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V-Mix Video Recording Software - Anyone sent audio into V-Mix - Experiences and Optimizing?

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Hi All,


Did a live to "tape" sports shoot gig the other day feeding mono mix audio from MixPre-10T  into a PC laptop running "V-Mix" video studio software. Just wondering if anyone else has used V-Mix and has any experience about optimizing the audio workflow.  We sent an analog mono mix out of the MixPre 10T via single TA3/XLR output into a basic Roland USB interface into laptop and on into V-Mix software.  The results were clean but final levels in the laptop seemed a little low for my liking. Need to get more familiar with gain staging into and inside V-Mix, I think.


I was impressed with V-Mix generally for it's capabilities and features - too bad it's not Mac based :-)


FYI https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1103266-REG/vmix_scsi_vmixhd_hd_software_download.html/pcur/CAD?c3api=6329%2C109213537993&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk4Sohbj02wIVQtbACh3pTQnBEAAYASAAEgIxTfD_BwE






I can see the MixPre-10T being useful in that it should be able to stream multi-channel audio via USB into V-Mix - have yet to try this but hope to experiment.


Thanks for any tips you'd care to share. Wishing you all a great day!




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An app like this will make as good sounding a recording as the digital feed it receives, although it will be very compressed data-wise.  Can't you use the MP10 as the ADC, and skip the Roland box?    That would probably be an improvement.

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