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Impulse Responses in the News (radio story on Hagia Sophia & Byzantine chants)

Jim Feeley

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This is a cool seven-minute radio story from our local public radio station:



New Year's Day Music That Hasn't Been Heard in 500 Years


The Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul is incredibly reverberant — a sound will echo around and remain audible for eleven seconds. That reverberance shaped nearly a thousand years of music written to be performed inside the cathedral. But no one has been able to listen to what it's like to hear a church choir sing inside the Hagia Sophia for over 500 years. That is, until now.


Some more text, and a link to the audio story here:




The whole project started a few years ago (but an album was just released, hence the news peg). There's a bit of background here on Stanford's CCRMA site:



And a five-minute video (aimed at a general audience):



Check it out!



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