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  1. rich

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    im going to bet that Richards post suggesting to put an XLR on and get the transmitter away from the mic removes the hiss. so, a few questions. what mic are you using and what suspension? i had problems with my mics until i cut the connection between pin 1 of the XLR and the shell of the suspension - i was using Cinela mounts. whilst that flies against what everyone knows should be a good thing to prevent noise, it pretty much eliminated most hiss i would be hearing. taping the antenna to the boom pole also worked, but not to the same extent.
  2. rich

    4.54 firmware out for SD688

    if it makes you feel any better, i can only edit the frequency of the A10 receivers via the 688. everything else i have to go to the receiver. you can adjust much more with the wisycom or lectro receivers.
  3. rich

    Line input cable for zaxcom transmitter

    ive made a few of these. they work fine. just make sure you get small enough resistors to make your life easy when wiring the XLR. and yes. put the resistors in the XLR. the loop around the audio signal is the shield of the cable.
  4. tip to TA5 pin 2 ring to TA5 pin 4 sleeve to TA5 pin 1, 3 and 5
  5. rich

    Lectrosonics vs Audio Limited

    i would be very surprised if sound devices lessened support for other manufacturers wireless, but it would make sense that there will eventually be better integration between the two systems. though currently, i can adjust very little via the 688 / SL6 with my A10's. much less than i believe you can with wisy and lectro receivers. but they do sound great. dynamic range has been very good - i was recording scenes last week that went from quiet dialogue to a shout in the same sentence and they were fantastic on my normal gain settings (40dB with a DPA4018 on the boom, 22dB with a DPA4061) gain at -4dB on the 688. transmitter size hasn't been an issue for me so far. but perhaps ive been lucky. but a smaller transmitter is inevitable. i just hope its this side of 2020.
  6. rich

    News from Audio, Ltd

    i would expect that you can. as fas as i am aware, the difference between the two is the ability to record with a lav connected. the modulation scheme would be the same. but of course, the most accurate answer will come from audio themselves, whose contact details can be found on their website.
  7. rich

    IMAX 3D Digital Camera Timecode?

    dont know anything about the camera, but i would say, ALWAYS put a sync box on the camera. its over 20 years since timecode was a part of the camera system, and only one manufacturer that i am aware of has included ambient sync technology into its hard ware, and even that loses timecode if it is disconnected from a battery for 10 minutes. since sync now seems to be the remit of the sound department, put a box on there. because it always seems to be us who get the call first when the CAMERAS are out of sync with each other. And if its 3D, i'd be looking into something with a genlock output too.
  8. i stand corrected. thank you.
  9. i would try to use the two XLR line outputs of the 302 into the STA150 as they are +4dB outputs, rather than the tape output which will be -10dB. you are adding less gain at the STA150 then. with the remote audio cable, you are basically amplifying your mic to line level in the 302, then padding that signal back down to mic level with the cable to get into the audio inupt of the ZFR. first thing i would do, assuming you have the equipment you are talking about, rather than considering buying it, is do some testing yourself. i'd trust my ears over anybody else's here - i know where they've been, and their experience level, and i have to use them every day at work. anyone else's ears - not so much (no offence everyone else) the ZFR records in a compressed format, wether it is mono or stereo. i dont know enough to say wether there is any difference in that compression between mono and stereo. but, bear in mind that zaxcom would not hold their position in the industry if the recordings made on their machines weren't any good - try and find a thread here complaining about ZFR or TRX recordings - i think you will struggle.
  10. thats all going to depend on how you are getting signal to the STA150. what are you trying to record, or a typical example. the audio input is a mic input, and the STA150 is a line input. so you'll either need to pad down a line signal into the audio input, or use some kind of preamp if you want a mic signal into the STA. and the STA will be best when fed from a pro (+4dB) line level rather than consumer (-10dB). note that you can record in mono even if you are using the STA as your audio source. just make sure you check wether it is accepting the left or right signal.
  11. rich

    Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    you're welcome. glad you're all sorted.
  12. rich

    Schoeps CMR vs. DPA MMP-G

    ive not used the Schoeps version. but have 4 of the DPA MMP-G looking at the specs, as long as your radio mic will provide 5v, you have 122dB max SPL. but Schoeps and DPA use different powering methods for their mics - the DPA are electret mics, which i suspect helps get around the limitation SChoeps have found with the CMR accessory.
  13. rich

    Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    ok. if you are using a booster, then it makes no difference if you feed the L-com from the ifb100 or the nomad. as long as you are putting enough power into the amp it'll be the same either way. i had better luck with a patch antenna than a (not L-com) 1W booster. however, none of that will make any difference for your situation.
  14. rich

    Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    the only other things i can think of for cards not going into record is either -a card issue. when i first started using zaxcom. many many years ago, some brands of card wouldn't record reliably. they would go into record, but hen stop very quickly. i think the TRX is a lot less fussy about what cards it uses these days. but what cards are you using, and do you have different cards to try? - if you start up the unit into the extended menu (hold down menu on boot up) it wont go into record until you either reboot, or tell it to. one more question that just ocurred, if you manually start the units recording, do they then behave as you want? re reading your original post, it does sound like transport commands are being sent somewhere. just want to make sure, your Nomad does not have the IFB board option, and that the ifb100 is the only zaxnet source you are using. its been a while since i sold my Nomad, make sure there is no transport command option enabled in its menu. if you want your units to record constantly, do not set anything to autoload for timecode. also, what is the timecode output set to? generator or card? if it is set to card, it will not output timecode until you either record or play back, which may not be helping things.
  15. rich

    Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    in the ifb 100, turn off the transmit transport commands setting. you should be in autojam - normal mode, and as John says, record on bootup should be on