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  1. My SoundField SPS200 achieves that, is compact and ideal for location and music work mike
  2. mikewest

    Most common microphones on set?

    What about asking that question to the sound mixer(s) you work with ? mike
  3. mikewest

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Well if 4.51 is the latest then yes sir mike
  4. mikewest

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Had my 633 latch up half way through a job yesterday Turned power on the initial Sound Devices screen appeared but recorder did not boot up Switching off and removing power did nothing and the machine just stayed with screen on After about 25 minutes the machine turned off and allowed normal boot up when powered up Quite and embarrassing situation to be in! Any advice or comments please? mike
  5. mikewest

    Audio Interface for Women

    Yep I agree with most sentiments above Firstly we have great women in sound and remarkable women AC's here in NZ On the other hand some skill areas do not attract woman - grips and lighting Make-up wardrobe, hair and art department yes. We all navigate to what suits us for many reasons! mike
  6. mikewest

    Audio Interface for Women

    Having successfully having promoted women in sound and production here I find this attempt at humor to be disgusting! mike
  7. mikewest

    travel trailer

    Park it on-set! You'll be early for breakfast and have a toilet available Plus less travel mike
  8. mikewest

    Recommendations for versatile PA speakers

    I used JBL Eons ( the smaller ones ) for a long time Solid and great sound quality! mike
  9. mikewest

    Fellow Sound mixer.. hard to watch

    Very sad in your gun laden country. So sorry mike
  10. mikewest

    LM transmitter question

    And see this: mike LMa Manual.pdf
  11. mikewest

    Movie Slate 8

    I have always used BWF Widget Pro Works like a Dream!! mike MERIDIAN TVC 9Apr Sound Log.pdf
  12. mikewest

    Florida Storm

    Hi all you sound folk and families in Florida Hope you are well and not too badly affected by this terrible event I sent Joe Guzzi of TAI AUDIO an email yesterday but have not received a reply Thinking of you all mike
  13. mikewest

    waterproofing and mounting a lectro bodypack?

    I have 4 x MM400a transmitters and they have seen a lot of this work A B6 is a bit frail for rugged situations so they all have B3's that are more rugged mike
  14. mikewest


    Just use lavs and iso them then you have all under control Then its up to post as you cannot mix improv mike
  15. mikewest

    Setting Levels with Lavs>Mixer>Recorder?

    Just plug and play yourself or with a friend Set, listen for distortion and find out It;s all about using your ears and learning No website or advice will help mike