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  1. (Your) ears are definitely not matched ;).
  2. I used this mini clamp, just because I had it laying around. Clamped to the pistolgrip.
  3. I was referring to this https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/frozen-pizza-national-dish-norway
  4. Frozen pizza, the classic Norwegian dish...
  5. XLR cables will get stiff as a stick, so keep that in mind if you run a wired boom pole, internal or external.
  6. I did this once, not with the countries involved in your case, but similar cross country non payment issue. The tread alone (claiming ownership since nothing payed, thus the copyright holder) was enough for them to pay it promptly. My "secret weapon" was that I knew all the film boards and other finances that backed up the movie, so i made it very clear that the next communique would be CC-ed to all those boards, mentioning that the sound was not being paid for, this not legal to use.
  7. Hi Matt, I talked about this with DPA; They acknowledged to me that this can be an issue due to the BT transmission, for remote control and TC, the Theos DBTX has, and the less ideal shielding of the 4061. The Wisycom MTP 60 and 61, as well as the Tentacle Track E (both having BT TRX on board) have (sometimes) the same issue with these mics. One of our end users got one 4060 with this issue, and another not. He could send the one causing issues back to DPA for a replacement.
  8. @EMP: firmware updated, ready to be installed via the Sidus Audio app.
  9. Hi @EMP, confirmed. We are working on it, we have a solution already, final stages of testing at the moment.
  10. Hi @Blocktek Sorry to hear that you did not get a reply. Can you send me a direct message or an email (vincent@deitymic.com) with your name so I can have support look into that?
  11. I have all 3; level 3 is really hardcore network stuff. I would say 1 and 2 is more than enough for location sound, 3 if you need to rig up complete congress centres, tv station networks or other large interconnecting projects/setups.
  12. I did a quick 'n dirty walk test on the IBC show floor. Walking around Hall 8 (Audio hall) with the prototype DLTX (Lemo in, Phantom power out). S-Mic 2 on a pole about 30 cm/1 feet above the head. Hard- and firmware not finished, but it gives a good impression. Note; this is with the non diversity prototype D2RX (receiver). (Vid details; Audio you hear is being transmitted back to the recorder, video is iPhone. audio and video synced in post. No other adjustments to the audio being made, straight recording from the D2RX out, into the Mixpre 10).
  13. This is regarding the legacy BP-TRX units. The Theos system is not falling under this agreement. Next week, we will show something at IBC Amsterdam...
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