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  1. We are fully aware of the (huge) delay on the BP-TRX (caused by a variety of reasons) and personally I would have like to see that differently, obviously. Though, I can not give an exact date yet, we are REALLY (and this time, REALLY) close to launch. The moment I do have exact dates, worldwide, I will post it here. Apologies for the inconvenience, we learned our lessons on announcing things way ahead of time.
  2. for sure. My post was from the --Yeah, it is possible, capable, from a technical point of view--. Is it ideal, desirable? Neh.
  3. Hi all, yes the BP-TRX is USB audio class compliant, the "release candidates" I have here on my bench are completely functional with the laptops and android phones I have at my disposal over USB; it just shows up as "BP-TRX" in Reaper DAW for example. At the moment we do not have user replaceable kits for the batteries; at the moment we do it at our repair facilities in the various regions of the world (EU/Amsterdam, US/Los Angeles etc). so it is an easy sent in, and swap at the moment. But we are working on a kit. That all said, we are really getting close to release, it all takes longer than we all want, but the end/beginning is near!
  4. Technically no real issues (Garageband and other apps for phones are not new), I think it boils down to "dedication" of the hardware. The processor in the phone vs a recorder is about the same, if not, better in the phone. But FPGAs and (arm) processors in dedicated devices/recorders are tailor made for doing specific tasks very good, whilst a phone has to reserve things for other tasks as well. Your phone is just a computer, so it comes down that the bottleneck the software/Operating system. TC could be solved with one audio input of an interface dedicated to LTC (and again, software that picks that up correctly, writes it to meta data, etc).
  5. I guess if there are loads and loads of complaints, concerns or returns, they would have.
  6. I have had one in my hands to check it out, didn't check it for solderability though. But assuming it is, which most likely is the case, it will take you 5 minutes to do so, and you can use your beloved headset. We solder plugs on 300/600 usd lavs all the time to adapt them to different systems, so not a big deal.
  7. Why not just solder the right connector/wiring? Or am I missing something here?
  8. I think you are projecting a little, or a lot. All I said was "his art his choice, move along" (meaning to me: it doesn't matter, millions of movies are made, with certain artistic choices, whether it is sound, lightning, whatever). I guess the bait was in the latter of my sentence, the "move along", that for some reason I am the subject all of the sudden over here. No, I was talking about his style. Like, how David Fincher's films are basically always dark and green, Gaspar Noé shocking without borders, And Vin Diesel films is sponsored by white wife beaters.
  9. Oh you gonna play it below the belt now? From a technical point of view I will be the first to start a discussion. This is not it. fair point, yet in the end, there is no right or wrong in this. I believe gradually we can conclude this now, after x-amount of Nolan's movies with overwhelming sound.
  10. @madno, we are also talking via email, but since you posted here as well; You are putting a mic level (DSLR ISO) out into an line level input. That explains also the low RMS of -50dB average in the screenshot I send you. That will explain the high noise floor. You cranked way up. See your email for the other settings I adviced.
  11. I listened to the file. Sounds like loose wiring, internally I guess.
  12. In Deity case, no. Pre-amp -> AD conververion @24b/48k -> Transmission. Think of it as your Wifi connection; it has to cramp a lots of bits and bytes in a narrow band, so *FSK is needed, yet it remains the same as the original digital signal on the RX end. what system? Might be the AD conversion or preamp you hear?
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