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Doc Justice

The All New Halter Technical Field Monitor

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Halter Technical is proud to introduce the second generation of the Field Monitor, the premium single-ear IFB headset.  This new model is designed to replace the previous version in an effort to ensure compatibility for ALL IFB USERS!

The first and most major improvement with the new Field Monitor is that the connector is now a mono (tip-sleeve) 3.5mm plug.  With this change, the Field Monitor is now fully compatible with the Comtek PR-216 receiver.  Plugging the Field Monitor directly into any IFB will work with any mono signal.  For users who prefer stereo (either a stereo IFB or a different playback device such as a camera or music player), the Field Monitor now includes a stereo-to-mono adapter.  Using this included adapter will allow users to hear two channels of audio in one single ear.
Based on user feedback, the Field Monitor has been enhanced in a couple of other areas too.  The shirt clip is now removable, and improved with a tighter grip.  The Field Monitor’s cable itself is also now 6-inches longer, to help accommodate those users who like to run the cable down their back.  We are now also including two extra silicone earbuds, one small-size and one-large size.  The Field Monitor even comes in a smaller, more environmentally friendly packaging.  We tried to think of everything!
The Halter Technical Field Monitor is available from the usual suspects, or you can check out "Where To Buy" at our website, www.haltertechnical.com.
Please consider purchasing the Field Monitor for your IFB needs, or adding them to your expendables lists for your upcoming productions.  Thank you for your support!
Field Monitor Half Page Brochure Front.jpgField Monitor Half Page Brochure Back.jpg

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