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  1. You can also buy a pre-made version of the Zaxcom Analog Cone that Sound Guy Solutions makes. If your local dealer carries Sound Guy Solutions Products, have them inquire about purchasing or just reach out to Gene Martin at Audio Dept in Burbank.
  2. Jason Todd


    The first time I used auto-trim I got it and liked it. Hoping for similar with the Nova. I also hate virtual faders and use an FP8 with my Nomad. The idea of having to find and press a tiny button any time I wanna make a trim adjustment isn't appealing, but I'll reserve judgment until I get my hands on it. I also doubt I'll use the Nova for jobs that require more than 5 channels. Just not a fan of banking while mixing dialogue. It makes sense for music, but is tough for dialogue mixing. Even with my Oasis I only use it for jobs that are 8 channels or less. I have an M32R and Pix270i for large track count jobs.
  3. Jason Todd


    Likewise. Definitely not trying to pre-judge. I just think auto-trim is such an elegant solution that it'll be hard to beat. I hope the Nova method knocks my socks off. Hoping to get a little hands on time with it on Saturday at the Gotham Expo.
  4. Jason Todd


    Hate to be downer, and I already preordered a Nova and URX100, but that doesn’t sound faster or more intuitive than autotrim to me. Also, do you have to then hit another button to restore the 5 encoders to being faders after putting them in trim mode? Or do they default to faders after a certain period of time?
  5. I think it's an excellent sounding show done under incredibly tough circumstances. I don't recall hearing any distortion and think their sound team does a fantastic job.
  6. It depends on how old the CSM1 is. I have a friend that bought one when they first came out and it didn’t play well with my ZMT Phantom. They changed something on newer one’s and now it’s fine.
  7. Shannon Rhoades is doing some work on one my Neumann's. Looking forward to hearing the results.
  8. I've had this same problem. I just spot jammed the Red several times throughout the day. If you figure out a solution, I'm all ears.
  9. What's your distro / antenna situation? Can't say i've had issues with Prestons and Zaxcom's and I'm all wideband low. I have more problems with the noisy stages in Greenpoint. Haha!
  10. Jason Todd

    Ursa Strap

    You can buy the thigh straps in the US, but I don't think they can sell the ankle and waist straps in the US.
  11. Bill, where did you get the swanky right angle lemo cable for the mini that points up?
  12. I'll definitely take some if they're still available.
  13. Glenn, what's extra awesome is that I was able to program in multiple Zaxnet frequencies on the ERX. So I had each transmitter broadcast a different Zaxnet frequency and then could cycle through each transmitter on the ERX to QC them individually. Very helpful.
  14. Makes sense. I did something similar, although on a smaller scale, for the documentary Rats. We had to steal some shots in Vietnam so I used recording transmitters in record only mode and I wore a recording transmitter with a DPA lav in a baseball cap for ambience. Listened off an ERX in my pocket with earbuds when wiring people up and would occasionally walk by talent while filming to make sure the mic still sounded good. Worked great! In the final product, you can tell the switch between the A7S that we shot on in Vietnam vs the Arri Mini we used for the rest of the film, but the sound is consistent throughout the film. Good stuff and it totally saved my bacon. We were supposed to be able to bring our whole sound and camera package but that fell through, so we had to scramble. We were flying in from Cambodia, so not chance of getting other gear. Luckily all my wireless was Zaxcom, so I just snuck in a few transmitters and an ERX into my carry on and was able to get on with it. Production was incredibly happy and grateful.
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