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Recording different FrameRates in my MixPre 6 without Timecode

Thomas Farmer

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Hey guys,

Doing a very small, low stress gig mostly as a favor. Just consists of a single interview setup with two cams. The project is so small that initially the client expectation was to simply run the sound from just a boom into the two cams and record that way. But since I have a recorder I figured might as well add it to smooth things over and be able to record boom and lav and then I can send an out or scratch to the cams. 


Anyway, this is in the U.S. but the video will be shown in Europe so the cameras are shooting at 25 fps. I have a first series Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6. NOT the Mix-Pre 6 II. We will not have any timecode for this shoot and my recorder does not generate it's own timecode. From what I know, I can't really do anything about the frame rate because of that. 


So my questions are

1) How much of a problem is it if the cameras record at 25fps and I record as normal on my MixPre 6? Is that audio still easily syncable?

2) If it is a problem, any solutions/work arounds within the current gear?



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