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  1. Is this for 2 x MRX414's? Or 4 x 414's? 16 channels of dante, as in 8 channels primary and 8 channels secondary?
  2. What blocks are you generally using for the QRX200?
  3. Anyone know if you can output stereo audio and timecode at the same time?
  4. Sorry about that, you are correct.
  5. I haven't used the PSC RF Multi's, maybe internet wisdom, but I'm fairly sure that Glenn himself confirmed that PSC RF Multi's / any form of active antenna distribution would overload QRX's.
  6. Thanks Glenn! Out of curiosity then though why does the PSC RF Multi overload Zax Receivers?
  7. If I was to use the Micplexer 2 with 2 x Bluefin Antenna's I would be getting an additional 11db gain (3db removed for the antenna's being split). Is that too much additional gain? Or because it's a digital system it shouldn't overload it? Or should I just switch between whips and bluefins depending on the situation?
  8. Just out of curiosity, when you put it on free run does it do the same thing? I.e. 2 frames off? On the RX200 have you checked your Zaxnet settings that there isn't timecode frame offset?
  9. In a similar note to IronSound I'd say wait till the new Wisycom quad receiver is out and buy some used MCR42's just so you're not dropping as much cash. I used to really doubt using a good wireless with a Zoom, but after using Zaxcom and Wisycom with an F8 I've been really impressed, the noise floor of the preamps won't make any impact (or barely any impact - none audible) over a 6/7/8 series Sound Devices at line level. While AES will get you some improved noise floor it shouldn't be a deal breaker in using Wisycom a line level, it's still a fantastic system with the F8.
  10. Those machines are so beautiful. I one day hope to get my hands on a true reel to reel Nagra. Just out of curiosity what's the sound quality like compared to current 24-bit recorders? Does it still hold up, or is something you would use for the nostalgic color tape adds?
  11. Going slightly insane in quarantine... spending too much time not working... strange, still feel a compulsion to geek out on sound equipment. So I'd love to know everyone consider's their the coolest piece of sound equipment that they own? Could be a mic, mixer, a Zaxcom Nova, whatever! Just would love to hear different peoples prized possessions!
  12. Maybe also consider a 702T? Could be used as a backup recorder for a mix and can take AES in. Always found their meters to be really reliable and a great visual indicator. Also I reckon now days you might be able to get one cheaper than a 302.
  13. I'm an ERX user and I love them. Sure they aren't perfect, and depending on what transmitter setup you have the range isn't always the best. But I still think in this market they sound the best.
  14. Oh man that sounds awful. Just out of curiosity what mics are you using for that, and any specific rubber mounts?
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