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  1. The only issue with hardwired lavs is the dynamic range can be wide and hard to handle. At least with wireless the compressor/limiters give you better control. mike
  2. Look in the 5 pin mike connector on the transmitter Often dirt collects there and causes this problem Use a blower and maybe a squirt of DeOxit mike
  3. Rigged in the trousers or skirt of a "large" person it's quite noticeable Hence rig on the side of the garment mike
  4. It was a KEMO product KM50 A 0.22mFd capacitor and a 0.03mH inductor mike
  5. I have experienced the need for isolation between some battery equipment. Most things have dc/dc converters in them that can impose noise on the common lines from the battery. Using a Zaxcom stereo transmitter I found that I needed to isolate it and discovered that a package car generator filter did the trick I cannot find the details but it consisted of a series inductor and a parallel capacitor. mike
  6. Good answers Two issues are the time to do it and the fact that two camera shooting may limit the wall space for treatment Years ago I recorded a lot of scenes in and old house with picture rails om the wall about 6 feet from the floor. I bought furni-pads and had rings attached to an upper edges, then I bought old style picture hooks that the pads were then attached to hung from the picture rail Quick, light and easily moved to the next room location! mike
  7. All good advice I've done a few Take the feed (often mono) Record the audience in stereo Remember the house mix may not contain the drum kit Ask the house mixer mike
  8. Look for a pre-made cable on eBay from China!!
  9. Always tell the producer! If it might cost more money in post you will be blamed! mike
  10. The 25-11 have gold plated springs that the blades connect to Also replacement leads and pads can be bought in Ebay for a fraction of retail price Make you wonder where they are made!!! mike
  11. Noise level is critical when recording atmosphere tracks but with run of the mill sound fx it is less critical. Research the noise level specs of the two microphones and maybe borrow an 8060 and compare. I use Sanken mikes for all my work and my Sanken stereo has delivered hours of great tracks mike
  12. I have used Panamic poles for decades. Reliable strong and easily serviced I have two KTek booms that I love also Some boom operators favour Ambient! Cheers mike
  13. Wow thanks Jez. Gee 1982, 3 radios and 1 boom. We had no rushes viewings at all in Rarotonga but Oshima San organised a viewing when we returned to NZ ( a married optical print). He commented to me after the screening "sound very clear, very strong!". Cheers mike
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