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MIDI Control surface

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I think that its likely that most of the low-end fader surfaces will go away soon, in favor of Ipad mixing apps.  I'm not happy about this (dislike mixing on glass), but that's how they can load up the features cheap.  I had a Mackie Control setup in the studio for a few years, and I would describe its response as kind of clunky, with latency increasing as the project complexity increased.  Cheap motorized faders will get noisy then die, and service for these is expensive, ditto the Chinese copies like icon.  The MotorMix and the Avid products are much less latent for use with DAWs, but no fader surface seems to work as well as the proprietary ones for location recorders like Zax, SD and Cantar with those boxes.

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I have worked with one...liked it...transport section was there also and I love to work that way...tnx for the tip and btw there is one on ebay right now for 300$...CM Labs Motor Mix

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