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  1. I won't take that as the starting point, but rather if a stereo or other kind of omni sound will be played back mono (Phone speaker, or 1 ch BT speaker, which is, frankly, done most of the times anyways nowadays), then mono compatibility is quite of the essence. And there indeed lies the beauty of mid side.
  2. Surely noted. We will indeed discuss this internally because I agree that things should go as quick and possible as can be.
  3. Hi @Blocktek, sorry to hear/read this; I will notify our US team internally. This shouldn't have happened.
  4. If any of you are planning to come to the IBC this year; Friday the 9th we are throwing a Mixer Mixer at a pub, so you are all invited. Drinks on us! We are organising this with our friends of Bubblebee Industries , URSA Straps and Hide-a-mic.
  5. Deity Microphones will be hosting a LIVE DEMO with Eric Leek (Hide-a-mic), Simon Bysshe (URSA Straps) & Poul Mejer (Bubblebee Industries) all about 'Hiding Lav Mics' + other tips & tricks. Come and go as you please! No registration needed. IBC Deity Microphones Hide-a-mic URSA Straps Date & Time: Saturday, September 10 | 10:30 AM CEST Location: IBC 2022 | Hall 8, Booth 8.D47 | Deity Microphones
  6. About cyclists/pedestrians and electric vehicles, my own unscientific experience as a driver of both an full electric car and electric motorcycle; the car has the sound build in. The motor cycle not. On residential roads, I always have to honk my horn a bit to warn cyclists that I am coming from behind, on the motor cycle, because it really is dead silent. Often more silent than a fellow bicycle. The car, they sense me indeed because of the speakers, so they move to the side or at least watch their backs. My car, a Hyundai Kona Electric, has quite a similar sound as the Renault Zoe
  7. I only see the option in WaveAgent to export it to PDF or CSV; No iXML.
  8. BWF MetaEdit has an XML export I just checked, maybe look into that if it helps/works: https://mediaarea.net/BWFMetaEdit And iXML per file basis:
  9. Could it be a HDMI thing/delay/drift?
  10. Not as much. Proof is in the pudding. Go check/test it out. This all started in the 90's I guess with lining up ADAT recorders and DA88s, multiple digital 8 tracks to line up sample accurate. It doesn't matter, because it is the SAME straight edge you use for both or all measurements.
  11. The Wikipedia entry actually sums it up quite nice: "Word clock should not be confused with timecode; word clock is used entirely to keep a perfectly timed and constant bitrate to avoid timing errors that can cause data transmission errors. Timecode is metadata about the media data being transmitted. Time code can be used as an initial phase reference for jam sync using the word clock as the frequency reference." So to put it simple: word clock makes sure that 1 second is 1 second on all devices, every sample, TC makes sure you can eventually line up al devices in post. So once you import it in a DAW, it all lines up. To put it even more simple: you have 2 pieces of wood marked at exactly 1 meter because a magic ruler made sure they are at 1 meter, not 1.000001 or 0.999999. So you just butt them up against a straight edge and you are good; both lines will match. The magic ruler is word clock, The straight edge is TC.
  12. Hi Daniel; I will send you a private message so please check that. Because this does not sound correct, so I can look into this.
  13. No M50s, but I have a SM58 with some spit/dna from Alicia Keys, Adele and some other singers in on it, 5000$ sounds about right
  14. of course they do degrade. What make you think microphones are an exception of the "laws of physics"? 25k of that 30k neumann is gearslutz tax by the way. *Now, because some mics are having an "epic history", might make it very much worthwhile to restore/fix, whatever. But all labour and component expenses involved, after a while, it becomes a technical total-loss (not taking the "fanatic tax" into account, sure, a "name-50/60s car model" is sometimes also worth to fix for this reason)*
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