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Sound Devices 633 in Orca Bag OR-27


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Hello Everyone,


I want to share this post because I couple of weeks ago I was looking for some information that might help me but could not find it, hopefully this helps anyone in need.


In case someone is trying to fit a Sound Devices 633 into an Orca Bag OR-27, I've tried and it was a success, I did this for a travel show where I was hiking and going from town to town for long days and carrying this setup all day but this was super light, I could fit 2 SCRs, a Sound Devices 633, a battery Bud and a NP-1 Battery, you might fit another SRC but I did not test that, I can assure the setup in the picture works.


HOWEVER, the downside is that for opening the door for getting/inserting the sd card you have to unplug the TC and the Headphone cables in order to take out part of the 633.

Also you need low profile cables on the XLR / TA3 panel, otherwise the pockets wont close, you can use regular cables on the right side though.


Also when purchasing this from Trew Audio in Los Angeles, the salesman tried a Sound Devices 833 and also works. 


Hope it works for you


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