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  1. Hey guys and girls, So recently I was on set with another recordist who had a setup of 5 x Lectrosonics SRb's being feed by a PSC RF Multi which was connected by a pair of long coax cables. The coax cables weren't connected to any antenna's, the recordist briefly explained that the coax itself was the antenna in this situation. Does anyone else use a pair of coax cables as antennas? And if so could explain the positives and negatives of your setup. Thanks !
  2. Hi Moe, Glad to hear someone hear is using it. Was the main thing driving your use of the Nagra Seven in regards to the sound of the preamps. For example does a recorder like the 702T not suffice (to you) in that regards?
  3. I was just wondering if anyone was incorporating a Nagra Seven into their cart. On the Nagra website I saw this picture Nagra Seven On Cart , and I guess I was just curious why this recorder would be specifically used on a cart. I also was curious if anyone uses it in their bag in the field?
  4. All in a bag. 1 QRX being fed a mix (for IFB), and 1 QRX stand alone.
  5. Hi, Yep I was feeding 1 QRX a mix for 2.4ghz ifb. (This was done everyday prior).
  6. I always set sync to internal, but thats good to know that the recorder can just change randomly. I'll make sure to double check every time i turn it on now.
  7. Hi mate, Its bizarre just cause I have never had this issue at 48k before, and it was only on this day. I never play with sample rates as well. I was also under the impression that the 788t had sample rate conversion per track.
  8. I was feeding my channels 3-6 with AES out of zaxcom QRX's. But channel 1 was analog. Just to clarify the picture shows mix, boom (analog), zaxcom lav (aes). Is there any reason it would bleed over to other channels?
  9. I've had a very strange thing occur on a whole days worth of files where self-noise and tiny clicks frequently appear on all channels of my 788T recorder, across the the CF and internal drive (I've attached a photo of the waveform to show the clicks that appear). This was on a 12 day shoot, only 1 day has this problem. On that day I was using all the same equipment in the same bag from previous days (4 channels zax + 1 sanken cs-3e). Does anyone know what this problem might be, or has anyone faced a similar problem before?
  10. I believe this timecode workflow was requested by the editor, who generally works with this system (apparently). I'm trying to convince the producers to just stick to traditional free run, but waiting for the final verdict. Still very interesting to hear about older timecode workflows.
  11. So I recently had a request from a client to have a timecode workflow as such: Red Epic (outputs ->) Ambient Nano Lockit (transmits ->) Ambient Lockit Slate/Nano Lockit (outputs ->) 2nd Red Epic and Sound Devices 788T This is usually fine, but the client requested that the camera provide record-run timecode to the ambient nano lockit. I looked in the Nano Lockit manual, and it stated that using the TRX mode you can utilise record run once, however once you cut and go back to recording, it will not work. I am under the impression that you can't use record-run timecode using the ambient network, but I was wondering if there was any other wireless timecode system that can do this?
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