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  1. i have never fitted resistors for ZMT input cables. it could (but may not) be one of two things. pin 1 is not connected to the shell of the Lemo the cable is not wired balanced it could also be a poorly shielded cable type. sometimes it is worth paying those extra $$$s for the piece of mind of knowing that the cables you rely on work exactly as you expect. buy once, cry once etc etc.
  2. fgg.0b.305.clad42 the d42 bit tells you the type of end at the cable and cable diameter. if you want the longer body connector for some reason, swap the first F for a J. here are loads of options if you have a lot of time to kill. https://web.lemo.com/PartSearch?app=&mat=&ref=fgg.0b.305&lang=en
  3. i had an old COS11 that had been a bit damaged so i hadn't sold it when i sold all my others, so i thought it wouldn't hurt to try it on 12v. turned out it was fine, even though the spec says 3-10v. its been my slate mic for quite a few years now, and hasnt gotten any more broken than it was before.
  4. Yep. Common ground. no issues here using an old COS11 with the recorder set to 12v phantom for the ext mic. (I believe I left the mic - pin floating, but am not near my recorders to check)
  5. rich

    Poor RF Range

    assuming your system is working fine, its either something where you are working that is messing things up, but my guess would be to think about your receive antenna placement. are they close to the set and above head height? i stopped mounting the receive antennas on my cart a few rebuilds ago to give me more options of where i could set myself up to be out the way and still be able to keep my antennas close to where they need to be.
  6. in the take list, select the file with the A at the end, scroll down to RENAME, and you can delete the A there.
  7. all the ones I know of are UHF. Lectro, Audio / SD, Zaxcom, Shure, Sony. is there a 2.4GHz system that comes even close to the quality of any of these systems?
  8. i would expect to join shield and pin 1. if the 12v is using the black ground wire, that should go to pin 1 as well.
  9. how much power does your setup draw? if your charger is only rated to 3A, you may be asking too much of it to charge your battery and power your rig.
  10. nice work. it may be worth also having the pin outs for the non standard connectors, like the 6 pin Lemo for the Mini LF, as well as the part number of the connector, so its all in one place.
  11. i would guess that if it has an antenna connection on it, it is intended to be used.
  12. right. and? why is that way too much?
  13. indeed, and if you are using the same radio mic system for all your incoming channels, then it makes no difference as nothing is offset. and most top end recorders have input delay to compensate for this kind of thing.
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