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  1. Yeah I used to run a bag like that, it absolutely killed me (788T, with 6 411A's). Now I run a nova, 2 x QRX212 modules and a QRX200, it weighs about 3 kgs in my portabrace bag. So much better on my back. Will be even better when I get a MRX414 to get rid of that QRX200.
  2. I'm fairly sure most of the SD recorders have AES outs. Tbh I can't think of one that doesn't. The 5-series, 7-series, 6-series and 8-series all have AES outs.
  3. Ahhh okay, I usually only use a wireless camera link. But good to know.
  4. Personally I don't think its worth buying a Nagra VI nowadays. The cost is just insane for a second hand recorder. Like what it is it 5K or something? Personally I would consider buying a used 788T, at least you get 8 preamps, and they are going for as low as 1K nowadays. Or if you're looking to move away from the SD preamp sound maybe have a look at the brand Sonosax, you can get some used Sonosax recorders quite cheap and they sound on par with Nagra VI or Aaton Cantars.
  5. Personally I would take a look at the Zaxcom Nova in store, and have a play around with one. I love mine, but I definitely know its not for everyone (especially in terms of GUI and control).
  6. Probably something a bit to do with the number of inputs. Nomad 12 has 11 analog inputs, versus Nova's 6. Nomad has 4 AES pairs, Nova has 2. But mostly likely its just cause that was there old price and they are not expecting many people to buy it.
  7. I use Zaxcom ZMT2's as a wireless boom when I'm doing doco's. I just put them on 25mw, never had an issue with intermods. Definitely consider using a digital system if you're going to use it so close to the bag.
  8. Finally got some time to make a charging case over the two week Melbourne (Australia) Stage 4 Lockdown. Would love to see what everyone has done for Charging Cases?
  9. Incredible work! If you had've made one a couple of years ago I would have definitely bought it off you. The CL wifi was always a terrible pain. Definitely wish they had've made it wired.
  10. Hi All, I've been seeing a number of Cooper Mixers come up for sale recently, was interested in potentially getting one. But I have a question about how people mixed on them (i.e. non-mixing surfaces for recorders, purely mixers) with wireless and hardline. With my recorders I always have 3.5ms to 6ms of delay on my hardline channels due to the wireless having a delay. How did people used to deal with this back in Cooper and Nagra days considering there doesn't seem to be a delay function?
  11. Just out of curiosity have you considered trying out a brand like wisycom? If frequency coordination or lack of open RF is your biggest problem, they definitely do the best out of any brand (I say that as a Lectro and Zaxcom user). Also will just note that the future request of most talent probably will be miniature wireless (Lectro SM, Zaxcom ZMT) etc, so I definitely wouldn't recommend LT in that sense.
  12. I actually almost always have a light Noise Reduction (-4db to -6db) on my IFB sends and mix. With consistent hums and fans it's pretty good, obviously not cedar level, but definitely helps. That said with alternating noise (traffic or inconsistent whurs), it doesn't deal that well and often sounds better with it not turned on.
  13. I'm just going to put it out there, Zaxcom Nova put out an update that allowed you to go from 12 recorded tracks to 16, an AutoMix and a NR algorithm mix instance for free.
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