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Help please, weird 744t issue

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Hi, had the strangest thing happen today. While recording on 744t, I heard a delayed playback of the same recording, through the headphones. Also (and I'm not sure if this was always there and I've never noticed it), there was a headphone icon next to where it shows the channels (in my case 1,1) I was listening to. When I reviewed the files later, I did not hear the delayed playback in them. Any idea how I messed up? Much appreciated.

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It sounds like you were using the "confidence monitoring" selection in the headphone matrix. You were listening to the actual audio that was being written to the hard drive. Because of record buffer time you hear it about 10-12 seconds delayed as it has to write to disk before you're hearing it. Pretty useful if you want to switch between your mix and the recorded track(s) but can be a bit annoying if you're hearing or seeing sync video while monitoring. 

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27 minutes ago, redguitar said:

Thanks! I'll check for this feature in the menu? Hopefully I can turn it off!

You can just use the headphone rotary dial to change to what ever you want to monitor. In the settings you can also set favorites and defaults for when you press the dial in. (or make it so nothing happens when pressed)

It sounds like you were either scrolling through headphone options and accidentally settled on the confidence monitor option or you pressed in the dial by accident and it defaulted to a favorite that you may not have realized was set. 

For example: Among many other combinations, you may have been trying to listen to tracks A and B but were listening to confidence monitor A and B

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