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Nice endorsement and support from Ron Scelza

Jeff Wexler

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I appreciate all of those who have  donated in support of JWSOUND site over the years, it has helped a lot to keep this online community going, a valued site for our sound community that has stood the test of time. Below is a really nice comment accompanying a generous donation from Ron who has been a  long time supporter.


Thank you to all!


Thank you for your contribution to our production sound community throughout these many decades... I speak for those of us who were made welcome to your platform; to learn from & to pass our production sound experiences to others; to our production sound innovators & companies who created new ways & the means that simplified our craft... laissez le bon temps rouler Ron Scelza

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Well, I hadn't really thought to post the comments from Ron to try and get more people to donate but I do want to thank everyone, globally, who have been so generous in their support. The support donations are certainly welcomed and the overall support from so many of our members helps sustain the site. I will post comments from time to time, like the most recent donation from Wyatt Tuzo:


Jeff, Best to you and your this holiday season! Thank you for this platform which allows us to share our experiences, and learn from others in the field. This site has done much to foster an enduring global community, and our craft is better for it! Grateful, Wyatt

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