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Timecode in with Arri umc-4 and Red Epic

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Hello guys,


i was wondering if anyone has ever worked with this particular set up before. The Arri umc-4 is an external follow focus brain. Unfortunately it uses the sync input (where we normally plug in timecode) of the RED. The umc-4 has a regular timecode input (5 pin lemo), we can get timecode to read on the umc-4 but it doesn’t go through to the RED. Has anyone worked with this particular setup before?


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Hey Jason,


have not figured a solution yet... kindly the camera dept. have allowed me to leave my Ambient nano plugged into the sync port so I am constantly feeding it timecode. The only functionality they loose out on by not using the sync port is for the ability to remote start and stop. Luckily the DP is a friend of mine and a good man so he doesn’t mind doing it. I’ll let you know if we figure it out!


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Rec roll is on a different pin of the SYNC port, so you can use both with the adequate cable. RED carries an accessory that splits up the 3 signals, TC, genlock, and roll, to 3 BNCs (http://www.red.com/store/products/3bnc-to-00-lemo-sync-cable) a well equipped rental that carries RED cameras should be able to supply. We also started to supply a special cable that uses SYNC and CTRL on RED DSMCs for TC and metadata and links remote roll trhough one BNC. Oh, and the upcoming PowerLockit will loop that signal as well.


Still I wonder why ARRI takes TC input without making use out of it neither looping it through... cameras, a different world...

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