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  1. After about 15 years of struggle, I came to this conclusion. Life's too short.
  2. Well, isn't there a working alternative since day one? A third party fader panel?
  3. Vincent R.


    Yeah I hear that for years now.
  4. To be the wise guy...; Basically all (new) location recorders are computers, see a zaxcom boot screen and it is all Linux flashing by 😉 Edit: Oh wait, this a post from 2016. Why the dig up @DonSpaulding ?
  5. You need the "special filter cable" or make your own "special filter cable"; https://www.audioltd.com/tech-articles/eliminating-rf-induced-microphone-noise/
  6. @Patrick Tresch that is a nice print! did you or Shapeways did some surface finishing or is it straight from the printer?
  7. You are right. Although for a short run from a bag/cart up 2/3 meters to a pole, you wouldn't notice any difference.
  8. A firmware version might be handy, for "trouble shooting". I run with an F8 occasionally, and never noticed this. So if I understand it correctly, the date is wrong/missing on some files, not all. That's it?
  9. Vincent R.

    Schoeps MiniCMIT

    No lawyer can stop you from having an opinion.
  10. Rumor has it, the Tentacle BT system/access points are about to be made public in form of an SDK (software development kit) so third parties can sync to/from it (or develop for it) over... BT.
  11. So a (first?) hands on example of the capabilities. Audio example starts at the 5:40 mark:
  12. Maastricht University (in The Netherlands) or Berlin (capitol of Germany)?
  13. Some comments in a facebook group regarding this:
  14. It is an issue with the earlier units of the F8 indeed; as acknowledged by Zoom, they changed some RF shielding design in the later production runs, as well as with the F8n. I can say from my (still limited, not tested throughout due of lack of time..) experience that the later Zoom 8s don't have this issue. Other recorders I or others tested/are using with success; Mixpre 10T, SD 633, Sonosax SX R4+, lower cost Zoom devices, Zaxcom Nomad. Like I mentioned before, we had interference on the Lectrosonics SRc receiver when in close proximity, but in the same bag there was a Sennheiser G3 RX and that one didn't had any problems. Extra note; the fact there is "RF spill" or how you wanna call it, is the fact there are 2 transmitters in the receiver as well, for the bi-directional functionality. As with all systems, that might explain the problem with the Lectro unit, since it is a known fact that TX and RX close to each other is not a wise idea.
  15. They (SMPTE) are busy with the successor of the current standard for a while, it is called TLX (Time Label, eXtensible) and most likely the choice of synchronisation will be over IP: https://www.smpte.org/webcasts/standards-feb-beyond-smpte-time-code-tlx-project
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