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RF Band Pass Filters

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I'd like to tighten up my frequency coordination by adding some passive RF filters to my wireless, but neither Lectro nor RF Venue offer the specific filters I need. All of my receivers are in Lectro blocks 20-22 so ideally I would have a 75MHz filter between 513 and 588 (or a 100MHz filter from 500-600MHz).

Has anyone found a source for ordering custom filters like this? I see the Wisycom BFA would do what I'm asking, but it's expensive, needs power, and also provides amplification which I don't need since I already have active PSC antennas. I could always sell my PSC antennas and just buy the Wisycom LFA's, but before I go that route I'd like to explore the custom passive filter options.


Side question, what antennas are people using to transmit 470MHz signals? I switched my IFB transmitter down to that block, but Lectro dipoles only tune the center frequency down to 550, and even the miracle whip extensions only say they go down to 486MHz, which I know is "close enough" in RF land, but is anyone making specific 470 antennas?

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I know two sources that may design those filters. 


One of them is in Italy and the other one in Greece. The prices are from cheap to reasonable. 


The first one is a radio amateur in Greece who is selling some nice products. I am quite sure he would take custom orders and, besides, this area would be a promising market for him I think. While his products are more oriented to the diy amateur radio operator, I am sure he can supply finished products for end users.




The other one is in Italy. He is actually selling filters for professional applications. I have purchased a couple of filters from him and they certainly matched specifications. However, he is rather chaotic with delivery times and shipping. Otherwise the products I have tried are great.





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