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Neyrinck DD2 - AC3 5.1 encode played back in 7.1 system question.


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Hello All,


I am attempting to encode a 5.1 source track into a 5.1 AC3 surround matrix using Neyrinck's Dolby Digital 2 plugin in Protools.  I am creating a blu-ray for festival submissions.

I seem to have everything in the right place (I've tested it in Dolby Digital 2's preview and all the correct channels are playing back in the assigned channel). 

However, when I take it over to my home theater system which is 7.1,  I've noticed that the surround channels (Ls/Rs) are playing out of the mid-room surrounds and NOT the back speakers as would just a 5.1 configuration.


When I play a consumer surround disk, they seem to play back properly, just my disk seems to be wonky.


I tried re-exporting with the EX bit extension but the disk still plays the same way.


My question is this:  Is there something in the encoding that I need to configure that might affect the distribution of the encoded channels?  How do I get the disk to map the Ls/Rs to  the rear channels?


Thanks for any guidance you can give me!



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Hey John, I know your query was AGES ago, but I'm in the same boat, have the plug-in and everything and I haven't been able to get it to work yet.  Did you ever solve this riddle?!



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