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  1. Hi, Vector diversity work only in 2 channel mode , or I did not understand it right? Will DSR4 work with Aaton Hydra system? Thanks in advance.
  2. What I meant is - almost double time vs. standard mode on the same system.
  3. Someone from sound devices should jump in and clarify this...3.9ms is a way too much / standard mode is 2ms EndToEnd
  4. I will try the same with 6061 for those "from a whisper to a scream moments"...Thanks.
  5. Hi Karl, Bias 4 is maybe to low...or I am missing something..? "The bias voltage available in most transmitters is in the range of 5-7 volts. However, a few brands provide only 2-4 volts. DPA miniature microphones (lavaliers, headsets and instrument mics) need 5-10 volts to work correctly. One exception, however, is the low voltage version DPA 4063 which works down to 3 volts." - https://www.dpamicrophones.com/mic-university/how-to-properly-attach-a-dpa-microphone-to-a-wireless-transmitter
  6. Totally agree with you, If Henry can find Sound Devices CL12 eventually , that is a nice cart based setup also... Cheers.
  7. It IS all about sharing the knowledge... 🤓 Cheers.
  8. Hey Paul, Sorry for the delay ... I was hoping to get 4018 capsule no4 to put MMP/G in consideration also , but it was not possible at the moment. SD633 / gain at 1o'clock / LC@100Hz 48kHz/24bit polyWAV Track no1 is MMP/A , T2 is MMP/B , T3 is MMP/C Cheers. ABC-test.WAV ABC-test.zip
  9. Hi Paul, I will record some samples for your consideration and post it here during next week. MMP/A is not RF shielded (so I do not use it with A10TX of mine - cable only), just to know. Regards, Dejan.
  10. Those look very nice, thank you Ben.
  11. Bumping this old thread because I am struggling to find the one that would really like... Any ideas? Thanks.
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