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  1. NZ is no exception. The whole world has these kind of precautions.
  2. I asked this week, when I had dinner with a EU Sony rep. The official policy now is that both Japanese and EU reps are about definitely not flying in. And the off the record gossip is that it is a very political/strategical move to stay or leave the show; indeed companies like Sony/Canon etc are the "showmakers", so if they bail (for sure they still have to pay the invoice though) NAB will get hit quite hard. So for certain there is a whole lot of bargaining and negotiation going on behind the scenes. That said, the EU and JP offices make decisions on a couple of levels; health off course is a priority, but also the continuation of a stock exchange listed company; if a couple of representatives come back to the factory with the virus they have to close the hole shop kinda scenarios are the reason they just make the "no fly" policies. They have to answer to stockholders.
  3. Off topic; it appears to me that so many people see (analogue) limiters as a deal maker or breaker these days. All I can say is if that indeed is so important, are you actually proper gain staging on set? How hot are you running your mics? Also, since we typically (not this topic, but again, sorry for being slightly off topic..) run 1 or mics wired and the rest wireless, the limiting and gain staging has to happen in the TX, and if a limiter in a recorder is crucial for you in those occasions, your settings are really "far from home".
  4. After about 15 years of struggle, I came to this conclusion. Life's too short.
  5. Well, isn't there a working alternative since day one? A third party fader panel?
  6. Vincent R.


    Yeah I hear that for years now.
  7. To be the wise guy...; Basically all (new) location recorders are computers, see a zaxcom boot screen and it is all Linux flashing by 😉 Edit: Oh wait, this a post from 2016. Why the dig up @DonSpaulding ?
  8. You need the "special filter cable" or make your own "special filter cable"; https://www.audioltd.com/tech-articles/eliminating-rf-induced-microphone-noise/
  9. @Patrick Tresch that is a nice print! did you or Shapeways did some surface finishing or is it straight from the printer?
  10. You are right. Although for a short run from a bag/cart up 2/3 meters to a pole, you wouldn't notice any difference.
  11. A firmware version might be handy, for "trouble shooting". I run with an F8 occasionally, and never noticed this. So if I understand it correctly, the date is wrong/missing on some files, not all. That's it?
  12. Vincent R.

    Schoeps MiniCMIT

    No lawyer can stop you from having an opinion.
  13. Rumor has it, the Tentacle BT system/access points are about to be made public in form of an SDK (software development kit) so third parties can sync to/from it (or develop for it) over... BT.
  14. So a (first?) hands on example of the capabilities. Audio example starts at the 5:40 mark:
  15. Maastricht University (in The Netherlands) or Berlin (capitol of Germany)?
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