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  1. Yes. And you can also set the TX in "sleep" remotely from the RX, in case you need to go over the 10 to 12 h. battery life.
  2. Yes the TC will be stamped in the audio file, just like you are used to from your audio recorder, so at the end of the they indeed it is loading the cards, and go. You can even remote roll (press record) from the RX, so no need to roll all day. For sake of simplicity and keeping the whole signal flow of TC separate from the rest, it is a deliberate choice to do it the conventional way. But your suggestion is noted 😉
  3. Yes, I just updated my post above you. No need for that, since it stays in sync all day (and more).
  4. Switching is (by just a push of a button) not possible; due to the nature of our protocol, you need to have access to the TX to be able to PAİR a TX to an RX. Recording to SD whilst transmitting is possible (worldwide, except units sold in US), syncing wireless is not needed, you jam it in the morning once, and you are good for the day, just like you would jam your TC device (or BP-TRX, since it is a plain TC device as well 😉) for the camera.
  5. Still, the final stages. I know, I sound like a broken record by now, but hold tight...
  6. Get above the crowd: I had a similar kinda shoot years ago also no way of getting stationary larger antennae, so many people blocking me from the actors (thus the RX) so I figured, I just get up on a plateau to increase the line of sight probability a lot.
  7. You mean Cinela windscreens/zeppelins?
  8. Hi Matteo, try lowering the transmission power in the RX, mind you, this is JUST the transmission power for the remote control functionality (like changing gain, recording on/off if you use a HD-TX etc), which most likely you can turn all the way down to 10mw. That said, certain microphones are unfortunately not immune to RF, as wel as proper shielded cables are a must. Since the Connect system is "bidirectional by design", the Duo-RX is a transmitter as well, so you have to take that into account.
  9. What kind of security are you "demanding"? This dropbox/google drive/etc portal to portal transfer is offering the same kinda security as your bank is using to let you send and receive money. Nothing is 100% hack proof though, not even your homebrewed Nextcloud setup on your NAS.
  10. With 0.5 HE ventilation panels (screw hole positioned close to one edge
  11. If I recall it correctly from the Facebook discussion about this at the time; the KickStarter campaign is actually more used as a tool to test the waters, to see if it is indeed a product to proceed further with development. Since this is quite the niche item, I think this is actually a quite logical way of doing this.
  12. Most likely post will replace the scratch track with the recorded audio? And uses TC with that. Your calculations are correct, but keep in mind that most cameras also have an SDI output latency. Take RED cameras for example, that goes up to 3 frames, depends on the frame settings. Most cameras have about 2 frames SDI output latency. For some reason the pandemic did not affect sales, and indeed we are low/out of stock; delivery to dealers should start next week again. If you really want to get a proper estimate of arrival, let your dealer contact us so we can make
  13. from a technical point of view you are correct that indeed the ms add up. Though from our point of view we see this as camera hops for scratch audio, not for final delivery, as you record that audio on your device. That is one tier of the market, the other is the location sound mixer, with the shotgun microphone series the w.lav pro and micro lavaliers, and the wireless systems towards the beginners/ENG teams, and who knows what will come in the nearby future that might strike your curiosity 😉
  14. exactly. See this chart per example, how much average hourly rates differ from country to country.
  15. As a general "rule" from my personal experience and what I see around me is that; first of all, Europe is NOT Europe. What I mean by that is it really helps if you speak one of the 24 languages, THUS working in the region of the language you do speak is the logical result of this. Although in most countries you get away with English, you will be second choice for most gigs, especially for a newcomer to the market, some exceptions here and there. The UK and Ireland obviously are English speaking as you know... So yeah, from a competitive point of view this would be a downside for you. As fo
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