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Zaxcom TRXLT2.5 Differences in Sensitivity?


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I recently purchased two TRXLT2.5 transmitters via consignments at TrewAudio and have been very pleased with their performance! Both transmitters are of the exact same model but one has the newer OLED display while the other has the classic display (not sure what to call that display technology).


Anyway, after having just come off a feature using both transmitters I ran a few tests and found that the newer transmitter requires less gain (about 5db less) than the older transmitter. Conducting the test side-by-side first with Countryman B6's and then with the B3's yields the same results. I now currently run the newer transmitter at 15db of gain and the older one at 20db.


Has anyone else found this when mixing newer vs older Zaxcom transmitters? Is this a result of slightly different pre-amps? Theoretically, if they are the exact same model we should be able to run them at the same gain adjustment when utilizing identical lavs, yet for some reason this isn't the case.



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They are indeed both running the latest firmware (9-88P). I have gone into the Factory Menu before to do some lurking around, but never touched any of the settings as they aren't covered in the manuals.


Perhaps I'll take another peek and see if a default gain adjustment can be found. I have been told that too much poking around in the Factory Menu can result in the unit needing to be sent back to Zaxcom for re-calibration, so I'll be sure to temper enthusiasms.


Off to menu dive ...

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Update: Going through the Factory Menu on both TRXLT2.5 transmitters I found only 2 discrepancies between their settings:


First, under the 'Audio Mod' setting, I found the newer OLED transmitter was set to 'Audio Mod: 3 New Synth'. The older TRX was set to 'Audio Mod: 1 Modified PCB'.


Second, the newer TRX had the 'Phase Invert CH2' setting set to ON while the older TRX was set to OFF.


Those are the only differences between settings on the two transmitters.


My sense is that the 'Audio Mod' setting somehow affects the gain or sensitivity of the mic input, but that's just a guess.


I'm wondering if anyone from Zaxcom can provide a somewhat in-depth description of the Factory Menu settings for us mere mortals.




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