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  1. Just out of curiosity did you change frequency each day? I think that might be a form of interference.
  2. Personally I'm a fan of laving products by Ursa, Rycote etc. My go to setups are either Ursa Mini Mounts or Rycote Overcovers (btw Undercovers are useless, more often then not they create more noise). Outside of those two setups its usually costume specific: - Tie knots - Beanie/Hat Mics - Mics in the slit of the button slightly exposed - Under the collar (although I don't use that much) - Hidden in the Pen Pocket of a shirt But all of these techniques may not work, it depends on the costume, the type of fabric, the actors movements and body type and what the camera sees. The unfortunate reality if some of these don't work in your favor there may not be an adequate solution to mic'ing, in that costume. For documentary however you generally should be fine with basic techniques.
  3. I'll be recording a feature later this month and have been part of the location rec's. So far all of the places that we have seen have a considerable echo (they are usually large, brick or stone basements) and it's looking like it'll be one of them. Currently my dealing with these large brick rooms will be to put blacks and sound blankets on the floor and as many on the walls as possible. And when we shoot mid or tight to bring a sound blanket curtain towards the actors. I have already stated to the producer that for wides they may have to use wilds or audio from other takes (which they are fine with). My question to you all is how best to deal with these types of rooms?
  4. My block setup is 24 / 25 / 26, each containing 2 channels, fed by 2 SNA600a's Depending on how many channels I'm running I center the SNA freq. Generally I run 4 channels, so I keep the freq at the very top of block 24, have never had any problems at all. Even when I center it at 25, I don't get problems (that said I try to keep frequencies at the upper end of 24, or lower end of 26), range seems to barely be impacted if it at all. You'll have no problems with 2 blocks.
  5. Its mostly at the connector, so hopefully that's it! Cheers mate!
  6. Yesterday on set I had a problem with my Sanken Cos11D (3-Pin lemo) where it dropped out completely, then had several static bursts (maybe 5 second intervals) and then stopped for a minute, and then worked for about 5 minutes before repeating the same pattern. Today I tried using this lav, it seemed initally unresponsive, however after fiddling around with it for a couple of minutes it worked for about 2 minutes then dropped out. Btw I've tried this lav with several different transmitters and same results (I also have other lavs so I know it's not the transmitter). Is the lav dead? Is there anyways to fix it?
  7. Yes it is 4 channels for 2 transmitters. Which may seem strange at first. But it can be incredibly helpful. Realistically speaking most of the time I only use 2 out of 4 of the channels (usually for two mono lavaliers), however I use an extra channel or two in these situations: - Stereo Boom - M/S Boom - A direct stereo feed from a mixing board - Two lavaliers plugged into 1 transmitter - Getting a stereo mix from another sound mixer on a large production Most of the time you won't use all 4 channels, but Zaxcom gives you the flexibility to use it if you want. It's important to note though that their 2 channel receiver (RX200) is only compatible with a single transmitter, so I only bought one to use as a 2 channel receiver with 2 transmitters.
  8. Wait where did you find out Wisycom is bringing a quad channel receiver?
  9. I reckon Deity will release a recorder soon tbh, and have some for integration between their connect 2.4ghz wireless system.
  10. Oh my gosh that is a beautiful setup. May not be right for OP, but damn that looks cool. Beautiful.
  11. I'm very much hoping that with scorpio you can use multiple of these.
  12. Finally we get AES for Sound Devices 8-Series!! They do listen! They do listen! https://www.facebook.com/groups/sounddevices/permalink/10157645626329906/
  13. In my life I've owned 5 of these things. Hands down my favourite recorder of all time. It may not be most useful recorder now days, but it me it excels in the following areas: - Sounds incredible (I don't know why but to me this sounds better than the 744T and 788T) - AES I/O - Compatible with the CL-1 for Logic - Did I mention it sounds incredible Obviously it can do the standard Timecode, Wordclock, Line inputs, M/S Decoding, A lot of routing capabilities, 192khz/24bit, etc To me it's compact and perfect. There's no over complication, it is exactly what it needs to be. Very much in the same vein as a Nagra Seven.
  14. Hey Everyone, I'll be on a shoot soon with a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Previously I'd been using a QRX100 (feeding the 3-pin mini xlr), however production will have two mixers on the coming shoot with only 1 QRX100, so I may have to use another option. Hence I was wondering if I could send both audio and timecode from a Zaxcom ERX into the Black Magic's 3.5mm input jack. In the manual it says that the Camera will accept timecode into the left channel of the 3.5mm, does that mean that I can use channel 2 audio on the 3.5mm? Cheers!
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