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Bruno S

Frequencies available in the Netherlands

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Hi everyone!


I'm going to shoot a features film in Rotterdam. I've seen this:


Reading this, it seems to be quite open but anyone has experience to share in the country or the city?

I had the info that using wireless systems between 530Mhz and 690Mhz will work without problems but I'm using wireless between 470,100 and 537,575 Mhz for to mike actors and between 823 and 863MHz for IFB.

Has anyone experience of this operating frequencies?


Many thanks by advance,




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I have no experience with anything under 512 MHz and I don’t shoot often in Rotterdam so I can’t give you a local scan but I can give you this link:




If you type in Rotterdam (or any other city) in the search engine you will get a rough estimate of frequencies that are NOT already occupied by bigger RF spectrum users. This ofcouse doesn’t include wireless microphones etc. 


In my experience it’s not hard to fit 5-12 wireless channels in a small spectrum. I do need to remind you we have a maximum of 50 mW transmission in the UHF range and officially a smaller deviation (50 khz instead of US 75 kHz) of the signal. Not that I’m ever get checked about it but I run 25 mW Digital regardless with great succes (dense channel packing and great range)

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Hey, I am from Rotterdam 😉 . Like Frido I don't have the band you are using, but the spectrum site linked above indeed shows no problem. One thing to keep in mind if you shoot near the harbour area; sometimes it can be a bit sketchy from time to time, due to some strong (illegal?) high Watt scanners and transmitters from all the international shipping vessels passing by. 

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