a magnet. The SO is very handy if you don’t have much time and need a fast method to deploy a mic. I just did a mod to a table stand which makes for a very nice table mic.
  9. Schoeps CMC1SO as tiny, elegant table mic. K&M table stand fitted with Lemo connector on both sides to use with Zaxcom ZMT4
  10. +1 for Joppe’s charger. Just bought 2 of his new version and love the size and quality build. Also love the fact that one can force the charger to top up the batteries so you know for sure they are @100%
  11. Wireless (Teradek) 90% of the time. Don’t go hard wired. It just reduces your flexibility on set. Or you are forced to follow VV whenever Director likes to move elsewhere.
  12. does it alter its function at all when stuffed away?? My Kelly lives squeezed in a pouch since years. Looks as new the moment it is put on top of the Pianissimo. To my eyes anyway.
  13. as long as AI isn’t working in real time right on set there is hope that the Director and other on-set crew need a proper mix to hear the dialog which requires a dedicated sound crew as of now.
  14. the new version just adds the app. But you can also play without it. For the nostalgic touch there is also the 40years anniversary edition. Really old school 😉 If your family does speak a little German (or wants to learn) there is another favorite of my childhood (still available on A…) called „Hase und Igel“. It looks really cute but you can get clever and strategic if you must win!
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