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  1. I'm just going to put it out there, Zaxcom Nova put out an update that allowed you to go from 12 recorded tracks to 16, an AutoMix and a NR algorithm mix instance for free.
  2. Is this for using in a sound bag or just for transportation? Because its a rack mount recorder (generally speaking), there won't be any bags that will actually fit it properly. But looking at its specs it is roughly the same height as a SD 788T with CL/8. So maybe look in that direction and get it customized.
  3. I guess maybe an updated URX100 With charging and a speaker would be nice as well. But am very happy to see the URX50, definitely keen for a couple of them.
  4. Honestly, the old handheld Nagra's are incredible and worth checking out. The Nagra SD sounds absolutely gorgeous and you could probably pick one up really cheap.
  5. I would 100% recommend either a Zaxcom Maxx or a Nova. I've ran a Maxx with 2 x Dual Receivers, an Antenna Distro an a Camera Link for a full day on 1 smart battery.
  6. At the back of the overcover the fabric construction is tight knit, so you don't hear any of the side touching the mic. My theory is that with undercovers because it's a very loose knit and they almost break away you can hear individual threads changing position and touching the mic.
  7. If you're looking at mixers /mixing surfaces I'd say: - Aaton Cantaress / Cantarem 2 - Sonosax SX-ST / ES64 - Sound Devices CL-16 / CL-12 / CL-9
  8. So I'm presuming your plan now is to buy a ton of 6-series', maxx's and nomads'?
  9. What is happening with all these trade in deals! They are devaluing the used market way too much. With Aaton it may not make a difference, but with Sound Devices if their users can gain more money selling their old recorder they might be able to spend more on a new one (it might be the difference between a 888 and a Scorpio).
  10. Oh wow, I'm very surprised to see it gone. I thought there were already planning on shipping. Patent issues?
  11. This might be slightly controversial but I always hated the Zaxcom recorder pre-amps. It always felt so lifeless to me, this is compared to 7-Series Sound Devices, Cantar X-3 and Sonosax R4+ They are definitely quiet, but just lack something that I can't quite explain (if that makes sense). I will say that the Nova sounds better than the Nomad or Maxx though.
  12. Personally if you're truly starting I'd say buy used, but reliable. Buying cheap stuff is a waste, but i also feel that renting is an absolute waste. Have confidence in your ability and if you're super keen in this professional invest a bit. Any of following gear goes really cheap on eBay and Facebook and can make a great starter-medium kit: RECORDERS - Sound Devices 788T Recorder - Sound Devices 633 Recorder - Zaxcom Maxx Recorder WIRELESS - Zaxcom QRX100Q Receiver / 2 x TRX900LA Transmitters - Zaxcom RX900S Receiver / TRX900AA Tran
  13. Is this for 2 x MRX414's? Or 4 x 414's? 16 channels of dante, as in 8 channels primary and 8 channels secondary?
  14. What blocks are you generally using for the QRX200?
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