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Kinefinity Mavo LF

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Hi all,


I'm about to start a feature with a camera that i have never heard of until yesterday. We will be shooting on the Kinefinity Mavo LF.

I saw the camera yesterday and got it to accept TC from my tentacle. TC input is a lemo 5 pin. Pretty straight forward.

I didn't managed to deactivate the sound recording though. It either accept external sound from 2 XLR input located on the top (both "pro" level, line or mic level and with phantom power) or has an internal mic. The best i could do was to turn the gain down to 0db but couldn't completely turn it off like on Alexa mini for exemple. 


Has anyone experience with this camera? Any do and don't? Anything to watch out for?





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I just finished the feature with this camera and here's my report:


It took the TC from my tentacles perfectly. No drift at all said the DIT. I had one tentacle on the cam and one on my Scorpio (Scorpio set to Ext TC continuous). The TC input is a 5 pin lemo and the way the input is placed on the cam makes it easy with a straight connector.


It has 2 XLR input mic/line both with phantom power. I tried them both for the sake of it but didn't record any sound on the cam during the shoot. The 2 connector are placed on top of the cam so a right angle connector would be better, although a straight one would work as well depending on the set up of the cam.


It was pretty silent during the whole shoot. we had just one set which was very hot and the fan started lightly during a take but nothing crazy. An Alexa mini is definitely quieter but this one is close behind.


The mark II version is already out and they fixed quite a few thing which were a bit wonky on the first version so they might have made it possible to deactivate the sound recording like you can on a arri for example. I didn't see the newer version so i can't say for sure.


All in all a pretty easy camera to work with!

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