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  1. mikewest

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    All good advice I've done a few Take the feed (often mono) Record the audience in stereo Remember the house mix may not contain the drum kit Ask the house mixer mike
  2. mikewest

    LEMO connectors

    Look for a pre-made cable on eBay from China!!
  3. Tell them to post a video clip! mike
  4. mikewest

    Red, again

    Always tell the producer! If it might cost more money in post you will be blamed! mike
  5. mikewest

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    The 25-11 have gold plated springs that the blades connect to Also replacement leads and pads can be bought in Ebay for a fraction of retail price Make you wonder where they are made!!! mike
  6. Noise level is critical when recording atmosphere tracks but with run of the mill sound fx it is less critical. Research the noise level specs of the two microphones and maybe borrow an 8060 and compare. I use Sanken mikes for all my work and my Sanken stereo has delivered hours of great tracks mike
  7. mikewest

    Choosing boom pole

    I have used Panamic poles for decades. Reliable strong and easily serviced I have two KTek booms that I love also Some boom operators favour Ambient! Cheers mike
  8. mikewest

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    Wow thanks Jez. Gee 1982, 3 radios and 1 boom. We had no rushes viewings at all in Rarotonga but Oshima San organised a viewing when we returned to NZ ( a married optical print). He commented to me after the screening "sound very clear, very strong!". Cheers mike
  9. mikewest

    Sound Devices 633 Internal Battery Dead

    Why is the 633 buffer battery not easy to replace please?? mike
  10. mikewest

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    Hi Ty and Jez I've been in this business 53 years and enjoy and strive to present my best attitude and results. It's still hard but I love it! Have a great break and fondest for 2019 mike
  11. mikewest

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    Well Ty times have changed and I see less experienced people on the production end of things. The digital devolution means that every man and his dog can own a camera and point it. Sound needs more consideration and skill to achieve results even for the smallest production hence us sound guys and gals have to speak up, ask questions and suggest solutions to the situations we find ourselves in. So be brave, take pride in your results and feel proud of your acheivements. mike
  12. mikewest

    Winds of non-change

    That's a broom operator! mike
  13. mikewest

    K-Tek Boom Pole and Local Radio Station pickup

    Also does the recorder/mixer you are using have good rf filtering on it's inputs? mike
  14. mikewest

    Most common microphones on set?

    Exactly Ty, Placement of lav, costume, actor's head placement, actors teeth, speech quality and impediments are all factors. mike
  15. My SoundField SPS200 achieves that, is compact and ideal for location and music work mike