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  1. kevcarlson

    Naked Audio

    This may remain a mystery forever, they didn't respond to my inquiry. But I have all sorts of ideas now!
  2. kevcarlson

    Zoom F4 timecode freerun

    I have been running around with the Zoom F4, and it's cool how much it does for the price point. Has anyone had some major issues with it out of the box? I'm a whole number behind with the firmware, but didn't read any of my issues in the known issues literature for the updates. A big one is getting the wrong channel PFL like it's bleeding through or routed improperly. But there is no way to re-route it the way it was working. Two tracks also shows up as a stereo track in Premiere even though they are both centered and should be recording polyphonic files. If I arm a third track that is blank it shows up properly as a three track poly. Anyway... that's not why I'm posting. With cameras I'm used to the free-run timecode mode to run for days on end even when powered on and off. The F4 resets the timecode to zero every time it's powered on. I usually jam with the camera once a day, which should be plenty. But I'll either have to let the F4 run all day or jam every time I power off. Am I missing a way around this--is there a way to have the timecode run even when powered off?
  3. kevcarlson

    Naked Audio

    Quick question, what would client mean exactly saying they want to record "naked audio" on a cooking show?
  4. kevcarlson

    Sound Devices 688 + SL-6

    So does anyone have one of these yet and care to share initial thoughts?