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DPA MMP-C preamp not working with Sennheiser SKP 500 plug-on transmitter


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Fellow sound people,

Has anyone successfully used a DPA MMP-C preamp with an SKP 500 plug-on transmitter? I have a G2 version on loan and am only getting serious noise, but no actual signal through. I’m guessing it has something to do with the power supply. The B-preamp works fine on the plug-on and the C works fine on other ph48 sources. It really seems to be the combination of MMP-C and SKP 500, which isn’t working. I’m curious, if a G4 might work better than the G2 I tested with. Any input is appreciated! Thx!

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whilst i cant properly answer your question as i dont have any sennheiser plug on transmitters. but i do have the MMP-B and MMP-C pre amps, and have no issue using either with my A10 tx. or straight into my recorder.

do you have a volt meter so you can verify that you can see 48v on pins 2 and 3? 

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Checking the voltage makes sense, I'll try that. 👍🏻 Just have to borrow a volt meter. A friend of mine also confirmed, that his C and B preamps work fine with his ZMT4s.

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