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  1. You assume or know this photo is taken whilst they actually are recording? Maybe the still is taken before or after. It is always hard to tell from a photo, how things actually are at a location. Not to mention knowing the room acoustics etc.
  2. Recently I was looking into the same. I stumbled upon these slim iPad kinda HDMI monitors. might worth to explore this route because it is so low weight and very cost effective, Maybe some articulating tablet holder with a 1/4 inch thread to a blind panel or something. Loads of rugged tablet holders out there already. https://www.amazon.com/UPERFECT-Portable-1920×1080-Raspberry-Cellphone/dp/B07K8JLR4C
  3. What is your line of work, that you need 14 wireless in a bag, vs. the conventional, more relaxed way, of a cart with the optional mixer board, real estate, etc.?
  4. Yeah, well the exception I mentioned, only is being held up in public transportation here. To quote our government's website about it: Under the current rules in the Netherlands, it is not necessary to wear face masks in your own personal time. Public transport is an exception. As of 1 June, the use of a non-medical face mask is required when you travel by public transport, since it is not possible to stay far enough apart in public transport. It should be noted that limited scientific evidence is available regarding how effective these face masks are.
  5. Same in the Netherlands. The exception is if the 1.5 meter distance is not possible.
  6. If you replied me; I was joking...
  7. That is just a news crew doing everything properly ORTF....
  8. A small device, I guess not much different than a rasberry pi kinda "mini computer" with dedicated "one task programmed" software. A complimentary phone app will let you do all the tasks.
  9. Yeah, that sums it up. So I am sure your questions will be answered on launch before you swap your credit card...
  10. we advise 4, but technically it can be higher (some use it with 6 channels). We also are sending a back (remote controlling) over a different channel. So that let us say, 4 channels of TX, means 8 channels in use. The US has 11 channels legally available, EU 13, Asia up to 14, depends where. No Ah gotcha, will forward your user request. As of now no. The whole Connect series is stereo/2 channel. The HD-TX, BP-TRX record stereo, the BP-TX, HD-TX & BP-TRX transmits a stereo signal. I see you are in Hamburg Germany; I consulted the local branch of one of the German national public broadcasters; they use a couple of connect kits at the moment for a stereo camera hop. One BP-TX in the audio bag, a Duo-TX on camera receiving a stereo audio feed from the sound mixer. The new BP-TRX will do the same, yet since it is just for one TX, more portable and convenient for on camera. Disclaimer; I am talking a bit from top of mind atm. All this said; we are close to finalize the production versions, I will receive the engineering prototypes soon, so I can give you some really detailed explanations, and how to's as well how it will work exactly. give me a week or 2 😉.
  11. There is one on the Connect kit user page, scroll down and click on support. The site is in overhaul at the moment and the rest will be added to the new one. We do not use the traditional audio to RF conversions/transmitting (be it analogue with a compander, or digital wise) you can compare our way with a digital SDI video transmitter; As written above, because of the tech we use, we are limited to a max amount of bandwidth, just like aforementioned SDI transmitter receiver systems. So it is UP TO 3, which obviously means also 1 and 2 IEM's will work. No. That is the idea from the get go; all units in the Connect family will talk with each other. If I understand you correctly; the jammed or generated signal is already displayed on the screen. If you wanna use a BP-TRX kit as a wireless (audio) LTC transmitter you can do that, although it is worth to mention the (jammed) TC drift will be off less then a frame in 24h, on par with the systems out there. If not rec run, you can just Jam every IEM with the master TC and use the stereo/2 channel audio as a scratch feed . For Rec run you have to go (audio) LTC yes. I have to get back to you on that. I don't fully understand that. The Duo RX already is a receiver with a headphone option out. Design concept; you boot the unit up in the desired function, so the menu and input/outputs correspond with that what is needed for the occasion. Failure under warranty is always on us, no matter what, and will be done by us, to fulfill the rest of the warranty time. Outside warranty it is surfacable by us, the dealer, or we can send you over a replacement kit. It stops ("card full" notification, also you can see on the RX that it stopped) but I will forward your idea because it is a good one. I also will also forward this idea as a "user request" 😉
  12. The BP-TRX will come in a solo version, a "timecode kit" (2x BP-TRX with accessories like TC cables, exact cables/bundle will be disclosed soon) and a "deluxe kit" (hard case, DUO-RX, 2X BP TRX, 2x W.Lav Pro black and a bunch of cables, exact details will be disclosed soon). On our website, the new BP-TRX not yet, but we will post it on the site close to release. We have service and RMA handling in Europe (Just outside Amsterdam NL) North America (L.A.) and Asia, If there is something that needs to be addressed it can be done fairly quickly, with shipping/cargo obviously in mind. Generally speaking the local dealer's service centre is the 'in-between' in EU, per EU regulations (point of purchase is the first responsable for RMA dealings), but so you know, we have local headquarters to deal with this sort of stuff. Not as of yet, i have to check if that is doable, I don't think so. Currently we have the HD-TX with a balanced XLR input (and Phantom power). Exactly how you are used to from the other brands; you can jam the BP-TRX with any TC box/recorder (SMTPE TC) via the TRS output/input. The HD-TX does not have TC. RX is one to one receiver mode (call it traditional mode, one RX to one TX), IEM is "multicast" mode, one TX can be send out to up to 3 BP-TRX's which you set to IEM, so hook up a headphone and you have an IEM. Not at the moment, obviously if I do can, I will post it.
  13. Not released as of yet; expectation is around the end of summer/Q3.
  14. Yes they updated the design in the F8n (mark II).
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