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Sony vs Sennheiser wireing scemes for 3.5mm locking connector


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so, lavs (and microdot adaptors) with a 3.5mm locking connector are usually specified for Sony (UWP-, UTX series) or Sennheiser G2, G3, G4. The latter being widely used by other manufacturers, e.g. Deity, Tentacle and lots more


When I look for line in cables, they are sometimes advertised as compatible for both worlds.


What are the differences in these inputs?


I have a show coming up, where I'd like to feed some UTX-B3 with either my Sennheiser terminated lavs or the HP output of my Track Es (non US).

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The Sennheiser SK100 body pack transmitter uses the "Tip" terminal for mic level. The 'Ring' terminal must be jumped to ground/shield. For -10dB line level, the 'Ring' terminal is 'Hot, and the 'Tip' is tied to ground/shield. A +4dB line feed can clip the input stage of the SK100 (regardless of the Tx 'Sensitivity' setting), so it should be attenuated some.. at the source or via a pad.

As I recall, the Sony TX uses the 'Ring' terminal for audio (hot) and the 'Tip' for Bias current. I am not positive about the Sony though. so maybe someone can elaborate. Line level operation is switched within the Tx. I do not know if the Sony can handle +4 line level w/o a pad.

In any case, a mic wired for a Sennheiser Tx will not work in a Sony Tx or visa-versa

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