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Lowering the noise floor of a ZOOM Recording device in post using a closet.

Ahajjam Wassim

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Hi guys 

I've been always struggling with my cheap H1 recorder's noise floor when recording nature and low spl sources, lately I worked on a method that gave me pretty good results, and wanted to share it with you and see if someone already tried it, if not I'll be glad to get your feedback.

-Search for the quietest bedroom you can find, with a large closet with a lot of cloths.

-Start the Rec on your H1 at 75 gain and put the recorder between layers of cloths, (Record 30 seconds, beware of cloth rustle)

-Import the audio files to your DAW.

-Use RX Spectral Denoiser to learn from the noise sample.

-Select the clips and apply the noise reduction profile, quality set to Best and artifact smoothing set to 5.

-Play with the threshold and reduction until you get rid of the noise and not introduce any artifacts to the sound.


I can Include samples and screenshots if you are interested in this method, as I said I'll love to know what you think and have a good day 


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