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BG-DU + Talentcell battery


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I'm running my Zoom F8 on a Talentcell 6000 mHz Li-On battery.  


I decided to add wireless, so now I need to power my SRb as well as my F8.  Considering that I intend to keep adding to my kit, AudioRoot's BDS systems seem like they'll give me plenty of head room for expansion. 

If I buy their BG-DU, I'll be able to eventually upgrade to a an Inspired Energy battery, but for now is there any reason not to connect my Talentcell to a BG-DU, until I can afford the upgrade? 


Been researching a lot, and thought I'd run it by people with plenty of experience before making the purchase. Thanks y'all!

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I did exactly what you are doing. Started with a Talentcell and a Y connector. Then moved to a Remote Audio BDS v4U. Then added on an Inspired Energy. I still have the Talentcell as a backup. The new setup lasts longer and is more flexible, but cable costs have gone up. Most of my cables I bought here from other members selling off gear.


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