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  1. Vincent R.

    Mixpre-10t - Talkback mic

    Yes, well, not 3 positions, 3 tabs. One to solder output to, one to the led, one to the mic. But it's still 2 positions.
  2. Vincent R.

    Sonosax M2D2

    Well they said about now:
  3. Vincent R.

    Mixpre-10t - Talkback mic

    @roubi Often it's done by wiring a LED in combination with the switch; if the switch is off, a red LED turns on, powered by the bias power, if it's off, the mic turns on. The load will stay constant then, so the pop will not occur.
  4. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    My wife is Turkish, so we live there. It's a great city/country, except the political bullshitery.
  5. Vincent R.

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    Indeed a bag of tools is needed for this but not that much, your confidence is worth the most. Completely blind is a far stretch I would say, the briefing would be in the lines like OP wrote (6 performers and FOH option in his case). Some examples I did in the past; Adele (briefing; Guitar and vocals, in a hotelroom, turned out a keyboard player was there as well), Esperanza Spalding, (briefing: "hey tomorrow Spalding, we have an hour during rehearsal in the concert hall with full band. FOH feed available), Jamie Cullum (briefing; The 02 theatre London, 15 minutes soundcheck, 15 minutes rehearsal shooting, FOH available, at least grand piano). The one video I linked above was like that too. So really basic info nothing much, and most even less info. For these gigs I brought a big Portabrace bag with mics, cables, jumpers, and a mixer + recorder, all battery powered. most of the time I roll at 2/4 tracks max, a lot of summing. I did a lot in 2005/2009, so keep in mind the gear at the time. For mics, I had a couple of big condensers, 4 pencils, lavs (great for quickly taping somewhere, if easier wireless) and a stereo mic. Maybe like 5/8 mics. But most of the times when I was doing it in combo with FOH feeds I just run max 4 channels of my own, so a stereo mic and 2 extra somewhere. Again the one in the video was 4 mics plus the FOH/mixer, straight to 2 track because there was no time for audio post. I had a stagebox with me to make it convenient because I knew I had to be quick, and mic stands. All my gear was so compact I could theoretically bring it with public transport. On all the gigs above I was in and out in an hour, because the o -so-precious time of the A artist you know, that's all we got. Hear hear! Doing these kind of jobs are fun, bringing back the child memories of recording bands and groups from the hood on a crappy portastudio cassette 4 track 😀
  6. Vincent R.

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    I've done plenty of these gigs so i wouldn't be afraid to take the job without a proper briefing (about all the time it was like that with me, with A class acts from all around the world, then it helps I have a music background) but I can understand you're since you never did a job like this before. Take plenty of jumper cables/connectors with you, be prepared to mic some yourself (lav on a singer/guitarist goes a long way, some extra on mic stands stand by), indeed a stereo mic or even a mono boom somewhere to get ambience (perfect in the mix). Years ago I did this job with ZERO prep work. 4 mics and the feed from a board and 15 minutes setup time. Live to 2 track, not even ISO.
  7. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    @JonG a difficult topic for sure, thanks for the modesty because indeed It is easy to scream from another country how things should be done. I hear you on the "cheaper gear is not the answer", it's sometimes a necessity, at least to get started. By cheap I mean not crap, a first generation Apature Deity wouldn't sell, for example. I'm talking in therms of the SD mixpre series/zoom8, a local manufacturer making (sound wise competing with DPA) lav mics, a NTG3 which helds perfectly fine against a 416, things like that. Every penny counts sometimes, especially if you know it will take longer to earn it back. If a currency of a country goes down the drain, but still you have to get the stuff from abroad, it can go fast. And then the purchase/rental ratio is the first what goes as a standard. I can go from one side of the country to the other (2.5 hour flight) for like 20$, but the plane is still a boeing (another example, for illustration purposes).
  8. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    Sorry but you are talking out of your *ss on all 3 accounts; 1. In the end the seasons are scattered and a big summer downtime. Also we are not talking about "starters" these are just the rates 2. Food is as expensive as Europe due to shortage and high importance taxes (follow the news, I pay pound for pound sometimes more for potatoes and cheese in Turkey than when I am in the Netherlands 3. Rental is equal and even index wise higher since the complete TV/film sector is based in Istanbul; I pay about as much rent in Istanbul than I pay in the Netherlands, where I have the option to live outside crazy places like Amsterdam. Clearly your opinion is what it is, your opinion, I'm talking about what's really going on, whilst working in Turkey. Or are you living here as well? If the common talk about sound mixers here in Istanbul is that it's getting very very difficult to get quilty gear due to high pricing/shitty lira/extra taxes, and that they are happy that there is some lower cost yet OK alternatives out there, I can take one conclusion. That's what I intended with my remark to Chris before. Not to start a debate with somebody who gives an opinion about some facts... Also I didn't mention Deity, I said lower cost but acceptable gear. No brand names named. Oh and just a note, fortunately I am not affected by all this, since most of the times I work for foreign productions shooting in turkey.
  9. Vincent R.

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    Good you mention you use the F8; most front of house desks will give you a line level feed (from the desk, or routed via a stage box), so be sure to have trs jack cables/jumpers with you, since the F8 only accepts line level via trs.
  10. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    About all Alexa. But the system is a bit different; because of the already mentioned big TV drama industry here, production companies purchase and write the camera kit off in about a year. So from there on its "free" and go out as rental in the off periods for a very very low price. You can get a Alexa easier in Istanbul than a can of Cherry Coke. They are the no. 1 or 2 buyer of Alexas in the world, lots of 1 serial numbers here as an reward from Arri. Oh so and the difference is that (sound department) gear is NOT part usually of the inhouse equipment, so that doesn't "benefit" from the quick write-off. Mostly freelance or actual location sound companies with staff are hired per project.
  11. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    And your point is? A boom operator on one of those famous drama shows gets €40/50 a day. Talk to sound house/person here and you will hear the struggle. Some even go under. Not claiming that cheap gear is the way to go, that's not the point. For perspective, a Lectrosonics wireless kit is about a half year teacher's salary here.
  12. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    You are right. I would say, from a western perspective. There is also another world out there; I live 50% of the time in Turkey and they are "screaming" for lower cost yet still acceptable gear, since the market/economy/circumstances are way different than In Europe for example.
  13. Vincent R.

    new low cost radiomic

    Maybe with NAB around the corner an update on it's way?
  14. Vincent R.

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    Yeah the first Aputure Deity is indeed a noisy mic. the revision (s-Mic 2) is completely different.
  15. Vincent R.

    NAB 2019 ... still no ''wish list'' topic already ?

    You got some intel?